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12 Most Conservative Cities in Missouri in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Missouri

Missouri is also known as “the Show-Me State” for it showcases a unique mix of Midwestern hospitality with Southern appeal. This state bastion represents rich history, shown in its urban landscape – mixed in the countryside areas where there is political leanings for each city.

While some cities fall more into the liberal category, many tend to lean conservatively — this gives off a sense of community that meshes well with traditional values and principles. Here, we’ve pulled together these 12 most conservative cities in Missouri based on voting records, religious affiliation, and community sentiment.

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12. Neosho

Neosho lies in the southwest corner of Missouri and is described as the Gateway to the Ozarks. It is a relatively modest city but has a strong conservative leaning due to its deep-rooted religious ties. A big piece of its 12,000 residents identifies as evangelical Protestants and are into conservative political views.

Neosho has shown its Republican voting tendencies for many decades now which shows their alignment with conservative ideologies. The community here displays traditional values that can be seen in their family-friendly environment, low crime rates, as well as dedication to local businesses. This is why Neosho makes the list of the most conservative cities in Missouri.

11. Nixa

Next on our list is Nixa , a city that combines the benefits of both small-town and large city life because of its proximity to Springfield. With a population of almost 25,000, Nixa is often considered one of the pillars supporting conservatism in the Ozarks. Its people are notable for their strong support of local law enforcement.

Nixa is also a city with a high church-to-resident ratio. According to the residents, faith plays an important role in their lives. With this strong religious presence, Nixa ends up having a conservative leaning politically because of their consistent voting pattern by favoring Republican candidates.

10. Hannibal

Hannibal is the boyhood home of Mark Twain and has a storied past that echoes in the city’s conservatism. The population of Hannibal is around 17,000 making it small enough to maintain historic charm but big enough to have a thriving downtown with charming homes as well as history sites including two 18th Century churches known for their architecture. 

Hannibal’s conservative values are evident by its dedication to preserving history through strong community ties and family values. The city’s populace is noted for its support of traditional, conservative principles such as limited government intervening on its functions and fiscal responsibility.

Local political conversations often favor the maintenance of historic districts and support for small businesses, further affirming this picturesque river town to have a conservative leanings.

9. Branson

Branson, a tourist destination known for its country music shows as well as the Ozark Mountain setting, comes in at number nine. Its 11,000 residents boast themselves on maintaining a dense community that is close-knit and rooted in traditional American values. 

Branson is one of the places in Missouri where you can still find sizable numbers of large, family-sized businesses—an instance of conservatism’s emphasis on individual initiative and enterprise. Also, its vibrant faith community and continuous support for conservative candidates in local and national elections underscore its place on our list.

8. Kearney

As the birthplace of infamous outlaw Jesse James, Kearney evokes a unique storehouse of history and conservatism. Kearney’s strong sense of community and regard for its history and heritage signify its conservative principles. The city itself has a population of about 10,000 people who value small government as well as individual liberty. 

Kearney’s residents largely support Republican candidates signaling their conservative stance in national politics. The city is noted to preserve historical sites at considerable costs and support for small businesses further underline its conservative values.

7. Ozark

Ozark is also known as “The Crossroads of the Ozarks”, a city that prides itself on its conservative ethos.

With nearly 20,000 residents, Ozark is deeply tied to its rural roots and influences its conservative leanings. The city has a strong faith community with a high proportion identifying as evangelical Protestants. This religious inclination is often allied with conservative political views where the majority of voters consistently back Republican candidates.

Ozark also embodies the conservative values of self-reliance as well as community support evidenced by its bustling small businesses and very active local organizations. 

6. Liberty

Liberty, despite its location as proximal to the more liberal Kansas City, is a stronghold of conservatism. In honor of American liberty, this city of about 32,000 residents loves its historic roots and traditional values. Liberty’s citizens are renowned for their support for limited government intervention, a key conservative principle as shown by their resolute opposition to excessive regulations on local businesses and property rights. 

They also have a high rate of turnout for Republican candidates, meaning they are conservative in their political inclination. In addition, the dedication that Liberty places towards education and community safety is comparable to the conservatism’s emphasis on individual responsibility as well as law and order.

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5. Arnold

Arnold, the largest city located in Jefferson County, embodies the core of Midwestern conservatism. With a population over 21,000 people, Arnold values faith, family and freedom, a core principle of conservatism.

The community spirit that can be found in Arnold has a solid support for their local business as well as abiding in conservative beliefs to keep taxes low and regulations few. This goes hand-in-hand with conservative beliefs of free market principles and limited government.

Arnold residents have a history of voting for Republican candidates hence solidifying it being considered a conservative city in Missouri.

4. Wildwood

Moving up the list of the most conservative cities in Missouri is Wildwood. The city lies in St Louis County and offers an interesting mix of rural charm mixed with suburban convenience. About 35,000 people call Wildwood home enjoying the amenities offered by being close to a major city yet maintaining their conservative identities.

City leaders felt good about Wildwood’s equestrian heritage, commitment to open space preservation and support for local businesses reflected in a conservative focus on heritage and emphasis on individual enterprise. The residents are noted supporters of fiscally conservative policies and often vote Republican further cementing its spot on this list as a conservative city.

3. Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau is the largest city in southeastern Missouri and lies on the banks of the Mississippi River. Despite its size, status, and cultural diversity within its city limits, Cape Girardeau maintains a conservative reputation. The people of this large city strongly believe in preserving their historical and cultural heritage as well.

Their strong conservatism reflects how they support limited government with low taxes as well as free market principles. The city’s support for conservative talk radio, personified by local icon Rush Limbaugh, further demonstrates its conservative leanings.

2. Rolla

Rolla is where the Missouri University of Science and Technology is located. It is home to a blend of academic innovation with a conservative mindset. About 20,000 inhabitants of Rolla display traditional values, reflected in their passion for small government, lower taxes and conservative candidates.

The city has a prominent religious community as seen in a strong church-to resident ratio which parallels their conservative disposition. Rolla’s devotion to maintaining its historical charm alongside a thriving tech scene exhibits a unique blend of progress and tradition which is fundamental to its conservative identity.

1. Joplin

At the top of this list is Joplin, the most conservative city in Missouri. A city with a population of about 50,000 and sitting in the center of metropolitan Springfield, Joplin is deeply conservative, despite its size and urban feel. Its evangelical Christian congregations are widespread throughout the city, indicative of its conservatism. 

Joplin voters consistently vote Republican both locally and nationally — showing their approval for conservative political ideologies. Moreover, small business appreciation, personal liberties, and community protection have been emphasized in the city. Joplin’s resilience, especially evident in its recovery from the devastating tornado in 2011, speaks to the conservative values of self-reliance and community solidarity. 


In Conclusion, political leanings likely will change and evolve over time but as of now, these 12 cities remain the most conservative in Missouri. They encapsulate traditional conservative values which are limited government, individual liberties, self-reliance, and community strength.

These cities with their colourful histories and cultures offer a glimpse into the diversity of conservatism across Missouri. Remember that the political climate can vary much even within these cities and this list doesn’t imply that every occupant shares conservative beliefs. Rather, it offers a broad look at what residents experience on the political landscape of these Missouri cities.

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