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10 Reasons Why Land is So Cheap in Costilla County, Colorado

Reasons Why Land is So Cheap in Costilla County, Colorado

Costilla County in Colorado offers a plethora of opportunities for potential landowners seeking to acquire property at an affordable price. The budget-friendly nature of land in this region is rooted in various factors that contribute to its low cost. This article delves into the specifics, highlighting 10 reasons why land is so cheap in Costilla County, Colorado.

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10. Historical Significance

Costilla County has a rich history dating back to early Colorado settlement. However, unlike some regions that heavily monetize their historical significance to drive up land prices, Costilla County has taken a more restrained approach. The county has a modest number of historical sites and monuments, and its local economy hasn’t fully harnessed the potential of its historical background compared to other areas.

This limited commercialization of its history contributes to the affordability of land in the region. Opportunities to develop historical sites or promote tourism based on the county’s rich past have not been explored, keeping land prices low.

9. Remote Location

Costilla County is located in a somewhat isolated part of Colorado, away from major urban centers. Remote areas in America are typically cheaper and more affordable, which can also be seen with Anderson Island. This seclusion plays a role in the cost-effectiveness of land as there is reduced interest from individuals or businesses aiming to establish themselves near large cities.

The absence of nearby urban hubs results in fewer job prospects, impacting the demand for land. While this remote location might discourage some, it offers a tranquil escape for others. The distance from major urban areas decreases the competition for land, thereby maintaining its affordability.

8. Lack of Industrial Development

Industries’ job creation and business growth usually raise land prices. However, in Costilla County, there has been minimal industrial development over the years. The limited industrial activity within the county results in fewer employment options and reduced demand for residential or commercial land.

This absence of industrial growth directly affects the demand for land and, consequently, its pricing. While there may be potential for future industrial expansion, the current lack of significant industrial development contributes to the affordability of land.

7. Lower Population Density

Costilla County has a lower population density than other Colorado counties. This reduced population density results in decreased demand for land, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial usage. The lower number of residents also signifies a more unhurried way of life, which might not be attractive to everyone, particularly those accustomed to the dynamism of urban environments.

The combination of reduced demand due to the lower population density and a slower lifestyle pace is mirrored in the reasonable pricing of land in Costilla County. This decrease in demand has directly resulted in the average value of homes in Costilla County dropping by 6.7% compared to 2022.

However, this is aligned with the median property price in the state of Colorado dropping by 4.1% in the same time. This aspect provides an opportunity for individuals seeking less crowded surroundings to purchase land without a substantial financial burden.

6. Limited Infrastructure

Land values depend on regional infrastructure. Infrastructure in Costilla County is limited to roads, utilities, and a few public amenities. The absence of more extensive infrastructure, such as major highways, advanced healthcare facilities, or prominent educational institutions, can discourage individuals and businesses from considering the area for relocation or investment.

This results in lower demand for land, which, in turn, maintains affordable land prices. While the current infrastructure meets the needs of the existing population, significant investments may be necessary to attract a larger community and potentially increase land values.

5. Absence of Major Retail Centers

Retail centers, malls, and large shopping complexes can affect land values and indicate a region’s economic strength. In contrast, Costilla County lacks significant retail centers that are often associated with a thriving economy and elevated land prices in other areas.

The absence of these retail establishments results in fewer job prospects and reduced pedestrian traffic, leading to decreased demand for land. Although there are local stores and small businesses, the lack of larger retail centers moderates economic activity and land demand, keeping county land affordable.

4. Natural Disasters Risk

Regions with a vulnerability to natural disasters often witness a depreciation in land value due to the associated risks. The risk of wildfires and flooding in Costilla County may deter buyers. The presence of natural disasters necessitates additional insurance expenses and can introduce hesitancy among investors and prospective land buyers.

Additionally, the costs related to implementing preventive measures or recovering from a disaster can be significant. This natural disaster risk keeps Costilla County’s land prices low compared to other areas.

3. Lower Cost of Living

Costilla County has gained a reputation for its more affordable cost of living, which has a ripple effect on the pricing of land. The day-to-day expenses in this county are notably lower when compared to other areas within Colorado. This reduced cost of living results in less financial strain on residents and affects the overall value and demand for land.

Lower housing costs, utility expenses, and general living expenditures make Costilla County an appealing choice for those in search of a more budget-friendly lifestyle. Nevertheless, this affordability is also reflective of the area’s reduced economic activity, which plays a role in maintaining lower land prices.

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2. Limited Job Opportunities

A diverse job market often fuels the demand for land, as individuals and families are drawn to areas with promising employment prospects. Unfortunately, Costilla County experiences limitations in this aspect, with fewer job opportunities spanning various sectors. This constrained job market has a detrimental impact on population growth, as people tend to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

The scarcity of diverse employment prospects diminishes the demand for both residential and commercial land, which, in turn, results in more affordable land prices in Costilla County.

1. Low Economic Development

The fundamental cause behind the lower land prices in Costilla County can be attributed to its minimal economic development. Economic development plays a pivotal role in determining land prices, and in the case of Costilla County, it experiences relatively low levels of economic activity. The limited presence of established businesses, industries, and retail centers indicates a lower economic vibrancy, which directly influences the value of land.

This reduced economic development leads to a decreased demand for land, ultimately maintaining the affordability of land prices for prospective buyers.


Costilla County, Colorado, offers a combination of factors that collectively contribute to its more affordable land prices. From history to economic development, these factors affect land values in the region. The lower cost of living, fewer job opportunities, and lower economic activity make Costilla County land affordable.

This makes it appealing to budget-conscious landowners, but it also highlights the area’s economic growth and land value issues. By understanding these underlying reasons, prospective investors and landowners can make well-informed decisions when considering land acquisition in Costilla County.

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