14 Best Places to Live in Vermont for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Vermont for Young Adults

The Green Mountain State, often referred to as Vermont, has a certain allure that draws a lot of young individuals. It’s not surprising that young individuals are moving to Vermont given the state’s magnificent scenery, thriving areas of outdoor recreation, and expanding career possibilities.

This detailed article will discuss the 14 best places to live in Vermont for young adults, concentrating on things like cost of living, social setting, employment prospects and outdoor recreation options.

Vermont has something to offer to everyone, whether they prefer the bustle and noise of living in the city, the tranquility and serenity of small-town life, or the wide-open views of rural living.

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14. Burlington

Burlington, which is the largest city in Vermont, attracts a lot of young professionals and new grads.

Burlington, which is home to the University of Vermont and a number of other universities, emits a vibrant youthfulness. For individuals looking for jobs in this profession, its growing IT sector offers plenty of prospects, supported by regional government programs and incubators. 

Church Street Marketplace, with its plethora of restaurants, cafés and local shops is a hotspot of social activity on the weekends. The city’s position on the beaches of Lake Champlain also provides access to a variety of leisure pursuits, including fishing, sailing and hiking in the adjacent Green Mountains.

13. Montpelier

Next on the list of the best places to live in Vermont for young adults is Montpelier. The state capital city of Vermont, Montpelier, offers the ideal fusion of big-city amenities and small-town beauty.

Although being the smallest state capital in the country, Montpelier offers a wealth of options for education, culture, and history. This city has a thriving farm-to-table restaurant industry and the esteemed New England Culinary Institute.

Additionally, the robust job market in the capital, and plenty of state government and business sector positions make it a sensible choice for young folks.

12. Winooski

Winooski, which is situated right across the river from Burlington, offers a fun and reasonably priced alternative to its larger neighbor. New apartments, houses, restaurants, parks, and shops have been springing up in the city’s renovated central region in recent years, indicating the evolution of the city.

The younger generation might choose Winooski because of its variety, young, energetic community and convenient access to Burlington’s facilities.

11. Stowe

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Stowe. The nation’s winter sports lovers travel to Stowe Mountain Resort because of its top-notch skiing. But winter isn’t all that Stowe has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain climbers, mountain bikers, and hikers find the mountain to be a paradise shortly after the snow melts.

Although housing costs are a little higher here, many people find that the good quality of life and stunning scenery make it desirable. This is why Stowe is one of the best places to live in Vermont for young adults.

10. South Burlington

With several parks and open areas, South Burlington has a suburban vibe. Additionally, it is the location of various companies, which has job opportunities and offers young people a variety of job opportunities and employment prospects.

South Burlington is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to have a family because of the area’s well regarded schools.

9. Rutland

Rutland combines the facilities of a metropolis with the charm of a small town. Rutland, the city, which is well-known for its artistic community, holds a number of events all year long, such as the yearly Art in the Park festival.

The city is also home to the Rutland Regional Medical Center, the second-largest hospital in Vermont, which offers employment possibilities in the field.

8. Middlebury

One of the best liberal arts universities in the United States, Middlebury College, is located in Middlebury, a traditional New England town. The town provides a unique fusion of intellectual dynamism, cultural diversity, and natural pursuits for students.

Numerous outdoor recreational options are also offered by the surrounding landscape, which has rolling hills and beautiful views.

7. Brattleboro

In the southeast of the state along the Connecticut River sits Brattleboro, a popular destination for musicians and artists.

Young individuals seeking a lively, artistic community will find the city to be an appealing alternative because to its robust arts and theater scene and selection of local shops and restaurants.

6. Norwich

Norwich provides a tranquil rural location with easy proximity to facilities for both residents and people seeking a slower pace of life.

There aren’t many small towns on this list of the best places to live in Vermont for young adults. The prominent Dartmouth College is centrally located in Norwich, and both students and teachers frequently take part in neighborhood activities.

Healthcare professionals have chances because to the town’s proximity to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Because it’s a small town, almost everything you need is within walking distance or a short drive!

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5. Essex

Essex, Vermont, state’s largest city and second-most populated municipality, blends the greatest aspects of suburban and rural living. There are excellent schools, a robust local economy, and quick access to the Green Mountains and Burlington.

The town’s thriving retail industry provides job possibilities, and its numerous parks and recreational facilities enhance the high standard of life. Essex is definitely one of the best cities to live in Vermont for young adults.

4. Woodstock

Historic residences, affordable, and a lovely downtown are what made Woodstock so popular. With many tech startups, it is also a center for innovation. The town’s Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, which provides residents with lots of outdoor activities, is located there.

Despite being situated in a rural area, Woodstock has a bustling community and business, making it a great option for young adults.

3. Shelburne

Next on the list of the best places to live in Vermont for young adults is Shelburne, which is located on the shores of Lake Champlain. It is recognized for its extensive history, breathtaking natural beauty, hiking trails, and the Shelburne Museum.

The town is a desirable location for individuals considering starting a family since it is close to Burlington and has great schools and a safety record.

2. Williston

A well-balanced mix of commercial, residential and industrial development is available in Williston. For young professionals who commute to work in nearby Burlington or Montpelier, the town’s position along Interstate 89 gives it a great base.

Additionally, the region offers a variety of outdoor activities and pursuits, such as many hiking trails, biking and skiing. However, the median rent in Williston is just under $3000!

1. Manchester – Best Place to Live in Vermont for Young Adults

Manchester, which among other cities and towns can be found in the Green Mountains, is a popular spot for outdoor pursuits including skiing, fishing, and hiking. The city’s lively cultural sector, which includes theater, museums, and galleries, adds to its appeal.

Manchester is also a great destination for young adults because of its designer stores and abundance of shopping opportunities. Manchester is definitely the best places to live in Vermont for young adults.

Conclusion – 14 Best Places to Live in Vermont for Young Adults

In the end, Vermont provides a variety of living situations, each with its own allure. You may choose a location that matches your lifestyle and professional or family goals, from busy towns to peaceful rural areas.

The Green Mountain State offers a home for you whether you’re drawn to the region’s thriving tech economy, thriving healthcare sector, good schools, or lively arts and culture.

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