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18 Best Places to Live in North Carolina for Black Families

Best Places to Live in North Carolina for Black Families

North Carolina, frequently referred to as the Tar Heel State, is home to both busy cities and tranquil countryside. It has a rich history, a booming economy, and a diverse cultural population. You’ll be delighted to discover that North Carolina has many wonderful areas for black families thinking about relocation to grow their careers and raise a family. Each of these towns and cities has its own attraction, and in this post, we’ll walk you through the 18 best places to live in North Carolina for black families, starting with number 18 and ending with our the best.

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18. Burlington

Beginning at number 18 on the list of the best places to live in North Carolina for black families, Burlington is a well-known city in Alamance County for its friendly vibe and strong sense of community. Black families will value the excellent education that the Alamance-Burlington School System offers. The Mayco Bigelow Community Center, the center for cultural activities and neighborhood get-togethers that gives black families a feeling of community, is another highlight of Burlington. A tribute to its flourishing black community, it also hosts the annual African-American Cultural Arts Festival.

17. Gastonia

Next is Gastonia, which is a city in Gaston County. In addition to the advantages of living close to Charlotte’s big metropolitan region, this community provides a small-town atmosphere. With a population that is economically diverse, Gastonia offers prospects for company owners, particularly those who want to launch small enterprises. The Gaston County Museum and Gaston County Public Library, which frequently host programs and activities focused on African-American history and culture, are important destinations for black families.

16. Goldsboro

Wayne County is where Goldsboro is located. The outstanding healthcare system in this city gives families a sense of comfort. Additionally, the area is home to a number of historically black churches that support the neighborhood by providing moral support and a feeling of unity. In addition, Goldsboro is home to the African American Music Trail, which honors the vibrant musical tradition of the African American community.

15. Salisbury

A historic city with a strong feeling of community is Salisbury in Rowan County. Black families in this area appreciate the J.C. Price American Legion Post, an African-American Veterans organization that serves as the hub of the neighborhood. It organizes yearly events including Memorial Day festivities that provide families a chance to get engaged with their neighborhood and origins.

14. Wilson

The annual African American Music and Cultural Festival is held in Wilson, a town in Wilson County, and it is quite popular among black families. Its thriving cultural sector provides a variety of concerts and exhibitions, including those at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center. Wilson also offers several job possibilities in the healthcare and education fields.

13. Kinston

Kinston, a city rich in history and culture, is located in Lenoir County. Here are several important destinations on the African American Music Trail, including the site of the former Manhattan Club. Furthermore, Kinston has a vibrant NAACP branch that is actively involved in neighborhood projects and offers chances for families to get connected and make a difference.

12. High Point

Guilford County’s High Point has been referred to as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World.” The city is multicultural and embraces all families. A major feature is the yearly John Coltrane Jazz Festival. It got its name after the city’s native and well-known African-American jazz musician. Magnet programs are also available in High Point schools, giving kids varied educational possibilities. 

11. Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is a city with a rich past and a developing tech sector. The historically black university Winston-Salem State, which provides great educational and employment possibilities, is located in the city. Additionally, the Forsyth County Public Library’s African American Archive is a fantastic resource for local African American history.

This is also one of the most conservative city in North Carolina!

10. Greensboro

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum is one of several attractions in Greensboro, which is ranked number 10. A celebration of various cultures, including African-American folk music and dancing, the North Carolina Folk Festival is also held in the city. Additionally, Greensboro’s vibrant National Urban League Young Professionals branch offers young black professionals networking opportunities.

9. Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, along with Raleigh and Durham, makes up a portion of the Research Triangle and is well renowned for its excellent educational possibilities. The town hosts festivals like the Festifall Arts Festival, which contribute to its diversified cultural environment. At the University of North Carolina, the Stone Center for Black Culture and History acts as a center for African-American education and culture.

8. Durham

North Carolina Central University, a well-known historically black university, is located in Durham, a city that is a member of the Research Triangle. Durham’s artis and culture institution, the Hayti past Center, honors the African-American past of the city. The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People is actively involved in community involvement, which attracts black families to Durham.

7. Fayetteville

Fayetteville is a military community that provides a friendly neighborhood and inexpensive accommodation. The annual Black History Month Parade is eminent throughout the city. A historically black university, Fayetteville State University provides a variety of career and educational options. If your children are planning on going to university, this is one of the best places to live in North Carolina for your family.

6. Asheville

The Blue Ridge Mountains’ Asheville has a vibrant cultural environment. One of the highlights is the Goombay Festival, an annual celebration of African and Caribbean culture. Black business entrepreneurs originally founded the YMI Cultural Center, which now supports African American culture and diversity.

5. Charlotte

The largest city in the state, Charlotte, has a variety of neighborhoods and great work prospects, notably in the financial and medical sectors. The city honors African-American history and culture with its annual Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas. Additionally, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools provide youngsters with a top-notch education by offering magnet programs with specialities in many industries.

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4. Cary

Cary is a great option for families because it is known for its safety. This is why it is so high on our list of the best places to live in North Carolina for black families. With groups like the Ujima Group Inc., which supports black arts and culture, Cary has a notable black community. The public schools in the city are among the best in the state and provide fantastic educational possibilities.

3. Raleigh

The state’s capital, Raleigh, is popular for its thriving tech sector and excellent standard of living. The African American Cultural Festival of Raleigh and Wake County is yearly held in the city. Another example of the city’s strong black heritage is the Pope home Museum. It’s the only African American home museum in North Carolina.

2. Huntersville

Huntersville, which is ranked number two, and just misses out on top spot on our list of the best places to live in North Carolina for black families. There is a small-town atmosphere, with quick access to Charlotte’s facilities. The community in the town is strong, and the schools are superb. Huntersville is a desirable option for families because of the Carolina Raptor Center and Latta Plantation, which offer distinctive educational opportunities for youngsters.

1. Morrisville

Finally, Morrisville is our top pick for black families in North Carolina. This little town, which is a member of the Research Triangle, has a diversified population, top-rated public schools, and a high level of life. The Triangle Uplift Foundation and other organizations that help the African American community have their headquarters in Morrisville, which also organizes an annual Juneteenth event. Morrisville is the best place for black families to live in North Carolina due to its robust economy and prospects for career advancement. If you’re looking for more information regarding the best places for black families in Florida, read our article here.

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