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12 Best Places to Live in Michigan for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Michigan for Black Families

The state of Michigan, which is renowned for its beautiful landscape of forests, beaches and lively cities, provides a variety of communities that are especially alluring to Black families.

Low crime rates, excellent public schools, a diversified population, reasonably priced housing, plentiful job opportunities, and a strong feeling of community are all features of these areas.

We also explore less well-known areas that have good quality of life in the state, which is recognized for its high-profile cities like Grand Rapids, Detroit and Ann Arbor. Starting with number 12, let’s examine the 12 best places to live in Michigan for black families.

For those of you that specifically like Northern Michigan, read this post next, as there are lots of amazing places to live in this part of the state.

12. Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti Michigan

The city of Ypsilanti, frequently referred to as Ypsi, has a population of about 20,000 people and is ethnically diverse.

Black families make up a sizable portion of the population, and many choose to live there since it has a low cost of living and a thriving cultural environment.

Children may receive top-notch education at the region’s many highly rated public and private institutions. The city of Ypsilanti benefits from an inviting college-town feel as a result of the presence of Eastern Michigan University in the center of the city. Not to add, the city’s vibrant local culture and many events make it a wonderful place for families to live.

11. Southfield

Evergreen Road

Black families should strongly consider relocating to the city of Southfield in Oakland County. The population of Southfield tends to be well educated, and the local economy is booming. Numerous career possibilities are offered by large corporations, notably the automobile sector.

An excellent assortment of public, private and charter schools contribute to the city’s reputation as being dedicated to education. Along with that, Southfield is home to a number of colleges and universities, including Lawrence Technological University.

In addition, the city’s Parks & Recreation department plans a variety of family-friendly activities and maintains a large number of parks and nature trails, ensuring that its citizens live active lifestyles. For these reasons, Southfield is one of the best places to live in Michigan for black families.

10. West Bloomfield Township

aerial view of West Bloomfield Township

An upscale suburb of Detroit is West Bloomfield Township, which is located in Oakland County. The municipality is well known for its low crime rates,top-notch schools, and a lively, multicultural society.

Black families make up a sizable section of its population, and they value the high standard of living it provides. In order to accommodate different budgets, West Bloomfield provides a combination of roomy single-family houses and opulent apartments.

Families may enjoy outdoor activities in the township’s parks and natural areas. There are several dining options, retail stores, and entertainment options in West Bloomfield, guaranteeing a prosperous social life.

9. Inkster

aerial view of Inkster

Inkster, a friendly and diverse city in Wayne County, is renowned for its strong sense of community and cultural diversity. It has a robust, lively Black community that newcomers may readily assimilate into because more than 70% of its population are Black.

Families may also afford Inkster since housing costs there are considerably lower than the national average. Many parks, community centers, and public schools in the city provide a variety of activities to support youth development.

In addition, community events such as the yearly Inkster Summer Music Festival offer chances for social interaction and family entertainment.

8. Flint

aerial view of Flint

Flint has been on a path of regeneration and offers a variety of options for Black families, despite the fact that its water problem is well remembered. It’s a wonderful area for families who love the outdoors because of its position in the Flint River valley, where you can always find outdoor activities.

A lively arts and entertainment sector with a wide variety of theaters, museums, and galleries is also present. Public schools in the city are progressively getting better, and various colleges and universities, like the University of Michigan-Flint, are close by. Families might choose this location because of the inexpensive cost of living.

7. East Lansing

aerial view of East Lansing

East Lansing, which is home to Michigan State University, is a thriving college town with a sizable Black population. Families of all sizes find the city to be appealing because of its fantastic combination of urban and suburban atmosphere.

The schools in East Lansing have an excellent reputation, and the city has a sizable university, so there are year-round festivals and sports events. Additionally, the city boasts an effective public transit infrastructure that makes traveling simple. Additionally, East Lansing has a vibrant nightlife and an extensive food scene that caters to the entire family.

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6. Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills Water Tower

One of the safest cities in Michigan is Farmington Hills, which is situated in Oakland County. The city is a great spot for families since it has good public schools and has many parks and recreation areas.

There are many career prospects in Farmington Hills’ flourishing economy, notably in the healthcare and automotive sectors. The city is renowned for having a multicultural population with a sizable Black community. Providing an excellent balance of urban and suburban life, Farmington Hills has a wide range of home alternatives to fit various budgets.

5. Oak Park

aerial view of Oak Park

Moving into the top 5 on the list of the best places to live in Michigan for black families is Oak Park. The diverse Detroit neighborhood of Oak Park is renowned for its accessible housing options and strong public school system.

With one of the largest percentages of Black citizens in the state, the city provides a thriving neighborhood for Black families. There are several parks and leisure facilities in the city as well, providing families with a wide variety of outdoor activities.

The location of Oak Park makes it simple to commute to downtown Detroit, and a wealth of nearby services, including supermarkets, restaurants, and retail malls, guarantee a comfortable living for the people who live there.

4. Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Michigan

The second-largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids, has a thriving Black community and offers a combination of city amenities with a small-town vibe. The city, which is recognized as a center for art and culture, has a lot of concerts, festivals and art exhibitions every year.

Grand Rapids has a strong public, private and charter educational system with several highly regarded institutions. The local economy is diverse, and there are lots of work prospects in the booming technology, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

In addition, the cost of living is rather reasonable when compared to other major cities in the state. Grand rapids is also one of the most liberal cities in Michigan.

3. Lansing

aerial view of Lansing

With a sizable Black population, Lansing, the state capital of Michigan, is home to a diverse population. Education is given great emphasis in the city, which has a variety of public, private and charter schools as well as two significant colleges.

Education, government, manufacturing and healthcare are among of the key industries in Lansing’s diverse economy. The city has a thriving arts scene with a wide variety of galleries, theaters and music venues. The property market in Lansing has a variety of choices, from elegant mansions to contemporary apartments, that cover a range of affordability criteria.

2. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Michigan

The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, a thriving city with a strong feeling of community. Black families that value education will find it to be the ideal place to live, as the city’s schools rank among the best in the state.

Additionally, Ann Arbor has a broad economy, offering a variety of work possibilities in industries including technology, healthcare, and education. There is always something going on because of the city’s combination of cultural activities, sport events, and outdoor recreational activities.

The housing market in Ann Arbor offers a variety of alternatives, from single-family houses in quiet suburbs to condos in the city center.

1. Detroit – The Best Place to Live in Michigan for Black Families

Detroit Michigan

Detroit continues to be a significant metropolis for Black families in Michigan despite its difficult past. There is a sizable Black community in the city as well as a rich Black history and culture.

The city of Detroit combines urban and suburban life. Rosedale Park and the University District are particularly popular to families. With investments in local companies, infrastructure, and public schools, the city has recently undergone redevelopment.

There are many work prospects in Detroit in industries including technology, healthcare, and the auto industry. Living expenses are still affordable, and locals have a strong sense of belonging. The city is a lively location to live because of its thriving arts scene, sports teams, and plenty of parks and leisure areas.

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