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14 Best Places to Live in Wisconsin for Black Families

The Best Places to Live in Wisconsin for Black Families

When you think about Wisconsin, it’s pretty much cheese, football, and the Great Lakes that come to mind. But beyond these nice stereotypes about the place, this solid state has a great variety of wonderful cities and amazing towns where people can raise a family. It has a strong economy, fantastic schools, and embraces diversity very well too, making it an awesome place for everyone.

In this article, we’ve researched and found the 14 best places to live in Wisconsin for black families.

14. Stevens Point

Stevens Point, our first recommendation, has the charm of a small town combined with the opportunities of a big city. If you’re a black family contemplating the move, you’ll appreciate Stevens Point’s affordable housing, great schools, and the ever-growing job market.

Local institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Sentry Insurance are the top employers in the area. The community is tight-knit and friendly, and they organize special events to honor Black History Month, showcasing their commitment to celebrating diversity.

13. Green Bay

This city offers a healthy work-life balance, a solid community, and an exciting city life. Green Bay encourages cultural diversity and equally alluring opportunities, making it one of the finest places to live in Wisconsin for black families. Notably, there’s even a budding black community. The initiative came through the Black Chamber of Commerce, which focuses on the local economy.

12. Eau Claire

Eau Claire, a city bursting with cultural experiences and beautiful landscapes, is a great choice for black families. It’s a wonderful city with classrooms that are rated well, and the crime rate is low. The Child Development Association Le Claire Association offers parenting classes, playschool programs, music programs for kids, and much more.

11. Wauwatosa

Just on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wauwatosa combines a suburban feel with easy access to city amenities. Its school district is highly-rated, and numerous parks provide perfect spaces for family activities. There are several organizations, such as Tosa Together, committed to celebrating diversity and promoting racial equality.

10. Appleton

The city of Appleton stands as an ideal choice for black families, thanks to its impressive quality of life. The cost of living is reasonable, the job market is strong, and there’s a strong sense of community showcased in events like the annual Diversity Picnic.

9. Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac, also known as “Foot of the Lake,” is a smaller city with a big heart. It has a solid economic base, a low crime rate, and great schools compared to its size. Fond du Lac hosts cultural experiences like the Juneteenth celebration annually, augmenting its standing as one of the best places in Wisconsin for black families.

8. Oshkosh

Built on the western shore of Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh offers affordable living and notable job opportunities. The city supports community events, most famously the African American Art and History Program, fostering cultural understanding and a sense of inclusivity for black families.

7. Sheboygan

Sheboygan is proud of promoting racial equality and diversity. The community’s educational system includes a school system with a curriculum focusing on black history and culture, and the local government’s efforts in building good relations with locals contribute to the positive image of Sheboygan.

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6. La Crosse

La Crosse is a beautiful town nestled in the Midwest’s gorgeous landscape. It has remarkably low rates of unemployment, very good schools, and abundant arts activity. The city also celebrates diversity with annual events like the MLK Community Celebration.

5. Madison

Our fifth recommendation on the list of the best places to live in Wisconsin for black families, is the capital city, Madison. The excellent education system, job market, and strong culture in Madison have made living for black families top-notch.

Local organizations like the Urban League of Greater Madison work hard to empower the black community through social movements. Such events as Afro-American Community and Family Gathering play a key role in injecting unity into this environment.

4. Waukesha

Located close to Milwaukee, Waukesha provides a blend of suburban life with the convenience of city amenities. The city’s school system consistently ranks high in the state, and numerous parks offer recreational activities for families. The African American Liaison Committee in Waukesha contributes significantly to fostering community relationships and promoting racial equality.

3. Racine

Racine is a historic city on the east side of Lake Michigan. The city provides a contemporary atmosphere with modern schools, affordable homes, and diversified businesses.

Money magazine named Racine as one of the best cities for black families to live in Wisconsin. The Racine Branch NAACP plays a significant role in promoting a more inclusive environment.

2. Brookfield

A suburb of Milwaukee, Brookfield is known for its excellent schools, high safety levels, and a strong sense of community. The Brookfield Diversity Committee actively promotes diversity and inclusivity. This commitment to celebrating diversity, along with a high quality of life, make Brookfield a prime location for black families.

1. Milwaukee – Best Place to Live in Wisconsin for Black Families

Topping our list of the best places to live in Wisconsin for black families is Milwaukee. This city offers a dynamic blend of urban life with a welcoming community feel. With a diverse economy, rich cultural scene, and robust public school system, it offers an ideal setting for black families.

The Milwaukee Black Arts Festival is followed by institutions like the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Urban League, and this typically initiates to uplift the black community.


Wisconsin’s diverse and dynamic nature as a college in Mecca makes each city an ideal place for black families. Each will have its population well served with distinctions such as school quality, economic stability ranks, crime statistics, cultural opportunities, and more. Accordingly, think about the requirements of your family before beginning their search so that you are sure to locate them with ample convenient housing.

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