The 20 Best Places to Live in South Carolina for Black Families

Best Places to Live in South Carolina for Black Families

Black families looking for a location to call home might benefit from a number of benefits in South Carolina. This southern state has a lot to offer, including a rich cultural past, lively communities, excellent schools, opportunities for employment, and reasonably priced homes.

The experience of living in South Carolina can vary greatly depending on the particular location, so it’s critical to pick a place that matches the values and needs of your family.

This rating of the best places to live in South Carolina for black families puts a focus on safety, educational excellence, involvement in the community, cultural variety, and financial prospects.

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20. Newberry

A hidden treasure, Newberry, is a small city with reasonably priced houses and a strong sense of community.

At the center of the community, Newberry College offers a wealth of educational possibilities while also enhancing the city’s vibrant cultural environment. Additionally, the existence of the institution generates jobs, both directly and indirectly, which may be a huge benefit for families.

The city actively recognizes and celebrates its African American roots via celebrations like the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade. The economy of Newberry has been growing slowly but steadily, with promising indicators for the future.

It’s an area where a family may establish roots, joining a close-knit neighborhood and taking advantage of a more affordable cost of life than many other areas of the state.

19. Greenwood

Next on the list of the best places to live in South Carolina for black families is Greenwood. The city offers the ideal fusion of facilities found in large cities with small-town charm. Greenwood, which is well-known for its yearly Festival of Flowers, is a lovely spot to raise a family with well-kept parks, a variety of outdoor activities, and a bustling downtown area.

Through its respected public school system, which has achieved outstanding outcomes throughout the years, Greenwood’s dedication to education is apparent. Greenwood’s Lander University supports the local economy while giving the community a more academic atmosphere.

With a flourishing black population and an active NAACP branch that encourages inclusion and works toward racial equality, Greenwood is a town that values variety. The town is a great option for black families because to its affordability and emphasis on community development.

18. Aiken

Aiken, which is close to the Georgia border, is a place famous for its southern hospitality, horse-related activities, and lively cultural scene. The city has a diversified economy with employment options in manufacturing, healthcare, and other fields.

The public education system in Aiken has received statewide recognition for its excellence, and the university operates a branch campus there. The culture in Aiken is welcoming and accommodating of black families.

Black history has a strong connection with the history of the city and is honored and celebrated via a variety of activities and locations, including the Aiken County Historical Museum. Aiken offers the chance for a good living, supported by its strong economy, diversity of cultures, and emphasis on education.

17. Beaufort

Beaufort, which is located on the coast, provides a distinctive fusion of scenic beauty, charming history, and cultural diversity. High school graduation rates in the city are higher than the state average, indicating a strong educational system.

The tourist, military bases, and healthcare industries, which provide a wide range of work possibilities, are key drivers of Beaufort’s economy. A notable location of African American history and culture is the Penn Center, a national monument situated on St. Helena Island close to Beaufort.

It was one among the earliest institutions in the nation to educate former slaves while also advancing and preserving African American culture. Beaufort is a great area for black families to grow and flourish because of its strong sense of community, cultural variety, and natural beauty.

16. Florence

Florence is a city that is expanding and transforming quickly. Numerous highly regarded schools, both public and private, are located there.

The healthcare and educational sectors of Florence’s economy are major employers. The intellectual capital of the city is supported by Francis Marion University and Florence-Darlington Technical College.

The city has a large black population—more than 40%—and is culturally diverse. Like the Florence NAACP branch, several local groups fight to advance racial equality and inclusion.

For black families seeking a location to call home in South Carolina, Florence is a viable candidate due to its reasonable cost of living, excellent educational options, and vibrant black community.

15. Spartanburg

The “Hub City,” Spartanburg, provides an appealing combination of southern hospitality, employment opportunities, and cultural activity. Seven institutions, including historically black Voorhees College, are located there, enhancing the city’s rich cultural heritage and diversity.

The city offers a wide range of work options, including stable positions in industries including education, manufacturing, and healthcare. The Spartanburg County School District is a good choice for families since it has put forth effective strategies to raise student accomplishment.

