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10 Best Places to Live in Columbus Ohio in 2024

Best Places to Live in Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, a vibrant city with many neighborhoods and suburbs, offers a unique living experience to many demographics. Historical and modern, this city offers cultural, recreational, and professional opportunities. For young professionals, growing families, and retirees, Columbus has something for everyone.

Parents will love the city’s top schools and parks, while young professionals will love its nightlife and tech scene. Also, the golf courses and art galleries help retirees enjoy city life.

This guide ranks the 10 best places to live in Columbus Ohio in 2024, with each location’s unique attributes contributing to its place on the list. Safety, amenities, community vibe, and green space access are ranked to help you find a place that meets all your needs.

10. Gahanna

Gahanna, situated on the outskirts of Columbus, stands as an ideal suburb for family living. It’s renowned for its exceptional educational institutions, which consistently rank among the top in the region, making it a magnet for families prioritizing academic excellence for their children. 

Beyond education, Gahanna is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The suburb boasts numerous parks and green spaces, with Academy Park being a favorite for its sports facilities and playgrounds, providing a perfect backdrop for active families.

The heart of Gahanna’s charm, however, lies in Creekside Park. This tranquil area, with meandering streams and scenic paths, offers a break from city life. Shopping and dining in the Creekside District’s eclectic mix of shops and restaurants boosts the suburb’s appeal.

Gahanna’s low crime rate and emphasis on public safety make it a family-friendly town. These security measures and the suburb’s wide range of housing options, from charming single-family homes to modern apartments, make Gahanna suitable for many budgets and tastes. 

Gahanna stands out as a harmonious blend of educational excellence, environmental consciousness, and safe, community-oriented living, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the Columbus area.

9. Bexley

Bexley, nestled in the heart of Columbus, is a beacon of historic charm and modern vibrancy. This neighborhood is renowned for its stately homes that echo stories of a rich past while also housing esteemed academic institutions like Capital University

This educational prominence attracts a diverse mix of young adults, professionals, and academics. Capital University brings youth to the community, creating an intellectually rewarding and culturally rich environment.

The main street of Bexley is flanked by boutiques, bookshops, and cafes. The urban feel of this lively strip attracts young professionals and students who want city amenities in a suburban setting.

Beyond its academic and urban appeal, Bexley is also a hub for cultural activities. The iconic Drexel Theater attracts moviegoers and fosters community with its eclectic film and cultural events.

With clean public spaces and a vibrant neighborhood association, Bexley prioritizes safety and community. The town’s safety, architectural beauty, and community spirit make it desirable for those seeking a mix of historic elegance and modern convenience.

8. Dublin

Dublin, a northwest Columbus suburb, is known for its culture and family-friendly lifestyle. Famous for the Dublin Irish Festival, one of the largest Irish festivals in the US, this area is rich in culture and community.

The excellent school system draws families to the suburb. Dublin City Schools consistently rank among the best in the state for elementary through high school education. Low crime and a focus on education make the suburb safe and nurturing for families.

Dublin has many beautiful parks and recreational areas, such as Scioto Park, with its river views and outdoor amphitheater, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. These green spaces are perfect for family outings, sports, and community gatherings.

Moreover, Dublin’s commitment to public art and environmental sustainability adds to its charm. The city’s numerous public art installations and well-maintained community gardens reflect a deep appreciation for aesthetics and green living.

Dublin is a desirable suburb for families and young professionals due to its cultural richness, educational excellence, and strong community. Whether one is drawn to its cultural events or the modernity of its amenities, Dublin offers a diverse lifestyle, and is definitely one of the best places to live in Columbus Ohio.

7. Clintonville

Clintonville, in central Columbus, is a unique mix of urban and suburban elements. Its historic homes and modern apartments attract young families and retirees. This area is also well-known for its friendly, community-vibe atmosphere. 

Outdoor enthusiasts find a haven in Clintonville, thanks to its proximity to the Olentangy Trail and Whetstone Park. The Olentangy Trail offers miles of riverside bike and walking paths, while Whetstone Park’s Park of Roses is a peaceful place for picnics, strolls, and family gatherings.

Clintonville is also a hub for community events and activities. The neighborhood hosts various farmers’ markets, street fairs, and festivals throughout the year, further enhancing its appeal to residents who enjoy active community participation.

Moreover, Clintonville is an ideal place for young families, offering access to quality schools and numerous family-friendly amenities. Its safety and peaceful environment are also key factors for retirees looking for a calm yet engaging place to live.

Clintonville seamlessly blends a relaxed, community-focused lifestyle with urban convenience and excitement. Its outdoor opportunities, diverse population, and strong community bonds make it a top choice for Columbus residents seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.

6. Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington is a Columbus suburb known for its luxury. Famous for its luxurious homes and well-kept streets, it attracts wealthy professionals and families seeking a refined and secure lifestyle.

This suburb is renowned for its top-rated educational institutions. Known for their academic excellence and extensive extracurricular programs, schools like Upper Arlington High School attract families who value quality education. 

Safety and tranquility are hallmarks of Upper Arlington. Its low crime rates and proactive community policing give families and individuals peace of mind. The suburb’s well-kept parks, like Northam Park, complement its public safety focus.

Upper Arlington is not just about residential luxury; it also boasts a vibrant community life. Events like the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival and the Fourth of July parade unite residents in celebration and community spirit. 

The suburb’s commercial areas, such as Lane Avenue Shopping Center, provide residents with high-end shopping and dining experiences. These amenities and the suburb’s proximity to downtown Columbus provide urban convenience in a suburban setting.

