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15 Most Conservative Cities in Indiana in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Indiana

The Hoosier State of Indiana is home to several cities with fascinating history, distinctive attractions, and strong feeling of community. Even though Indiana has a diverse political environment, several of its cities seem to trend more to the right.

This article investigates these cities, emphasizing their conservative traits, cultural facets, and possible repercussions for both homeowners and renters. This list provides a thorough analysis of the 15 most conservative cities in Indiana, whether you are considering moving there or simply want to learn more about the political geography of the state.

15. Muncie

The fifteenth city on our list of the most conservative cities in Indiana is Muncie, which has a population of about 65,000. Given the common perception of university towns as being liberal, it may come as a surprise to some that Muncie, known for Ball State University, is included on this list.

However, vote trends and local elections show a conservative undertone. For instance, Delaware County, where Muncie is located, demonstrated a definite support for the Republican candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

This political bent may have an effect on the area’s rules and policies, including zoning laws and property tax rates, which may have an impact on real estate decisions. Conservative ideas frequently advocate for lower taxes and reduced regulation, which may make Muncie a desirable area for real estate investment.

14. Kokomo

Kokomo is the next, and is referred to as the “City of Firsts” because of its illustrious history of industrial invention. Kokomo’s thriving manufacturing industry, which conservatives frequently support, is a testament to the city’s conservatism.

Additionally, it holds a strong belief in traditional American values as well as the value of small businesses and local sectors. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Kokomo, keep in mind that the city’s conservative inclinations could translate into laws that encourage local businesses and have low taxes, which might boost the local economy. A robust manufacturing sector, for instance, may generate consistent employment, supporting the stability of the home market.

13. Richmond

The 13th place on the list of the most conservative cities in Indiana goes to Richmond. It is a city renowned for its extensive history and heritage of culture, as well as for placing a high importance on community and family. Richmond’s political and social culture reflects the city’s conservative leanings.

School choice and faith-based programs are popular policies among locals because they support traditional family values, which may have an impact on the city’s educational and social climate. This might play a major role in decision-making for families who own homes or rent, too.

A community built on traditional values could provide a strong sense of belonging and support for families, fostering a secure and embracing atmosphere.

12. Terre Haute

The next city is Terre Haute, which combines the energy of a college town with the usability of a small industrial community. Terre Haute’s conservative origins are still strong, despite the liberal components that Indiana State University brings.

The city’s long-standing emphasis on industrial growth and a business-friendly atmosphere is a reflection of its conservative leaning. Due to reduced taxes and less government interference, this may mean economic stability and a cheaper cost of living for homeowners and renters, making Terre Haute an inexpensive and appealing city to live in.

11. Anderson

The distinctive fusion of culture, history and a conservative attitude makes Anderson stand out. Despite its economic difficulties, the city maintains a solid conservative foundation that favors entrepreneurship and independence. This may be seen in Anderson’s efforts to revive its economy through private initiatives and small-scale businesses.

10. Greenwood

The tenth-ranked city is Greenwood, which expertly blends suburban life with a robust conservative culture. This is demonstrated through Greenwood’s dedication to affordable taxation, effective public services, and public safety.

By promoting a pleasant and safe living environment, encouraging community development, and maintaining property values, these principles may have an immediate influence on homeowners and renters.

9. Elkhart

The following city is Elkhart, which is renowned for its robust industrial base, particularly in the recreational vehicle (RV) and musical instrument sectors. Its emphasis on industry and business-friendly legislation reveals its conservative culture. Elkhart’s robust industrial base offers people employment stability, so if you’re looking for a job in this sector, Elkhart could be the ideal location for you.

8. Lafayette

Next on our list of the most conservative cities in Indiana is Lafayette, the location of Purdue University. Lafayette’s strong dedication to business growth, low taxation, and individual liberty are clear indications of its conservative foundations, despite the liberal influence frequently associated with colleges. Having a stable and prosperous real estate market can be advantageous for property owners as a result of prudent fiscal policy.

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7. Fishers

The seventh-placed city is Fishers, which is renowned for its high standard of living. The city’s emphasis on neighborhood values, top-notch public schools, and taxes are indications of its conservative leanings. These qualities can provide a supportive community and continuous development in property values.

6. Bloomington

Indiana University’s hometown of Bloomington boasts a distinctive fusion of liberalism and conservatism. Nevertheless, its conservative aspect frequently manifests in municipal politics, emphasizing low taxes, free enterprise, and little regulation.

This may result in tax savings for homeowners and renters as well as a business-friendly climate.

5. Columbus

Columbus, which is ranked fifth, is renowned for its stunning architecture and focus on traditional American values. The city’s emphasis on faith, family, and freedom is a clear indication of its conservative ideals. These ideals may be translated into a range of projects that focus on the community, powerful educational systems, and reduced taxes.

4. Evansville

The business and cultural center of Southwest Indiana, Evansville, has a strong conservative mentality. This is demonstrated by the city’s commitment to economic development, job creation, and reduced taxation.

Due to the possibility for increased job security, financial stability, and a favorable tax environment, both homeowners and renters may experience considerable effects. This might result in a more active and stable real estate market.

3. Carmel

Carmel, a city renowned for its thriving arts scene and great living standards, is ranked third. Despite having a cosmopolitan vibe, Carmel has a conservative political climate that prioritizes public safety, financial responsibility and efficient public schools. This translates to a high-quality living environment, and a selection of top schools.

2. Fort Wayne

The second-largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne, is renowned for its robust economy and conservative values. Traditional values, an enterprising spirit, and business-friendly legislation are highlighted in the city. This may result in an active local economy, employment security, and possible property value growth over time whether you are a homeowner or renter.

1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis, the state’s capital and largest city, stands at the top of the list as the most conservative city in Indiana. It is a large and diverse city, with a sizable conservative population. The city’s emphasis on economic development, individual freedom, and low taxation is a testament to its conservatism.

This benefits both homeowners and renters by resulting in a vibrant real estate market, possible tax savings, and a setting that encourages the expansion of businesses and employment. These features help to make Indianapolis our choice for Indiana’s most conservative city.

For more information on Indianapolis, click here. 


In summary, the conservatism that defines each city emerges in its own distinctive ways, affecting local politics, economy, and social structures. Understanding these dynamics can give homeowners and renters useful information when deciding which place to call home.

Keep in mind that the best city for you will depend on your interests, financial objectives, and lifestyle needs. We hope that this list will be a helpful place to start for you.

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