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10 Reasons Why Land is So Cheap on Anderson Island

Reasons Why Land is So Cheap on Anderson Island

Anderson Island, situated in the southernmost region of Puget Sound in Washington State, is a concealed treasure. Its charming scenery and peaceful atmosphere have rendered it an appealing location for numerous individuals. However, despite its attractiveness, property prices on the island remain surprisingly low. So why is land so cheap on Anderson Island? Let’s get into the 10 main reasons.

10. Limited Commercial Development

Anderson Island has predominantly remained untouched by extensive commercial development. While this conservation has safeguarded its natural splendor, it has also resulted in fewer employment prospects within the island itself. Due to the absence of major enterprises or industries, there is reduced demand for land designated for commercial usage. For instance, Anderson Island’s limited commercial infrastructure reduces competition for prime real estate locations, keeping land prices lower.

9. Distance from Major Cities

Although not remote, Anderson Island is far from major cities. Tacoma, the closest city, requires a ferry trip and additional driving. This geographical separation can act as a deterrent for individuals who either work in the city or prefer the conveniences of urban life.

To put it into perspective, if someone’s place of employment is in Tacoma or Seattle, commuting from Anderson Island would involve a considerable amount of time and might require synchronization with ferry timetables. This logistical complexity frequently discourages prospective buyers, resulting in persistently lower demand and land prices.

8. Limited Amenities

Anderson Island provides essential services, but it lacks the diversity that larger towns or cities typically offer. For example, you can find local stores or cafes, but you won’t encounter extensive shopping centers or a broad spectrum of dining establishments. This limited availability of amenities can be a drawback for certain prospective land purchasers.

Those accustomed to having a wide range of choices for shopping, dining, or entertainment may find Anderson Island less appealing, resulting in reduced demand for land and, consequently, more affordable prices. The lack of these modern amenities is also why Tudor City in New York is cheap.

7. Seasonal Accessibility

The main way to get to Anderson Island is by ferry, which, while picturesque, also means that accessibility is subject to changes in weather and ferry schedules. During the winter months, when weather conditions can be less predictable, this can present challenges. For instance, imagine planning a weekend retreat to your Anderson Island property only to discover that ferry services are disrupted due to adverse weather. Such uncertainties can give potential buyers pause, resulting in decreased demand and ultimately more affordable land prices.

6. Limited Infrastructure

Anderson Island’s infrastructure is not as developed as that of larger cities or even some other islands in the Puget Sound region. The roads, public utilities, and other essential services are basic. The island does have the facilities needed to support its residents, but the idea of additional costs or difficulties associated with developing a property might put off potential land buyers.

Building a new home or business might require significant investment in septic systems, water sources, or even road improvements. The potential for these added expenses can make buying land less attractive, thus keeping prices more affordable.

5. Smaller Population Base

The population of Anderson Island remains relatively small. A smaller population often translates to less competition for resources, including land. With fewer individuals seeking properties, there’s less pressure on prices to increase. Moreover, a smaller population can contribute to a more leisurely pace of life, which may not be attractive to everyone.

Individuals in search of a vibrant community or a place teeming with social activities may choose locations with denser populations, which is one of the main reasons why land is so cheap on Anderson Island, Washington.

4. Perception of Isolation

Living on an island like Anderson Island can create a sense of isolation for some individuals. While many residents enjoy the tranquility it offers, others may feel somewhat detached from the broader world. This perception of isolation can discourage potential buyers who prioritize easy access to diverse experiences, social interactions, or travel opportunities.

For some, living on an island separated by water from the mainland is intimidating, so they look for properties in more connected areas. This preference for more connected living options can contribute to the affordability of land on Anderson Island.

3. Land Abundance

This is one of the biggest reasons why land is so cheap on Anderson Island. There is a noteworthy amount of undeveloped land. This surplus means that there’s a substantial supply of land compared to the level of demand. Economic fundamentals suggest that when supply is higher than demand, prices tend to be lower.

Given the abundance of available plots for prospective buyers, there’s reduced competition for any specific piece of land. This situation helps maintain competitive and affordable land prices for individuals considering a purchase.

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2. Limited External Investment

In contrast to some regions that draw the attention of external investors aiming to acquire land for future development or investment purposes, Anderson Island hasn’t experienced a similar level of interest. External investors typically exert upward pressure on land prices because they can invest in substantial plots or multiple properties.

The lack of this external influence has resulted in more stable and affordable land prices on Anderson Island. The absence of large-scale developers and real estate investment entities implies that the local community holds more sway over land prices, and without speculative buying, prices stay reasonable.

1. Preservation and Conservation Efforts

The foremost reason for the affordability of land on Anderson Island is the community’s dedication to preservation and conservation. Numerous residents and local authorities prioritize the preservation of the island’s natural beauty and ecosystem over rapid development. This commitment has resulted in zoning restrictions and land-use policies that constrain the extent and nature of permissible development.

While these regulations help maintain Anderson Island’s pristine environment, they also impose limitations on the degree to which land can be developed and its potential uses. As a result, these conservation efforts serve as a natural brake on the increase in land prices because they somewhat limit the utility of the land.


The median price of a home in Washington state is $568,904, which makes people wonder why is land on Anderson Island so cheap? The tranquil scenery and close-knit community of Anderson Island offer a unique real estate opportunity in the current competitive market. The cost-effectiveness of its land isn’t solely the outcome of economic elements but also mirrors the principles and preferences of its inhabitants.

Whether it’s the scarcity of infrastructure and external investments or the profound commitment to preserving and conserving the environment, the rationales behind the island’s economic land rates are as multifaceted as they are interrelated.

Anderson Island offers prospective buyers the opportunity to acquire land in a community that values its natural beauty and communal harmony. Although it may lack the hustle and bustle of urban hubs, it provides something that’s becoming increasingly scarce in today’s society: an opportunity to create a connection with nature and a community that upholds sustainability and conservation. Whether you seek a peaceful getaway or a place to establish roots, the reasonably priced land on Anderson Island could be the chance you’ve longed for.

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