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12 Most Conservative Cities in Washington in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Washington

If you are curious if Washington has a most conservative place or cities, this comprehensive guide is perfect for you. In this article, we will explore the 12 most conservative cities in Washington, which is such a beautiful state to live in or visit.

As we travel through Evergreen State, we will look into each city’s politics and demography, thus making you acquainted with those conservative strongholds. You can conduct important research only to know where to migrate or simply find out information related to this topic while on a vacation in Washington.

12. Puyallup

Located in King County is Puyallup, a city with strong conservative values will be marking the start of our list. As of the last election, over 50% of voters among the 40,000 residents cast their votes for the Republican party, revealing its conservative tilt.

This city, which boasts an inviting mix of suburban and rural living, offers a comforting environment for those who appreciate small towns, tight-knit community values and a slower pace of life. The annual Puyallup Fair serves as an excellent testament to these values, drawing locals and tourists alike for family-friendly fun steeped in the city’s agricultural roots.

Puyallup also isn’t far from the Seattle area, so if you fancy a big day out in the city, it;s only a short journey away.

11. Spokane Valley

Next on our list is the Spokane Valley in Spokane County. This city, home to nearly 100,000 residents, has proven itself a conservative hot spot within the state. Its population is largely in industries such as manufacturing, health care, and retail, and generally plugs its businesses into companies located elsewhere in order to capitalize on tax incentives.

Spokane Valley stands out for its economic vibrancy, making it a magnet for those seeking a city where entrepreneurship and conservative values flourish.

10. Pasco

Pasco, one of the tri-cities of Washington, holds the 10th position on our list. Situated in Franklin County, a region noted for its agricultural production, Pasco shows a considerable sway towards conservative values. Pasco is also an ideal place to relocate for black families.

Many of the city’s 70,000 residents are involved in agricultural sectors, which traditionally lean more conservative due to issues surrounding land use and agricultural policies. Pasco’s community is a true testament to the blend of hard work, family values, and individual freedoms that often characterize conservative areas.

9. Yakima

Yakima, nestled in the fertile Yakima Valley, in the south of Washington state, ranks ninth on our list. This city, with a population of nearly 90,000, is a hub for apple, wine, and hop production – industries that have a history of espousing conservative principles.

The city’s annual Central Washington State Fair showcases the conservative heart of this agricultural city, from the rodeo competitions to the celebration of local produce and industry, making Yakima one of the most most conservative cities in Washington.

8. Kennewick

Also based in the south of Washington state and popular with Republicans is Kennewick. Heading back to the tri-cities, we shall land to the number 8 on our list which is Kennewick. This city stands out as a thriving nucleus of conservatism within the state. Notably, Kennewick’s economy centers around nuclear technology due to its proximity to the Hanford site.

This industry, coupled with the area’s agricultural activities, has shaped the city’s conservative tendencies, echoing the sentiments of the nearly 80,000 residents who call Kennewick home.

7. Moses Lake

As we journey through Washington, we now reach Moses Lake. This city, situated in the East of Washington in Grant County, presents a compelling case of conservative values pervading community life.

Known for its production of potatoes, wheat, and alfalfa, Moses Lake’s economic structure caters to those with traditional values. This mid-sized city of about 20,000 people is quite unique and remarkable in its conservative ideologies.

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6. Wenatchee

Wenatchee, referred to as the “Apple Capital of the World,” takes the sixth spot on our list. As an important part of Washington’s agricultural industry, Wenatchee is a city where conservative principles are highly evident. It has an impressively engaged community, one that often leans towards conservative policies.

As an added bonus, its location by the Columbia River gives residents a picturesque setting to enjoy.

5. Walla Walla

As we move into the top five, Walla Walla makes its entry. Known for its wine industry, Walla Walla leans heavily conservative, with many of its nearly 32,000 residents supporting traditional values. The city is also home to Whitman College, adding a youthful dynamic to the conservative backdrop.

4. Richland

Our journey leads us back to the tri-cities, with Richland at number four. As with Kennewick, Richland’s close proximity to the Hanford site has had a significant impact on the city’s conservative orientation. This city, a conservative place where science and technology hold sway, stands out for its high level of educational attainment and the prevalent conservative attitudes among its population of about 56,000.

3. Longview

Longview, a city located in Cowlitz County, holds the third spot on our list. The city’s conservative outlook is shaped significantly by its history as a hub for the timber industry, a sector often associated with conservative political perspectives. Many of the town’s 37,000 residents believe in self-reliance, hard work, and traditional ideals. Longview has solidly found itself on our list of the most conservative cities in Washington.

2. Spokane

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington, with roughly 200,000 inhabitants. It seems an odd addition to this rich list at first since it has fewer than one hundred thousand inhabitants. Nonetheless, this municipality follows a center-right ideology and proves anyone’s hypothesis wrong by showing how people there give their support solely through financial gains.

Spokane Valley is in Eastern Washington, and is one of the best cities to live in the state. Its diverse economic landscape, encompassing industries such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing, contributes to this leaning, representing an interesting interplay of city life and conservative values. For all of these reasons, Spokane is one of the most Republican areas in the country. Conservatives love living here for a life time!

1. Ellensburg – Most Conservative City in Washington

Finally, we arrive at our number one, most conservative city in Washington: Ellensburg. Despite its modest population of about 20,000, this city in Kittitas County boasts a strong conservative presence. Ellensburg’s economy revolves around the farming industry and Central Washington University, creating a unique blend of academia and agriculture.

The city’s annual rodeo is a strong symbol of its traditional values and sense of community, marking Ellensburg as our most conservative city in the state of Washington. Ellensburg has the highest percentage of conservatives in Washington state.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this exploration of Washington’s most conservative cities has offered you some valuable insight and also revealed much more about the political landscape in the Pacific Northwest. No matter your position on the political spectrum, every city offers unique opportunities as well as experiences. Knowing its politics in this article merely helps you make better start-point decisions today or in the future.

If you vote Democrat and want to know the most liberal cities in Washington, read this article instead.

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