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13 Best Places to Live in Ohio for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Ohio for Black Families

Black families seeking a warm, secure, and energetic place to call home have a wealth of options in Ohio, a state that mixes bustling metropolis with quiet suburbs and scenic countryside.

The Buckeye State’s rich cultural past includes a strong African American component. Based on aspects including educational possibilities, cost of living, diversity, safety, and community support, this article will examine the 13 best places to live in Ohio for black families.

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13. Warrensville Heights

Warrensville Heights, a smaller area in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area, is popular for being culturally inclusive, making it a desirable location for black families. The majority of the 13,000 people in this city are black, and it boasts a wealth of amenities including parks, eateries, and access to high-quality healthcare services.

The Warrensville Heights School District offers a top-notch education and has programs to advance kids’ academic and social-emotional abilities. A spirit of solidarity is fostered through the city’s emphasis on involvement in the community, which is demonstrated in activities like the annual Summer Concert Series.

12. Maple Heights

Maple Heights, a suburban community in Cuyahoga County, with a population of around 22,000 people. The city boasts a substantial black population and is home to a friendly and diverse community.

The Maple Heights City School District is dedicated to fostering academic success and offers a wide range of programs to meet various learning requirements. The city’s near proximity to Cleveland provides quick access to metropolitan conveniences while still preserving a sense of close-knit community.

Additionally, Stafford Park, a lovely park for outdoor relaxation, is located in Maple Heights. This is a beautiful place to live in Ohio.

11. Bedford Heights

Bedford Heights is a region in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area that is popular for its diversity. Through the Bedford community School District, which provides a variety of academic and enrichment activities, the community delivers great educational possibilities.

The majority-black demographic of Bedford Heights fosters a sense of community among black families. The Bedford Heights Community Center and Ellenwood Recreation Center are only two of the city’s recreational facilities.

10. North Randall

A little village in Cuyahoga County called North Randall has a vibrant local culture and diversity. The Thistledown Racino and South Pointe Hospital are just two of the many services available in the community.

Despite its modest size, North Randall boasts a thriving cultural scene and hosts a number of annual community events. North Randall, which has a predominately black population, is a friendly neighborhood for black families to call home.

9. Whitehall

Franklin County’s Whitehall is renowned for its safety and ethnically diversified population. With several parks, such as Whitehall Community Park and the Four Seasons Golf and Fitness Club, the city enjoys a thriving neighborhood.

The Whitehall City School District is dedicated to giving its kids an excellent education and provides a variety of extracurricular and academic programs.

8. Forest Park

Hamilton County’s Forest Park has a sizable majority-black population with a variety of facilities. Through the Winton Woods City School District, the city provides high-quality education. Central Park and Winton Woods are only two of the parks and recreational areas that can be found in Forest Park. It’s a terrific destination for black families due to its vibrant community and dedication to public safety.

7. East Cleveland

A city with a strong black majority, East Cleveland is rich in culture. The renowned Case Western Reserve University is one of several educational institutions available in the area. The East Cleveland City School District offers many academic and extracurricular activities.

Family-friendly recreation activities are provided by the city’s several parks, including Forest Hill Park. For people that want excellent education for their children, this is one of the best places to live in Ohio for black families.

6. Euclid

Euclid, a city on Lake Erie, is popular for its picturesque beauty and multicultural population. The excellent academic program and numerous enrichment options offered by Euclid City Schools are both impressive.

The Euclid Creek Reservation is only one of the many parks and recreational areas in the city. For black families, Euclid is a desirable option because of its active neighborhood and proximity to metropolitan attractions.

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5. Richmond Heights

Cuyahoga County’s Richmond Heights is a friendly community with a predominantly black population. The Richmond Heights Local School District supports both intellectual achievement and individual development. The city provides a range of leisure possibilities, including the Greenwood Farm and Richmond Heights Community Park.

4. Shaker Heights

A historic city, Shaker Heights has become known for the beauty of its architecture and the variety of its cultures. The challenging academic programs offered by the Shaker Heights City School District are well-known. The Shaker Lakes Park is one of the several parks and recreational areas in the city. Shaker Heights is a popular destination for black families because of its dedication to cultural diversity and community involvement.

3. Trotwood

The inviting community and reasonable cost of living in Trotwood, which is part of the Dayton Metropolitan Area, are widely recognized. Through the Trotwood-Madison City Schools, the city provides a range of educational possibilities. Many parks, like Madison Lakes Park, are located across the city and offer options for outdoor recreation.

2. Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights, a multicultural community in Cuyahoga County, is renowned for its historic neighborhoods and thriving arts scene. The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District provides a wide range of initiatives to support students’ academic and personal growth. Numerous recreational amenities are available in the city, including Cain Park and the Cleveland Heights Community Center.

1. Wilberforce – Best Place to Live in Ohio for Black Families

The #1 spot on our list of the best places to live in Ohio for black families is Wilberforce. The city houses Wilberforce University and Central State University. These are two historically black colleges and universities famous for their rich African American history and culture. Black families may succeed at Wilberforce thanks to its welcoming, encouraging community and distinctive educational setting.

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