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10 Best Places to Live in Tampa for Singles

Best Places to Live in Tampa for Singles

Florida’s Tampa is a city with a diverse population, beautiful scenery, and a buzzing social life. This Gulf Coast city is a thriving urban paradise that has been drawing singles with the promise of an energetic lifestyle that finds the perfect mix between work and pleasure.

This detailed article explores the 10 best places to live in Tampa for singles. Each area offers a distinct way of life and has its own special charm. The list is ranked from number 10 up to the area that provides Tampa’s singles with the finest overall living experience.

10. Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace, a pleasant residential community with a suburban vibe that provides a range of activities and draws both singles and young professionals, comes in at number 10. The community offers a tranquil living atmosphere.

It is full of green places, such as the Lettuce Lake Park, great for nature enthusiasts, yet being only a few miles northeast of downtown Tampa. The University of South Florida located nearby, contributes to the area’s dynamic, young environment.

There are many possibilities to meet new people thanks to the diverse selection of dining establishments, which range from small, family-owned restaurants to contemporary coffee shops. In terms of real estate, it provides a mix of apartment buildings and single-family houses, meeting different price points.

9. Ybor City

The next place on our list of the best places to live in Tampa for singles is Ybor City, which is renowned for its lively nightlife and rich cultural history. If you enjoy both Spanish and Cuban culture, this area will make you feel completely at home.

Ybor City boasts an old-world beauty with its cobblestone streets, antique red-brick buildings, and lively business sector. The 7th Avenue, commonly known as La Septima, is the hub of the lively nightlife and is home to a number of clubs, pubs, and live music venues that are ideal for people who enjoy being out and about.

The annual Fiesta Day, a street event honoring Ybor’s mixed origins, is held there as well. The local housing market is leaning toward apartments and lofts, many of which are found in restored historical structures providing a distinctive way of life.

However, there are some dangerous aspects of living in Ybor City that you need to consider before moving there.

8. Westshore Business District

The Westshore Business District is a great option for people who desire a more premium urban setting. By day, this region is a buzzing business center, home to a variety of corporate buildings and upscale shopping malls including Bay Street and the International Plaza.

With its expensive restaurants and cool cocktail bars, it becomes a bustling social scene at night. Condos and luxury apartments, often with breathtaking views of Tampa Bay, make up a large portion of the available housing options in this area.

Westshore is not just about employment, despite being a commercial area. Residents may effortlessly visit the lovely Ben T. Davis Beach for a restful weekend break as it is near to the shore.

7. Seminole Heights

On our list, Seminole Heights, an area renowned for its retro appeal, comes in at number seven. This historic area is well-known for its bungalows from the early 20th century and vibrant local artists scene. This is the place for you if you value a close-knit community and support local companies.

The streets of Seminole Heights are lined with independent boutiques, antique stores, and craft brewers, providing a warm and unique ambiance. Also worth highlighting is the culinary scene, where a variety of farm-to-table restaurants serve delicious meals.

Property values have risen as a result of the area’s recent strong revitalization and expansion. Nevertheless, it provides a range of housing choices, from newly refurbished historic mansions to more contemporary townhouses.

6. Hyde Park

Sixth place on the list of the best places to live in Tampa for singles goes to Hyde Park because of its near proximity to the city center, elegant residences, and good walkability rating. With the Hyde Park Village at its heart, this area has a stylish, modern ambiance and offers a variety of luxury retailers, restaurants, and a bustling outdoor market.

The world’s longest continuous walkway, Bayshore Boulevard, offers stunning views of Hillsborough Bay. It is the ideal location for running, biking, and leisurely strolls, is situated just adjacent to this area.

The majority of the housing stock in Hyde Park is made up of elegant apartment buildings and historic mansions. Hyde Park is a popular destination for many singles despite its high cost of living because of its active lifestyle and urban amenities.

5. Channelside

Our number five choice, Channelside, maintains a balance between the hectic pace of the city and the serenity of the waterfront. Some of Tampa’s most well-known attractions, including the Florida Aquarium and Sparkman Wharf, a bustling outdoor town with food, live music, and outdoor activities, are located in this area.

On one side, you enjoy the city’s skyline, while on the other, you can see the port and shoreline. Living alternatives are available for all economic levels, ranging from luxurious high-rise condos to more affordable flats.

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4. South Tampa

South Tampa, which ranks fourth, is one of the most sought-after districts. Its advantageous location, diverse culinary scene, and exciting nightlife make it a great choice for singles.

Through the Crosstown Expressway, this region offers rapid access to both downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg. With everything from food trucks to fancy dining options available, foodies will be amazed.

There are also several taverns, clubs, and music venues that appeal to all preferences. South Tampa’s housing stock ranges from opulent beachfront homes to more moderately priced flats and bungalows, making it appropriate for people of many income levels.

3. Harbour Island

Our third choice is Harbour Island, a posh neighborhood located in the center of Tampa Bay. In addition to providing a tranquil, resort-like lifestyle, this region also offers the convenience of living close to downtown Tampa.

High-end shops, restaurants, and the picturesque Riverwalk, which provides breathtaking views of the city, are all located there. Townhomes, expensive apartment buildings, and high-rise luxury condos make up the majority of the housing stock. Despite having a greater cost of living than other areas, this one offers an unmatched standard of living.

2. Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa, the commercial and cultural center of the city, comes in at number two. Living here entails being at the middle of everything. There are several restaurants, parks, museums and entertainment venues in this area.

The Straz Center for Performing Arts, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, and the Tampa Museum of Art are notable attractions. The availability of high-rise flats and luxury condominiums has increased as a result of recent residential sector advances, drawing singles who desire an urban, fast-paced lifestyle. Downtown Tampa is definitely one of the best places to live in Tampa for singles.

1. SoHo/Hyde Park 

Finally, SoHo (South Howard), a section of Hyde Park, comes in at number one. Because of its strong energy, exciting nightlife, and excellent selection of restaurants and stores, SoHo is a well-liked location for singles.

It’s the center of Tampa’s nightlife, particularly Howard Avenue and it’s filled with bars and nightclubs. Additionally, homeowners have quick access to outdoor activities due to its proximity to Bayshore Boulevard.

There are a few single-family houses mixed in with apartments and condos. SoHo is the best option for singles looking for an active social life together with the amenities of city living because of the area’s youthful and energetic ambiance. This is the best place to live in Tampa for singles!


In summary, Tampa’s neighborhoods each provide a distinctive combination of characteristics and advantages. It’s critical to take into account aspects like price, proximity to job opportunities, and lifestyle choices while making a choice. Tampa has plenty to offer to everyone! Whether you’re searching for a vibrant nightlife, a tranquil beachside, or a combination of both.

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