Upper Arlington is a suburb that epitomizes luxury, safety, and community cohesion. The blend of upscale residential areas, rich community life, and proximity to urban amenities positions it as a premier choice for those seeking an exclusive and fulfilling lifestyle.

5. German Village

Next on the list of the best places to live in Columbus Ohio is German Village. This unique mix of historical charm and modern living attracts young professionals and retirees who appreciate its rich heritage and convenient location near downtown Columbus.

In addition to its architecture, German Village is a cultural and social hub. Residents love Schiller Park’s scenic walks, community events, and outdoor theater. The park shows the area’s dedication to green spaces and community engagement. 

For socializing, German Village has many restaurants and shops. The neighborhood’s eclectic restaurants, cafes, and boutiques add charm. Bibliophiles love the historic Book Loft’s 32 rooms of books, while South Third Street’s artisanal shops and restaurants suit a variety of tastes.

The accessibility of German Village is another of its strengths. Residents can easily access downtown Columbus’ main business and entertainment districts, making it ideal for professionals who want a short commute. 

German Village is a Columbus gem that blends history and modernity. The district’s cultural richness, urban accessibility, and community spirit make it a top choice for Columbus residents seeking a unique and fulfilling lifestyle.

4. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights, just outside Columbus, is a small but dynamic suburb that blends urban convenience with a close-knit community. Its top-notch schools, diverse housing, and vibrant local culture attract families and young adults. 

Grandview Heights schools continually rank among the best in the region. A notable example of educational excellence is Grandview Heights High School. This institution is highly regarded for its strong academic programs, dedicated staff, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. 

The housing options here cover a wide range of tastes. The suburb has traditional Midwestern homes and sleek, modern apartments for young professionals. The suburb’s housing diversity attracts families seeking stability and single adults seeking modern living.

Main Street in Grandview Heights is the heart of the suburb’s social life. Residents enjoy a bustling yet quaint downtown with many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Regular community events like farmer’s markets and street fairs help residents bond and connect.

Grandview Heights’ proximity to downtown Columbus is a major benefit for city workers who want a quieter, more community-oriented neighborhood. The easy commute and Grandview Heights’ attractions and amenities make it a desirable Columbus suburb.

3. Short North

Short North, Columbus’ art and soul, offers a rich cultural and social experience. Its vibrant arts scene, galleries, and boutiques make this district a creative hub. The area comes alive during the monthly Gallery Hop, which celebrates art, music, and community.

For foodies and social butterflies, Short North has everything from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants. This variety caters to the tastes of both locals and visitors, making it a gastronomic destination in its own right.

The Victorian Village and Italian Village neighborhoods in Short North offer diverse living options. Victorian Village’s historic charm makes it a picturesque neighborhood. However, the Italian Village’s modern apartments and renovated historic properties make urban living unique.

Short North’s proximity to downtown Columbus makes it appealing to young professionals for easy commutes and city amenities. The mix of artistic flair, diverse cuisine, and living spaces makes Short North an ideal Columbus neighborhood for a vibrant, culturally rich lifestyle.

2. Westerville

Westerville, nestled on the outskirts of Columbus, seamlessly blends historic allure with contemporary comforts, making it a sought-after destination for families and retirees. The suburb’s excellent public services enhance the quality of life and community. 

With its well-maintained parks and recreation facilities, Westerville offers plenty of outdoor activities. Its Uptown district is full of charming shops, cafes, and local businesses. Community events like Fourth Friday turn the streets into a lively music, art, and local culture festival.

Westerville City School District consistently receives high academic marks, indicating a priority for education. Schools like Westerville Central High School and Westerville South High School are known for their strong educational programs and commitment to student development.

Westerville’s parks are great for nature lovers. Locals love Hoover Reservoir Park for its scenery, walking trails, and water sports. This park and others like Sharon Woods Metro Park offer residents a natural escape from city life.

Westerville integrates small-town charm with modern conveniences, supported by strong public services and community well-being. It stands as an ideal suburb for families and retirees seeking a balanced and enriching lifestyle in the Columbus area.

1. Powell

Powell, a Columbus suburb gem, deserves our top spot. This suburb seamlessly blends rural serenity with suburban amenities, offering a high quality of life that appeals to a wide range of residents. It is the perfect suburban location, with its charming streets and lively community.

For families who value education, Olentangy Liberty High School here is known for its academic rigor and diverse extracurricular offerings. This commitment to quality education is a cornerstone of Powell’s appeal.

Due to its low crime rate, Powell residents feel secure. This factor, coupled with the area’s lush green spaces and well-maintained public amenities, makes it a safe haven for families and retirees alike.

Powell has everything from charming single-family homes to luxurious estates for all budgets. Whether you are a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, this mix will make you feel at home. Additionally, its annual community events promote unity and celebration.

Powell is near Columbus, so it has easy access to Columbus’ resources and jobs while retaining its charm and slower pace of life. Also, its residents can shop and dine locally at Liberty Village Shopping Center and downtown Powell’s charming shops and restaurants.

Powell epitomizes suburban living with top-notch education, safety, community spirit, and housing variety. This place perfectly blends rural charm, suburban convenience, community, and urban amenities for those seeking the best of Columbus living.


Columbus suburbs have distinct charm and amenities for different tastes and lifestyles. From Powell’s educational excellence and tranquility to Short North’s cultural vibrancy and German Village’s historic elegance, these neighborhoods offer a variety of living experiences. 

Columbus’ suburbs have something for everyone, whether you are a young professional looking for urban access, a family seeking top-rated schools, or a retiree seeking serenity. This guide shows why Columbus is a mosaic of communities with unique identities and appeal.

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