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12 Best Places to Live in Maryland for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Maryland for Black Families

The Old Line State, most commonly referred to as Maryland, is a treasure trove of diverse communities with rich tapestries of culture, charm, and character. For black families seeking a new place to settle down, Maryland provides an assortment of locales that join high-quality living, educational openings, cultural experiences and sheltered, inviting areas.

In this article, we’ll consider 12 the best places to live in Maryland for black families. Each of those choices represents a community that not only provides richness with life but also includes diversity and inclusivity.

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12. Bowie

Bowie Maryland

Right in the middle of Prince George’s County is the city of Bowie. It’s a prosperous community known for offering its residents a strong educational reputation, impressive job outlook, and vivacious feeling of community. 

The African American families living in Bowie value this place as an all-around welcoming destination. Because of its excellent schools like Bowie High School and family facilities like the nearby Allen Pond Park and the Bowie Train Station Museum.

Bowie is a safe and trustworthy city for kids to grow up in. Moreover, it is within commuting distance from Washington D. C. , convenient both to working parents who require time flexibility.

11. Columbia

Columbia Maryland

Columbia is considered one of the best places to live in America, and for good reason. This suburban community in Howard County draws residents with some of Maryland’s top-rated schools including River Hill High School. Consequently, Columbia works as an outstanding alternative with regard to housing education-driven families. 

Being unique, each village providing a range of amenities including shopping centers, recreational facilities, and community centers promotes togetherness. Each village also hosts numerous cultural festivals highlighting diversity and inclusion.

10. Silver Spring

Silver Spring Maryland

10th on the list of the best places to live in Maryland for black families is Silver Spring. In the northern part of Washington D.C., Silver Spring is an ideal suburb with its beautiful tree-lined streets and green surroundings. The area offers a stimulating mix of black life in the suburbs, epitomized by the iconic AFI Silver Theatre (Silver Spring) sitting on the outskirts of town. 

Downtown Silver Spring presents countless opportunities for retail shopping, dining out and entertainment, making it a thriving urban environment along with several high ranking schools including Montgomery Blair High School.

9. Upper Marlboro

Upper Marlboro Maryland

Upper Marlboro is a historic town in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It offers the serenity of a suburban, quiet lifestyle in an area only an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital. Its convenient access to major attractions and urban opportunities, makes an ideal home for families who wish to live near city life amenities, but want some peace and quiet as well. 

Upper Marlboro has several good-rated schools, including Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School, and also contains headquarters for Prince George’s County Public Schools, showing a commitment to education that is uppermost in its mind.

Its diverse community, composed primarily of internationally and artistically educated people of significant African ancestry, provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

8. Fort Washington

Fort Washington Maryland

Situated on the Potomac River, Fort Washington is a suburban community in Prince George’s County. It enjoys its own history, including the beautiful Fort Washington Park, as well as several historic sites nearby. This calm setting provides a tranquil yet cultured environment suitable for families and retirees seeking peaceful yet thrilling homesteading life. 

Several schools near Fort Washington are noted: Friendly High School, with an outstanding arts program; Grace Lang Arts Center, a multicultural arts event hall; Southern Comfort AA/BB Hatboro-Horsham; and Harmony Hall Arts Center, which presents events and shows involving art from various sides of society. This is why Fort Washington is best places to live in Maryland for black families.

7. Mitchellville

Mitchellville Woodmore

Mitchellville, located in Prince George’s County, stands out for its wealth and high standard of living. According to the U.S Census data, Mitchellville has one of the highest median incomes for African American households in the country, which is what makes it one of the best places to live in Maryland for black families.

Quality education is offered here in the form of schools such as Woodmore Elementary. Savvy shoppers can enjoy upscale amenities at the nearby Woodmore Towne Centre, and Country Club at Woodmore.

6. Greenbelt

Greenbelt Maryland

With its communities that are cooperative and place great value on green living, Greenbelt in Prince George’s County offers a great quality of life. The city has an interesting design based on the Garden City movement of the 1930s which promotes walkability and community bonding. 

The cultural life is only enhanced by being in Greenbelt including the museum and the New Deal Cafe. Education is well catered for in the form of Greenbelt Middle School among others. As such, the city boasts a diverse cultural environment with some black families expected to experience a welcoming and inclusive environment.

5. Waldorf

Waldorf residential neighborhood

Waldorf is an ex-suburb of Charles County located in Maryland. The town has a cosmopolitan flavor with soothing suburban living and country charm. Shopping malls and other myriad choices characterize Waldorf. St. Charles Towne Center, the Cedarville State Forest, and North Point High School are some of the many attractive schools nearby.

The diversity in Waldorf’s community is embraced well. A sizable black population adds to the excitement and spice that resides in each area of Waldorf. This town continues to offer wonderful care; surrounded by superb educational institutions, healthcare choices increase fairly regularly.

4. Ellicott City

Ellicott City Maryland

The historic downtown area of Ellicott City in Howard County is popular for its amazing schools like Marriotts Ridge High School and numerous family-friendly amenities. The city, while preserving its old world feel, houses tech industries and offers ample job opportunities at the same time. Blacks would adore residing in Ellicott City since it holds a melting pot culture where people from all walks of life live harmoniously together.

3. Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg Maryland

Gaithersburg in Montgomery County presents an eclectic blend of old and new. The city offers historic downtown with charming shops and quaint antique buildings, along with a modern area with upscale shopping centers and high-tech businesses. Gaithersburg High School is popular for its success academically. Gaithersburg’s diversity is one of its key strengths, making it a great place for black families to live and raise their children.

2. Frederick

Carroll Creek Park

Frederick is located in Frederick County. Ιts historic downtown area, top-rated schools such as Urbana High School, and vibrant arts scene all make it very desirable. The city has seen a lot of community events that celebrate its diverse culture. One example is the African American Heritage Walking Tour. Therefore, black families will find a welcoming environment there.

1. Rockville – Best Place to Live in Maryland for Black Families

Rockville Downtown

Finally, Rockville, the biggest city in Montgomery County, brings forth a high standard of living with excellent schools like Thomas S. Wootton High School, broad cultural experiences at arts and entertainment buildings like the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, among many employment opportunities.

Since there is diversity in the community, black families will have an inclusive environment as well. If you’re willing to move to anywhere in the state, Rockville is the best place to live in Maryland for black families ,and is also the richest place in Maryland.


The decision of where to call home is one that is deeply personal, influenced by factors such as the affordability and accessibility of neighborhoods and educational options in addition to cultural experiences and experiences with community camaraderie. Each of these 12 best places to live in Maryland for black families offers unique opportunities. They help communities thrive and contribute to ongoing stories of growth and diversity in one’s hometowns.

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