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6 Most Liberal Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Most Liberal Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, a city rich in history and culture, has many neighborhoods with distinct personalities and political views. Some stand out for their liberal values, vibrant communities, and appealing lifestyles. 

This article examines the most liberal neighborhoods in Philadelphia, ranking them from 6th to 1st in terms of liberal atmosphere, lifestyle attractions, and why they are desirable.

6. Passyunk Square

Passyunk Square, with great food and a strong community, is number 6. Diversity and liberalism make Passyunk Square a melting pot of cultures and ideas. The dining scene here is renowned, particularly with iconic spots like Gino’s and Pat’s King of Steaks drawing crowds.

Moreover, it has a vibe that’s both welcoming to families and kind to the wallet, making it a prime spot for young families and professionals. The locality balances the hustle of urban living with tranquil surroundings, a harmony made possible due to its closeness to Center City.

Its safety, affordability, and walk-ability make it one of Philadelphia’s top liberal neighborhoods.

5. Fairmount

Fairmount, known as the Art Museum, is at number 5 as one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Philadelphia. This place is a cultural hub in Philadelphia, with famous museums and historical sites. 

Fairmount’s dense culture and educated, diverse population show its liberalism. Residents participate in many artistic and community activities, making it dynamic and progressive. The city’s green spaces, especially the expansive Fairmount Park, offer an ideal setting for family outings and nature lovers. 

With its lively entertainment scene, ease of walking, and secure environment, it stands out as a perfect choice for anyone seeking a culturally vibrant and dynamic lifestyle within a liberal society.

4. Northern Liberties

At number 4, Northern Liberties exemplifies Philadelphia’s liberalism. Once an industrial area, it is now a hipster paradise with art galleries, boutiques, and diverse dining and shopping. 

Events like the 2nd Street Festival and farmers’ markets reflect its liberal values and promote unity. Pet-friendliness and The Piazza, a social hub, boost Northern Liberties’ appeal. 

Young artists and professionals love this neighborhood’s vibrant culture and inclusive spirit.

3. Rittenhouse Square & Fitler Square

Rittenhouse Square & Fitler Square, ranking third, are recognized as some of the most scenic and upscale areas in Philadelphia. 

Known for their stunning townhouses dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, alongside art galleries and stylish wine bars oozing with traditional elegance, these areas are popular hangouts for students and young professionals. They offer a tranquil yet culturally abundant atmosphere.

The cultural and social activities and parks like Schuylkill River Park and Rittenhouse Square Park demonstrate these neighborhoods’ liberal and sophisticated lifestyles. They are ideal for those seeking scenic living, cultural enrichment, and progressive community dynamics.

2. Queen Village & Society Hill

Queen Village & Society Hill is a historic and progressive neighborhood, which just misses out on top spot on this list of the most liberal neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 

Queen Village, named after the Queen of Sweden, and Society Hill, known for its 18th and early 19th century buildings, are more than historical landmarks. They’re vibrant hubs where diverse communities engage in activities like block parties and clean-up drives. 

These areas draw in an eclectic mix of people, from young working professionals and families to those passionate about history, all drawn to the unique combination of cultural depth, unity, and progressive ideals.

1. Washington Square West – Most Liberal Neighborhood in Philadelphia

Here’s Philadelphia’s most liberal neighborhood: Washington Square West. This is a multicultural area that is both vibrant and inclusive. 

Washington Square West, the city’s gayborhood, is known for its LGBTQ+ rights and cultural and social activism. This lively area has many dining, shopping, and entertainment options. 

Its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement makes Washington Square West Philadelphia’s most liberal neighborhood and a beacon of progressive values.


Philadelphia’s diverse neighborhoods each have their own liberal values and progressive lifestyles.

Each on this list represents Philadelphia’s diverse community, from Northern Liberties’ eclectic streets to Society Hill’s historic charm. Their commitment to inclusivity and cultural richness reflects the city’s open-mindedness and forward-thinking ethos. If you are contemplating making a residence switch between Chicago and Philadelphia, read this article.

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