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12 Most Liberal Cities in Ohio

Most Liberal Cities in Ohio

Ohio is frequently referred to as the “Heart of It All” not only with regards to the richness of their cultural diversity, but also a wide array of liberal politics. This list will specifically focus on the most liberal cities in Ohio based upon voting patterns, social policies, and cultural landscapes. These cities stand out for their progressive policies, commitment to social justice along with general support for liberal political candidates. 

So, whether you’re someone looking to connect with people who share the same ideologies as you or  you might be thinking about settling to a place with a community that matches your political preferences,  this article could serve as a useful guide.

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12. Springfield

Starting at number twelve on the list of the most liberal cities in Ohio is Springfield, which has shown a steady shift to liberal politics. The city was historically noted for its manufacturing prowess but in more recent years its focus on education and innovation is reflected by a more liberal approach. Its core is dominated by Wittenberg University that helps create vibrant young community experience.

Despite the fact that Springfield is a much smaller city of about 60,000 residents, it nurtures an active arts scene. Through many festivals and events throughout each year promising diversity and inclusiveness, Springfield has managed to change its voting patterns as well.

For instance, most of Springfield’s votes were placed behind the Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election highlighting a shift from its traditionally conservative roots.

11. Lima

Number eleven on the list of the most liberal cities in Ohio is Lima. Although not quite as big as some of the other cities on this list, Lima has made strides in becoming a liberal ground for Ohio. The liberalism found in Lima can be traced back to its commitment to both education and healthcare which are  historically associated with more liberal leanings.

Rhodes State College, headquartered here, and the University of Northwestern Ohio also benefit from our centralized location. Diverse students flock to Lima to attend these two schools.

Furthermore, Lima’s health sector – including Mercy Health and Lima Memorial Health System – offers broad services to many people, thus promoting inclusivity and equality. Lima in these past few election cycles has shown its liberal instincts by its voting record which they have consistently sided with Democratic candidates.

10. Elyria

At number ten is the city of Elyria. Known for its historical landmarks and parks, Elyria also has a noticeable liberal bend. The city’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability displays its progressive mindset. Elyria, being home to Lorain County Community College, hosts a demographic that typically skews younger, often correlating with more liberal views.

Its recent vote patterns also support Democratic candidates, showing its commitment to liberal values such as the pursuit of social justice and progressive economic policies. And in addition, Elyria’s local government has implanted various initiatives focused on the encouragement of inclusivity and community development which re-affirms the city’s liberal stance. 

9. Middletown

Middletown, our number 9, stands as a testament to the city where traditional Midwestern values rub shoulders with progressive ideals. The city boasts an impressive arts scene and its citizens’ backing for cultural diversity is clear proof of its liberal leanings. 

The city has shown a clear preference for Democratic candidates in recent elections. Its commitment to social services, especially for its more vulnerable residents, matches their dedication to progressive politics. Middletown’s transformation from a manufacturing town into a city devoted to healthcare and education proves that it leans toward the progressive side.

8. Lakewood

At number eight on our list is Lakewood, a vibrant suburb of Cleveland and a notable hotspot for liberals in Ohio. The city is known for its high walkability score and an abundance of dining and entertainment options, making it attractive to a demographic that aligns with liberal ideologies.

The city also promotes LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity which is a solid proof that it is on the progressive approach. In addition, Lakewood’s local government has made noteworthy strides toward environmental sustainability showing their commitment to traditionally liberal values. A clear pattern in favor of the Democratic Party is found in voting records confirming their standing as a liberal stronghold.

7. Kent

Entering at number seven, Kent is a city where youth and progressive politics meet. The presence of a large university often brings in a range of diverse perspectives leading to a more liberal ethos. The city’s dedication to culture diversity, sustainable living among other progressive social policies aligns it with left-leaning politics. Furthermore, its voting patterns clearly lean democratic as evidenced by the recent results when presidential elections were held.

6. Yellow Springs

Sixth on the list is Yellow Springs, a small village known for its liberal tendencies. Its long-held reputation as a bohemian enclave that supports all forms of artistic, cultural, and environmental events marks its liberal ethos. Its generous backing of local businesses and sustainable practices align it with disproportionately liberal values.

Yellow Springs consistently votes Democrat and has been the home to many progressive thinkers and activists over time attesting to its liberal reputation.

5. Toledo

Toledo is a clear example of a strong progressive mentality that’s why it is the fifth most liberal city in Ohio on our list. The Toledo area’s transition from blue-collar to healthcare and education represents a more liberal mindset. Ever since Toledo experienced major transformations, including turning into a healthcare and education hub, it consistently votes Democratic in presidential elections and is inhabited by many non-profit organizations focused on social justice causes.

Its insistence towards public transit systems as well as its commitment toward combating climate change are other clear indicators of being progressive minded individuals.

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4. Dayton

Dayton, ranking fourth, has firmly established itself as a liberal city in Ohio. Its focus on innovation and education, evident through institutions like the University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College, contributes to its progressive atmosphere. The city’s local government has also shown a clear commitment to social justice issues and equality, which align with liberal philosophies.

In recent elections, Dayton has consistently voted for Democratic candidates, which further underscores its liberal stance.

3. Columbus

Our third most liberal city, Columbus, is also Ohio’s state capital and its largest city.  The city votes consistently in favor of Democratic candidates due to a youthful population with a diversity that spans racial and socioeconomic lines. Named after Christopher Columbus, Ohio State University is located there, fomenting youth and liberalism throughout the area. Columbus is known for being an LGBTQ+ stronghold as it fosters diversity and openness on all levels.

Its penchant for liberalism reflects through their dedication to environmental initiatives, education developments, healthcare services along with social assistance.

2. Cincinnati

At number two on the list of the most blue cities in Ohio is Cincinnati. A city with a strong liberal presence. With almost five hundred thousand people and third largest in Ohio, Cincinnati has grown into an active history of supporting Democratic candidates. Its commitment to education, healthcare, and social justice items line up with the views shared by liberals around the country.

With its dedication to arts and culture along with innovation part of its identity, Cincinnati creates an open environment for progressive ideas. The initiatives put out by the local government on sustainable living and environmental conservation further highlight the city’s liberal ethos. However, there are some reasons you might not want to move to Cincinnati. 

1. Cleveland – Most Liberal City in Ohio!

At number one is Cleveland, the most liberal city in Ohio. Cleveland has a vibrant cultural scene with many universities along with cultural institutions and nonprofits that espouse progressive values. Case Western Reserve University and the dedication of the Cleveland Clinic to healthcare and education solidifies Cleveland’s liberal stance. Cleveland supports Democratic candidates, illustrating its very progressive political outlook.

Further, the city’s liberal ethos is reflected in the fact that the local government reinforces social justice and environmental sustainability commitment. Hence, it is considered to be the most liberal city in Ohio.

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