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What Paint Goes with a Brown Roof? 6 Best Options!

What Paint Goes with a Brown Roof?

The first component that creates the “wow factor” is the outside appearance of your house, which leads visitors to halt and take note of how gorgeous your house is. A brown roof has the potential to become an essential component of a modern contemporary design. You have to choose a paint color for your home that is complementary to the brown on the roof. So what paint goes with a brown roof?

Choosing the external features of your house in the correct sequence will help you achieve the desired style for your property. Each component of the home’s exterior adds a new color, which modifies the overall appearance of the structure. However, knowing which combinations of hues would look best may be challenging.

Six Best Colors to Go With a Brown Roof

Here are six excellent paint color choices that complement a brown roof to provide you inspiration for your subsequent work.

1. Beige

The beige and brown color scheme is a well-known pairing. Despite being in the same hue family, beige is simply a light brown tint rather than a pure neutral. If you decorate the outside of the house with some greenery and white trim, you will be able to get a timeless and classic appearance that is both warm and airy. To liven up a brown roof, you don’t always need to go all out with your color scheme since choosing primary colors may be just as effective.

2. Pink

One solution that is not at all conventional is presented here. Even though pink is a bold color scheme, it has a warm undertone that allows it to mix in organically with wood. Not only will it draw attention to your roof, but it’s also a terrific option if you want to give off an impression of freshness and cleanliness. If you want your house to standout on your street, this is the color of paint to go with a brown roof.

3. Steel Grey

A brown roof may stand out when the sky is overcast with a light grey. This combination is ideal for anybody who wishes to bring out the full potential of the roof. The lighter hue on the underside of the roof will let the darker tones of the shingles on the upper part stand out in a manner that is significantly complementing.

Steel grey is a simple, clean color, that compliments a broad range of accents and trims because of its versatility. The striking combination of steel grey and brown will bring out the finest in both colors in a manner that is guaranteed to surprise and excite your neighbors in a way that will bring out the best in both colors.

4. Green

Green and brown are great colors to use if you want your space to have the appearance and feel of a natural forest. Whether your roof is light or dark, a moss-like green will look stunning against either one. This color is flexible since it’s vivid during the day but subdued at night.

Combining these two hues offers a wealth of opportunities for trimmings and accents, an additional benefit of utilizing them together. Whether naturally occurring rocks, stones or wood, a feast for the eyes is not difficult to provide.

5. Yellow

Yellow and brown is a pleasing color combination when the undertones of both colors match. Certain yellows include red hues that give them a dynamic look. These hues will also bring out the red in your brown roof. Blue-tinged yellows are chilly and go well with grey-brown shingles.

Because of the tendency toward monochromatism, a bright yellow home color with a brown roof might be an appealing option. Nevertheless, your taste will determine whether or not this is the case. The combination of pale yellow and brown creates a striking contrast that will catch your attention.

6. Blue

The combination of brown and blue is a brilliant one. Compared with a chocolate brown roof, a medium-rich blue paint looks stunning.

If you have decided to go with a dark brown roof, giving your home a fresh coat of white paint around the trim and painting the walls a dark blue will be a nice difference. You may also use sky blue instead since it functions similarly and effectively in the same manner.


1. What factors should I consider when choosing paint for a house with a brown roof?

When looking to paint your brown roof, make sure to think about the environment surrounding your house, as well as the style and age of your home.

Other important aspects to consider are the colors of other features on the exterior of your house, such as doors and windows.

2. How does the style and age of my house affect my color choice for paint with a brown roof?

If you have a traditional and rustic home, you should consider painting the outside of your house with earth tones. These include colors like brown soil, terra cotta, sky blue, pale pistachio, and green leaf. All of these colors work well with brown roofs, and will give your home an earthy aesthetic.

3. Can I use light-colored paints for a house with a brown roof? What are the pros and cons?

If you’re looking to add a classic and clean look to your house, light-colored paints are perfect. By doing this, your home will be kept cooler on hot days, and reflect more sunlight.

The issue with painting your house a light color is that dirt and stains will easily appear on your exterior.

4. What are some trendy paint colors for houses with brown roofs in 2023?

Trendy home exterior paint that goes well with brown roofs in 2023 are dark brown, sage green, terra cotta, and off white.

5. What types of paint finishes are best for pairing with a brown roof?

This depends on the style of your house. For rustic homes, exterior paint with a matte finish may be more suitable. However semi-gloss and satin finishes are generally more popular for most homes.

6. Does the shade of brown on my roof influence the paint color choice for my house?

Absolutely! Contrasting colors typically work well. For example, if you have a dark brown roof, lighter house walls may suit your home better. Whereas if your roof is a light brown, dark colored walls may suit.

7. How does the surrounding environment and landscape impact the choice of paint with a brown roof?

The environment surrounding your home is an important factor to consider when choosing the color of your exterior paint. If you live in the countryside, and are surrounded by lots of trees, consider the earth tones previously mentioned. Whereas if your house is based near the beach or sea, blues and whites may be more suitable. White houses look great by the beach, and are a popular choice.

8. What paint color options work best for houses with brown roofs in a hot climate? And what about a cold climate?

If you live in a hot climate, such as Florida, Texas, or Georgia, then you should purchase light colored exterior paint that reflects sunlight.

For colder states including North Dakota, Alaska, and Minnesota, you should look to use darker tones that absorb sunlight.

9. Can I use multiple paint colors for a house with a brown roof?

This is a great idea which can really make your home standout in your neighborhood! Make sure to choose colors in the same color palette, such as warm tones, as this will make sure your house still looks visually appealing.

10. What are some tips for matching my home’s exterior trim color with a brown roof?

The trim is commonly a few shades lighter or darker than the color of your home’s exterior. Consider a white trim or brown trim to play it safe.

11. Should I consider changing the color of my shutters when painting my house to match a brown roof?

When changing the color of your house, consider if it will still compliment the color of your shutters. If you’re certain on the color of exterior paint you want to use, and it doesn’t match the color of your shutters, you’ll want to change them.

12. What are the best resources or tools for visualizing paint colors with a brown roof

A good way of testing which color will suit your house with a brown roof before buying the paint, is using Sharwin Willians’ ColorSnap Visualizer.

13. How often should I repaint my house to keep it looking fresh with a brown roof?

Most people repaint their homes every 5 years. But if you buy the right paint, such as the top quality products in this article, you won’t have to worry about repainting your home for a lot longer.

14. What specialist paint is best to use on metal roofs to avoid rust and damage?

If your home has a brown metal roof, you might want to consider using gloss leather brown protective enamel. This specializes in preventing rust on your roof, and is extremely durable. 

Final Thoughts

A brown roof looks well with almost every other hue as well. While using neutral colors such as white, pink and beige is the easiest route, you may also choose more vibrant hues. Brown works well with warmer tones like pink, while more great alternatives may give a dramatic contrast to the warmth of brown.

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