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How to Record your Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

Ways to prevent your Upstairs Neighbor from Stomping

One of the most annoying issues when living in an apartment can be your upstairs neighbors stomping. Especially late at night, this can prevent you from sleeping. There’s a lot of people who live in apartments that are in similar situations, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

In this article we’ll go through some options for how to deal with your loud, noisy, upstairs neighbor, including how to record your upstairs neighbors stomping on the floor above you.

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What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washing Machine?

Washing machine settings can look a bit daunting. There are a variety of features and settings you can use to customize your wash. Most people just select an automated setting and hope for the best, but one setting you must look out for is the soil level. This is an extremely helpful feature that can make your wash more efficient, but if you use it incorrectly can damage your clothes. Read on to find out what soil level means on a washing machine, and when it’s best to use each setting.

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Why are Contractors so Unreliable?

6 Red Flags You Need to Know to Avoid Hiring an Unreliable Contractor

One of the hardest parts about hiring a contractor is separating the good from the bad. It often comes down to those subtle signs that are easy to miss, unless you know what to look for. We have given you a list of 6 red flags to look out for when hiring a general contractor. Read on to find out why contractors are so unreliable, how you can identify an unreliable contractor, and how to ensure you hire a good one.

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What to Wear to a House Closing

What should I wear to a house closing?


If you’re a buyer, a seller, or a new realtor, you won’t have attended many house closings in your life. It can be hard to figure out what you think might be appropriate to wear to this event. There’s a lot of work and stress involved during the purchase/sale of a property so the last thing you should be worrying about is what to wear to the house closing! In this article we save you the worry, and show you exactly what each party should wear to a house closing.

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What are CDD Fees in Florida? A simple explanation

A CDD fee, or a Community Development District fee, covers the costs of having new roads, road repairs, school buildings constructed and repaired. CDD Fees also pay for the maintenance of roads, sewers, community pools and sports courts, parks, and sidewalks.

CDD fees are in place to pay for overall community improvements Typically a homeowner’s CDD fees range between $120-2000 each year.