The annual Juneteenth celebration and Spartanburg’s Black History Parade are two prominent events in the city’s rich black history and culture. With its combination of economic potential, cultural diversity, and educational opportunities, Spartanburg is a top choice for black families.

14. Anderson

The “Electric City,” also known as Anderson, has a diverse economy that offers employment possibilities in industries including retail, manufacturing and healthcare.

The extensive academic programs offered by the Anderson County School District and the existence of Anderson University both serve as indicators of the city’s dedication to high-quality education. With several community groups and events that honor African American culture, including the yearly Black History Super Extravaganza, the city encourages cultural diversity.

Families can afford to reside in the city since its cost of living is lower than the US average. For black families, Anderson is a desirable location because of its combination of economic security, cultural diversity, and educational effort.

13. North Augusta

North Augusta, which is close to the Georgia border, has a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere. There are many career prospects in industries including retail, healthcare and education.

The city’s educational system, which is a part of the Aiken County Public educational District, is well regarded. The African American past Monument and the Hammond’s Ferry African Baptist Church are two significant examples of North Augusta’s vibrant black past.

Additionally, the city commemorates black history and culture via yearly celebrations like the North Augusta African American Heritage Parade. Black families want to reside in North Augusta because of its combination of high standards in education, employment prospects, and cultural diversity.

12. Mauldin

Mauldin is a city that is expanding quickly and has a welcoming atmosphere for families. The Greenville County School District, which is popular for its dedication to educational quality, includes the city’s school system.

The economy of Mauldin is robust, with many job possibilities available in sectors including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The city’s African American population is increasing, and several organizations and projects that favor inclusion and diversity are working to serve the community.

Mauldin offers families an inexpensive living choice because the cost of living is lower than the national average. Mauldin is a top choice for black families because of its combination of high educational standards, economic opportunities, and cultural variety.

11. Sumter

Sumter provides a unique combination of southern charm and modern amenities. It houses the Shaw Air Force Base. The city is also home to Morris College, a historically black college, and has a well recognized public education system.

The city’s economy is broad and offers employment possibilities in the military, healthcare, and educational fields. Through yearly activities like the Civil Rights Symposium and the Black History Month Parade, Sumter honors its black heritage.

Sumter stands out as one of the best places to live in South Carolina for black families because of its cultural variety, dedication to education, and economic diversity.

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10. Bluffton

Bluffton, a prosperous town on South Carolina’s coast, is notable for its breathtaking natural beauty and strong sense of community.

It boasts a thriving economy with job possibilities in a variety of industries, including real estate, tourism and healthcare, as well as top-notch schools as a member of the Beaufort County School District.

Through historical buildings and community gatherings like the Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival, Bluffton embraces and celebrates its rich cultural heritage, which is profoundly steeped in Gullah and African American history. Black families like Bluffton because of the town’s strong feeling of community, high standard of education, and abundance of job opportunities.

9. North Charleston

The third-largest city in the state, North Charleston, has a thriving and diverse community. It has a strong economy, with several career possibilities available in industries including aerospace, the military, and shipping.

The Charleston County School District’s numerous initiatives to raise student success are proof of the city’s dedication to education. Rich black history and culture are honored in the city through monuments and events, such as the yearly MOJA Arts Festival, which honors African American and Caribbean culture.

Black families prefer North Charleston because of its combination of economic growth, cultural variety, and educational commitment.

8. Lexington

8th on the list of the best places to live in South Carolina for black families is Lexington. Lexington is close to the state capital, provides a desirable blend of suburban life and city advantages.

It is a fantastic option for families who place a high priority on education because it is a part of the renowned Lexington County School District One. The city’s economy is strong, and major industries include healthcare, education, and retail.

The black population in Lexington is expanding, and several groups there aim to advance racial equality and inclusion. For black families, Lexington is a top option because of the city’s mix of high standards in education, steady economic growth, and inclusiveness in the community.

