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10 Best Places to Live in New York for Black Families

Best Places to Live in New York for Black Families

New York has so much diversity and opportunity that there are different communities suited to all kinds of families. There’s a whole state filled with outstanding black communities, perfect for black families who are looking for perfect doses of vibrant culture through excellent education.

In this article, we’ve included parameters like the strength of schools at local levels, employment income opportunities, access to amenities, and created a list of the top ten best places to live in New York for black families. Let’s start this enlightening journey from our number ten spot and gradually unfold the number one place to dwell in New York for black families.

10. Schenectady

Starting at number 10 we have Schenectady. Located in upstate New York, this city is known to house a vibrant and diversifying black community. The Hamilton Hill Arts Center operates in the realm of African and African-American cultural arts whereby families are able to immerse within rich heritage.

School-wise, there are a handful of excellent schools like Zoller Elementary School and Schenectady High School that can be considered inclusive because of the depth with which they take in an inclusive curriculum. A low cost of living as well as various affordable housing across the town makes it hard to overlook how much potential Schenectady possesses for black families wanting to settle down.

9. Rochester

Rochester ranks ninth on our list. This city provides its inhabitants with quality of life and historical significance in the African-American community. Its Seneca Park Zoo and Rochester Museum & Science Center keep the children entertained.

Education is a big component here, as organizations like the Urban League of Rochester offer black students scholarships along with other educational programs. There’s also a promising job market present in this city, as Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox and Bausch & Lomb based here provide promising job opportunities for the youth living in this city.

8. Harlem

Number eight on our list goes to the district of Harlem in New York. Considered a part of the cultural fabric of the black community, this has been home to institutions such as the Apollo Theater and the Studio Museum in Harlem, alongside the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, which over the years have displayed an impressive record of highlighting and celebrating black art, music, and literature in both established and emerging fields.

There are several highly respected schools in Harlem too. A good proportion of both public and private school education is at arts-focused Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change, but Harvard graduate Eliza Gross’ Harlem Children’s Zone has as its primary goal offering a quality education to children from modest backgrounds who need it most. 

Although costs here seem high compared with some other neighborhoods, the multitude of cultural resources on hand and the strong sense of community make up for any economic difference.

For more information on safety in Harlem, read this article.

7. Albany

Albany, New York’s capital city, is ranked at number seven. It boasts a diverse black community and has the African American Family Day Arts Festival every year. The school district in Albany is diversified with schools offering AP courses as well as having an International Baccalaureate program available.

The Albany job market is also quite healthy, with the government, healthcare, and education all being sectors offering plenty of jobs. In addition, Albany has numerous historic neighborhoods which offer a variety of housing; from affordable apartments to single-family homes.

6. Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy)

In the sixth position, we have Bedford-Stuyvesant, otherwise known as Bed-Stuy. This Brooklyn neighborhood is strong in African-American culture and history. It offers a variety of businesses and restaurants for black families which create a very good sense of community.

There are also institutions like Bedford Academy High School, famous for having among the highest graduation rates and strongest program in STEM. Its brownstone townhouses and latest apartments give people multiple choices in housing options, but obviously this is all a bit pricier than city-average living.

5. Syracuse

Moving up to the No. 5 spot on the best places to live in New York for black families, we have Syracuse. Well known around town is the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company and a community arts institution dedicated to Africa. Educationally, Syracuse has strong schools from Syracuse University to multiple high-performing public schools.

Moreover, the city offers different employment opportunities – from education to healthcare, and including several jobs in the service sectors. The cost of living here is very low, which makes Syracuse a great place for families on a budget.

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4. Mount Vernon

At the spot of number four is Mount Vernon. This city, located in Westchester County, has a large black community base. It hosts the Nellie A. Thornton School which operates a performing arts and visual art program.

The city has many recreational facilities like the Memorial Field and Wilson Woods Park within its borders that provides families to get together there. Its location which is near New York City gives access to even more opportunities to its people without the need for living in the heart of the bustling city.

Read on for the 3 best places to live in New York for black families.

3. Crown Heights

At number three is Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The history of this neighborhood is one of diversity and proactive civic engagement. There has been an annual West Indian Carnival, marking Caribbean culture and boasting millions of spectators.

The Medgar Evers College Preparatory School, located in Crown Heights, is a testament to the neighborhood’s focus on education. With a balance of urban living as well as community feel, the neighborhood of Crown Heights would be awesome for black families.

2. Jamaica, Queens

Jamaica, in the borough of Queens, takes second position. Of all its neighborhoods, this multicultural community is home to the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning as well as the Afrikan Poetry Theatre. It boasts top-notch public schools like the Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School.

The living costs are low, and the housing market is diverse with single-family homes, apartments, as well as cooperatives. Living here also gives great transportation links, so commuting is a breeze too.

1. Flatbush, Brooklyn

And now, we’ve arrived at our number one spot: Flatbush, Brooklyn. This neighborhood has a rich history of African and Caribbean culture. The local schools, such as the Brooklyn College Academy and Erasmus Hall High School, provide excellent education.

The neighborhood is full of energy and dynamic events, such as the street fair Flatbush Frolic. The diversity makes this part of Brooklyn very acculturated for the black community, where families can thrive. Its mixture of diverse people and high value on education makes it the best place for black families to make their home in New York.

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