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9 Ways How To Get Revenge On Your Neighbor Without Them Knowing

How To Get Revenge On Your Neighbor Without Them Knowing

Do you have a really annoying neighbor that always gets on your nerves? A lot of people have this issue, and want to know ways they can get back at their neighbors. Maybe your neighbor is jealous of you, or maybe they’re parking in front of your house.

This article shows you 9 ways how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. There are lots of ways to get revenge on your neighbor. However, getting revenge without them ever finding out you’re the culprit is a different story.

These are the best ways you can get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. They all vary in levels of evil, so you can choose the best one that suits your needs!

If your neighbor’s smell is coming through your vents, this article will provide you with some solutions.

1. Get your dog to poop in their yard

The first way how you can get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing is getting your dog to poop in their yard. This is a trick that can’t be traced back to you.

Wait until your neighbor’s left their house, and then quickly get your dog to move round to their yard and do their business. Just make sure that none of your other neighbors see your dog go into your neighbors yard! This is the perfect way to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing, because if you pull this off, they’ve got to clean up your dogs poop.

2. The Fake Yard Sale

This is another great way to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. It will require a little bit of time and effort on your side, but if it goes well it will cause chaos for your neighbor.

Create posters advertising a yard sale at your neighbors address at a date and time that you know your neighbor will be at home. Advertise items for sale that you know people in your neighborhood will be interested in.

Then you’ll need to print off lots of copies of the poster, and sneak around your neighborhood, pinning it up on anything you can find. Do anything you can to make people in your neighborhood aware that your neighbor is going to be having a yard sale.

When doing this, you’ll need to be really careful to make sure other people don’t see you putting up the posters. Go out really late at night or really early in the morning to give yourself the best chance of not being seen.

You’ll want to make the yard sale date a maximum of 2/3 days away from when you put up the posters. The further away your date is, the more chance your neighbor has of finding one of the posters and taking them down. However, maybe making your neighbor panic around the neighborhood finding your posters is enough revenge for you!

If you want to make sure your neighbor won’t find out, you could put the posters in people’s mail boxes. Again make sure you don’t get caught.

If you execute the plan, lots of people will show up in your neighbors yard expecting a yard sale, and start complaining to your neighbor asking where the promised items for sale are.

If you’re feeling confident, you could even show up to your neighbors yard sale and act like you’ve got no idea what’s going on.

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3. Create fake wanted signs with your neighbors face on it

Similar to creating the posters for the fake yard sale, you could create fake wanted posters with your neighbors face on it.

To do this, you’ll need to find a real wanted person poster online and copy the design to make yours look completely legit. You can then choose a crime that your neighbor is wanted for, and decide what the reward money is going to be.

When your neighbor sees these posted around your neighborhood, they’ll be fuming! Your neighbor will also have absolutely no idea that you’re the culprit.

4. Sign your neighbor up to a Jehovah’s witness visit

Now if your neighbor is actually a Jehovah’s witness, then go onto the next way how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. But the chances are they’re not.

You can sign up your neighbor to a Jehovah’s witness visit online, and in the next few days your neighbor will get an unexpected knock at the door.

Your neighbor will then ban in an awkward position. They could let them in and you’ve wasted an hour of their life, of they’ll need to explain that they didn’t sign up to a visit.

5. Pour salt all over their lawn

You might be wondering what we’re talking about, and that this sounds pointless. However, this has to be the most evil thing on this list of how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. Especially if your neighbor loves their garden.

Pouring salt all over their neighbors lawn and plants will dehydrate them, leaving their lawn looking as dry as the desert.

You’ll need to be really sneaky with this revenge tactic. Make sure your neighbors are not at home, and that none of your other neighbors notice you go onto their lawn.

Your neighbor will need to spend lots of time and money fixing their lawn. You could even pour the salt into a pattern or shape, so the grass dies in a certain way that sends a message to your neighbor.

6. Order takeaway food to their address that’s pay by cash.

If you want to put your neighborhood in another awkward situation, ordering takeaway food to their door that’s pay by cash is genius.

The delivery driver will be so annoyed at your neighbor, and they might even need to pay for the takeaway. Make sure you order food and items that you know your neighbor won’t like, just to make them even more annoyed.

It’s important that you don’t use your own phone number or takeaway account to make the order, as there’s a chance your neighbor will be able to trace the prank back to you. This is how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing, not how to get revenge on your neighbor and get caught!

7. Sign them up to dodgy newsletters

This is a really funny way to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. It’s easy to sign your neighbor up to dodgy newsletters.

If you know your neighbors email address, you can fill it in on many dodgy websites so their email address gets bombarded with rubbish. They’ll need to unsubscribe to these emails which will be a hassle.

There’s even a chance their partner could see the emails and you’ll start an argument, more and more chaos!

You can also sign your neighbor up to physical newsletters which will be delivered to their mailbox. The local mail carrier will see your neighbor has signed up for the dodgy newsletters/magazines. If your mail carrier knows who your neighbor is, this will make this prank even better.

There are plenty of free newsletters out there, but if you’re willing to pay a small amount of money, you could sign your neighbor up to some really funny and dirty newsletters/magazines.

8. Direct Sprinklers at their driveway when they leave for work

Now this is a prank that your neighbors might know you were behind. However, it can easily be passed off as just an innocent mistake.

If you have a front garden, buy some sprinklers so you can keep your grass and plants regularly watered. But at the same time, you can have a bit of fun with your annoying neighbor!

Wake up early in the morning before your neighbor leaves for work, and direct your sprinkler towards their driveway. By doing this, your neighbor will get soaked as they get in their car and go to work!

If they confront you about it, you can just explain it was an accident. However, they might be too embarrassed to do this, which means you will get away with it.

9. Have a BBQ to stink out their clothes!

This is definitely one of the best ways how to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. When their washing is hanging outside, organize a garden party. Invite family, friends, and maybe even all of the other close neighbors except from the neighbor you don’t like.

Then get the BBQ out. Cook up some hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork, and more! The smell this meat and food that you cook will make its way over to your neighbors garden, and stink out all their freshly washed clothes. Your neighbor will then need to waste their time washing their stinky clothes again.

A bonus is at the same time you get to have a great party without them!

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