7. Greenville

The city of Greenville undergoes constant transformation and offers a unique combination of metropolitan sophistication and southern charm. Numerous notable schools and colleges, including Furman University and Greenville Technical College, are located there.

There are many career prospects in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and education thanks to the city’s strong economy. With festivals like the annual SC Black History Parade and Festival, Greenville actively recognizes and celebrates its black history and culture.

Greenville is a great area for black families to live because of the harmony of its educational excellence, economic prosperity, and cultural diversity.

6. Rock Hill

The city of Rock Hill, which is a part of the Charlotte metropolitan region, is well renowned for its dedication to community and educational development.

The city is home to Winthrop University and Clinton College, two historically black colleges, as well as a well-reputed public education system. The city’s economy is broad and provides employment possibilities in the manufacturing, healthcare, and educational fields.

The annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom is one of many community activities that Rock Hill hosts to honor its black history and culture. Black families find Rock Hill to be a desirable option because of its combination of educational achievement, economic opportunity, and cultural variety.

5. Summerville

Summerville, affectionately known as the “Flowertown in the Pines,” provides a welcoming atmosphere for families with a strong emphasis on civic involvement. The city’s public education system, which is a part of Dorchester District Two, is renowned for its excellence and high levels of student accomplishment.

Manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are key industries in Summerville’s thriving economy. In addition to hosting yearly celebrations like the Summerville Italian Feast and Christmas Parade, the city also boasts a burgeoning black community.

Black families will love Summerville because of the perfect combination of high-quality education, employment opportunities, and cultural diversity.

4. Mount Pleasant

With an emphasis on community, family, and education, Mount Pleasant offers a good quality of life. The city’s schools, which are a part of the Charleston County School District, are among the best in the nation.

Jobs are available in industries including retail, healthcare and tourism because of Mount Pleasant’s thriving economy. The city boasts a vibrant cultural environment that honors black history through landmarks and neighborhood gatherings like the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival, which celebrates Gullah Geechee tradition.

A top option for black families, Mount Pleasant combines educational excellence with economic success and cultural diversity.

3. Charleston

Charleston offers a lively and culturally varied atmosphere and is noted for its rich history, stunning architecture, and southern charm. The Charleston County School District, which has effectively implemented programs to raise student achievement, includes the city’s school system.

The economy of Charleston is strong, and there are opportunities in industries including tourism, healthcare, and technology. Celebrations of the city’s black history take place at landmarks, festivals, and organizations like the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture.

Charleston is a top choice for black families because of its combination of cultural diversity, access to higher education, and economic prosperity.

2. Columbia

Columbia, the state’s capital and the location of the University of South Carolina, offers a vibrant blend of cultural diversity, educational opportunity, and financial security.

Richland County School District One, the city’s school district, is renowned for emphasizing student accomplishment. The economy of Columbia is broad, with major employment being generated by industries including education, government and healthcare. These reasons also make Columbia a great place to live in South Carolina for young adults and professionals.

Black history and culture are honored in the city through festivals and monuments like the African American History Monument at the State House and the yearly Jubilee: Festival of Black History & Culture. The best place for black families to reside is Columbia, thanks to its blend of high educational standards, economic opportunities, and cultural diversity.

1. Fort Mill – the best place to live in South Carolina for Black Families

Top on our list is Fort Mill, which provides a fantastic balance of high-quality education, employment opportunities, and community involvement. One of the greatest in the state is the Fort Mill School District, which serves the city.

The city’s economy is booming, and there are plenty of work possibilities across a wide range of industries. Numerous groups supporting inclusion and diversity and a burgeoning black population in Fort Mill.

A significant African American legacy is part of the city’s rich history, and it is honored via several community activities. Fort Mill is the finest city in South Carolina for black families to live thanks to its top-notch educational system, strong economy, and dynamic community.


As you can see there are some fantastic places to live in South Carolina, that are very welcoming, have great education, and job opportunities. However, when moving to South Carolina it should be important to note that there are higher property taxes for those with second homes or investment properties. If the home you’re buying is your only property though, the state has one of the lowest rates of property tax in the US.

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