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7 Sneaky Ways to Get Back At Landlord

Sneaky Ways to get Back at Landlord for Mistreating you

Do you feel like your landlord is taking advantage of you? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people have experienced issues with their landlord, and often find ways to get back at them. You do not have to take the disrespect and treatment lying down. Here are a few sneaky ways to get back at your landlord without getting in trouble. From passive-aggressive tactics to more direct methods, these six strategies are sneaky ways to get back at landlord for mistreating you. Read on to find out what they are, and how to execute them.

1. Change the Locks on the Doors 

Changing the locks on the doors is a surefire way to ensure that the landlord won’t be able to access your apartment without your permission. This means keeping the landlord out of your space and maintaining privacy. Furthermore, changing the locks on your doors can be a great way to send a message to your landlord that you’re serious about your rights as a tenant. 

2. Smoke in the property

If you live in a non-smoking apartment, and are a smoker, smoking in the apartment will anger your landlord. If you’re doing this, make sure not to smoke near a fire alarm. Most people usually do this in their bathroom.

If you’re scared of getting caught smoking, you could vape inside instead, as this is more difficult for landlords to prove.

3. Hide Unpleasant Items in the House 

If you’re looking for ways to get back at your landlord, then hiding unpleasant items in the house can be a great way to do it. Whether it’s a broken lamp, a leaky sink, or a smelly carpet, hiding these items can be a sneaky way to get back at your landlord. By hiding them, your landlord will have to waste their time looking for the hidden objects, which will make them frustrated.

4. Spray Paint the Walls 

Spray painting the walls of your rental property can be a great way to express your frustration with your landlord. You might spray-paint a message like “Renters Unite” or something similar. This will show your landlord that you don’t take kindly to their mistreatment. You can also spray paint a picture or design that reflects your feelings about your landlord. This can be a great way to show your landlord that you won’t tolerate their mistreatment.  

If you decide to spray paint the walls of your rental property, it’s important to do it safely. Ensure that you wear safety gear, such as a mask and gloves.

5. Delay the Rent Payment 

Delaying your rent payment is one of the sneakiest ways to get back at your landlord. Most landlords expect their tenants to pay rent on time, so when it’s delayed, your landlord will definitely get frustrated. It can also be a way of getting back at them for not maintaining the property, not fixing appliances, or for raising the rent. Though this tactic may be effective, it can also have serious consequences. This all depends on your lease agreement. If your landlord takes legal action against you, you could be evicted or sued. 

6. Give your Landlord Negative Reviews  – How to Legally Screw Over Your Landlord

In today’s world, reviews are a major way for people to decide whether or not they want to do business with a certain person, and it can be incredibly damaging to landlords if they receive poor reviews. If you have a legitimate complaint and feel like your landlord is not taking your concerns seriously, you can take matters into your own hands and leave them a negative review.

If you post online about your landlord issues, your post may go viral, which will prevent people from renting properties owned by your landlord in the future. This is how to legally screw over your landlord.

7. Be Unresponsive to your Landlord

Being unresponsive can be a great way to get back at your landlord, but it’s important to be mindful of the consequences. If you are careful and strategic, it can be an effective way to make your landlord’s life difficult. Just make sure you are not taking it too far and that you are aware of the legal repercussions of your actions. 

What’s the Sneakiest Way to Get Back At Your Landlord?

Being a tenant can often mean being taken advantage of by landlords, especially when it comes to rent. Whether it’s price gouging, neglecting repairs, or generally being unresponsive, landlords can make living on their property a real nightmare. If you’re fed up with your landlord’s antics, the above are sneaky ways to get back at them. Taken together, they can help you stand up for yourself and prove that you won’t be pushed around any longer.

The best method is probably leaving negative reviews online, as this can damage your landlord’s reputation.

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