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The 14 Most Conservative Cities in North Carolina in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in North Carolina

In recent years, many cities within North Carolina have shown balanced political climates with a majority of diverse ideologies represented in cities across rural counties within the state. However, this post is going to focus on the 14 most conservative cities in North Carolina which epitomize their unique aspects that define these conservative values.

Each small town or city brings something different to the table. In each case, the particular approach of conservative values expresses itself in a variety of ways from fiscal policy through social beliefs. At the same time, individual character marks out each as their own distinctive place while they all share around the common conservative ethos that guides their governance and their local community culture.

14. Asheboro

We will start at Asheboro, a city with liberal tendencies reflected in its voting patterns and public policies. It holds a population of roughly 25,000, united by conservative leanings coupled with low taxes, minimal government intrusion and a prominent focus on personal freedoms.

The city is well funded by its conservative principles, through its public safety departments and unwavering support of small businesses. Because of these characteristics, Asheboro City is quite an appealing place for those people who favor conservative principles.

13. Monroe

Monroe ranks as one of the most conservative cities in Union County. True to its reputation for decades as a cautious fiscal city, Monroe boasts steady budgetary procedures that stress public safety and essential services like public safety and infrastructure.

With a population of around 35,000, Monroe is a conservative neighborhood that appreciates the city’s emphasis on economic stability and fiscal responsibility.

12. Kernersville

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Kernersville is another conservative city with a prominent conservative outlook. The city has a core value system reflected through its history and currently through their approach to governing and how they hold property rights strongly.

Having low taxes, support for local businesses and establishments, and having an emphasis on property makes Kernersville comprise what most conservatives believe that they should have.

With a population of approximately 25,000, residents enjoy a community-centered lifestyle, underscoring Kernersville’s commitment to conservatively guided local government.

11. Goldsboro

Next is Goldsboro, a city known for its conservative community and tightly knit people. Its active religious community influences culture and politics greatly in the city. Often, they lean conceptually conservative on social issues.

Based in the Northeast of the state, Goldsboro’s conservative profile is shaped by a combination of factors, including a significant military presence from the nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The city embodies a blend of traditional social conservatism and unwavering support for the military, appealing to individuals who value these principles.

10. Lexington

With a population of around 20,000 residents, Lexington proudly upholds a conservative lifestyle. The city’s dedication to education is highly regarded, emphasizing school choice and traditional educational values. In matters of governance, Lexington adopts conservative ideologies, promoting minimal government interference and fiscal conservatism.

9. Pinehurst

Pinehurst is widely recognized for its conservative stance on fiscal matters and a commitment to personal liberties. As a popular destination for retirees, the city’s governance aligns with conservative values, prioritizing responsible fiscal policies, maintaining law and order, and respecting personal autonomy with minimal interference.

The city’s support for individual responsibility and respect for private property rights are among the many qualities that make it an ideal haven for individuals embracing conservative ideologies.

8. Kannapolis

Located in Cabarrus County, Kannapolis is a city with conservative values. The people of this locality place great value on small government, low taxes, and individual freedom. Thus, any visitor to the city will observe the sustained focus the populace places on these matters.

Moreover, the local government is dedicated to guaranteeing there is a business-friendly environment. This makes Kannapolis one of North Carolina’s most conservative cities.

7. Hickory

Located in Western North Carolina, Hickory stands as another city that upholds strong conservative values, with the majority of the demographic being Republican voters. With a focus on individual liberties, limited government, and low taxes, it appeals to those voters who cherish conservative principles.

Additionally, Hickory’s dedication to traditional culture and a community-oriented lifestyle solidifies its position as one of North Carolina’s most conservative cities.

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6. Burlington

Next on the list of the most conservative cities in North Carolina is Burlington. Located in Alamance County, Burlington is a city that attracts conservative individuals with its governance, social attitudes, and strong community spirit.

With an emphasis on fiscal conservatism and traditional values, Burlington has fostered a community that values and embraces conservative ideologies. The extremely friendly community in Burlington makes the city an excellent place for black families to relocate to.

5. Mooresville

As we move into the top five, Mooresvilles shines with deep-rooted conservative values. Its dominant fiscal conservatism and concentration on traditional family values attract people who identify with its conservative image.

Additionally, its government reflects basic belief in limited government plus a respect for private business enterprise. Mooresville is based in Iredell County, which has political leanings towards the Republican Party that you can see from the 2020 presidential election.

4. Concord

Concord, located in the east of the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, is another city with strong conservative views. The fiscal responsibility of city hall and the City Council, low taxes, and support for small businesses are manifestations of Concord’s conservatism.

Equally, Concord’s strong sense of community and emphasis on family values as well as tradition further underscore its place on this list.

3. Gastonia

Gastonia is a city with a solid ideology and history, so it naturally leans conservative, and has a high percentage of Republicans. The limited government, restrained spending systems, and family-oriented metropolitan sets it a town apart from others.

Its ideologies are represented in its governance because they rest on fiscal conservatism principles, making Gastonia one of the most conservative cities in North Carolina.

2. Winston-Salem

Coming in at number two, Winston-Salem has long been recognized as a city that adheres to conservative principles. The city is renowned for its conservative fiscal policies and unwavering support for private enterprise.

It also holds traditional culture and family values in high regard. The vibrant religious community and its significant impact on shaping city policies further reinforce its conservative profile. A top place to live in North Carolina for young adults too!

1. High Point – The Most Conservative City In North Carolina

At the top of our list is High Point, North Carolina’s most conservative city. This is evidenced in the city’s governance – low taxes, limited government, and personal freedom – which aims most voters to be at the conservative end of the political party spectrum. High Point is a huge political leaning towards the Republicans, making it one of the most conservative cities in America.

If you want to read more on the most liberal cities in North Carolina check our article here.

High Point also boasts a strong community spirit, often demonstrated through its support for traditional values and customs. From fiscal policies to social issues, High Point embodies the core values that define conservatism, firmly establishing its position as the most conservative city in North Carolina. if you vote conservative, move to this city!

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