St Petersburg Florida

Is St Petersburg Florida Safe?

Is St Petersburg Safe?

St. Petersburg is a desirable destination for many individuals wishing to relocate or visit due to its stunning beaches, warm climate, and thriving arts scene. But is St Petersburg Florida safe?

In this article, we examine the safety, crime rates and types of crimes committed in St. Petersburg. In addition, the safe and unsafe areas, safety advice, and the advantages and disadvantages of living in St. Petersburg, Florida will be discussed.

St. Petersburg Florida Background

St. Petersburg, which has a population of over 250,000 residents, is the fifth-largest city in Florida. With an average of 361 sunny days annually, St. Petersburg, sometimes referred to as the “Sunshine City” is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. The city, which is a part of the Tampa Bay Area provides a unique combination of culture, history, and natural beauty.

St. Petersburg is a diversified and energetic city, and is one of the most liberal cities in Florida. There are some amazing attractions, like the stunning beautiful Sunken Gardens to the famed Salvador Dali Museum. It’s important to take into account a variety of aspects when it comes to safety, including crime rates, types of crimes, and neighborhood safety. So is St Petersburg Florida safe? Read on to find out.

St. Petersburg Florida Crime Rates

Property crimes make up the majority of crimes in St. Petersburg, while the overall crime rate is higher than the US average. In comparison to the national average of 21, the city’s property crime rate is roughly 35 per 1,000 residents.

However, still around 4.6 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the national rate of 4, the violent crime rate is closer to the US average. Offenses like robbery, assault and homicide are examples of violent crimes.

Although these statistics sound alarming, it’s vital to keep in mind that crime rates substantially differ throughout communities.

Types of Crimes Committed in St. Petersburg, Florida

Here is an overview of the specific types of crimes that are commonly committed in St. Petersburg Florida.

Property Crimes in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft are the most common types of property crimes. The city’s total property crime rate is greater than the US average, and these offenses are more common in some neighborhoods than others. 


The most common type of property crime in St. Petersburg is theft. Offenses such as pickpocketing, shoplifting, and purse-snatching fall under this category. Due to the larger concentration of people and goods in particular locations of the city, such as the popular tourist spots or downtown, theft may be more prevalent.


In St. Petersburg, burglaries often  involve entering residences and businesses to steal belongings. Burglary rates may be greater in some communities with higher levels of abandoned properties and lower levels of security.

To increase public awareness about burglary prevention, the city has initiated various programs, such as the “Lock It or Lose It” campaign.

Motor Vehicle Theft

In St. Petersburg there are also a lot of motor vehicle thefts, including both motorbikes and cars. Unlocked cars and cars with visible valuables inside are more likely to be broken into. Potential thieves can be discouraged by using anti-theft devices and parking in well-lit areas.

Safe Neighborhoods in St. Petersburg

Here are the safest neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Snell Isle

Northeast of St. Petersburg is the charming community of Snell Island, which is situated on a peninsula. Snell Isle, which is well-known for its lovely waterfront homes, has less crimes per capita than many other parts of the city.

The area is safe because of the watchful inhabitants and the neighborhood’s active community association. Moreover, Snell Isle has a range of leisure activities, such as parks, golf courses, and access to Tampa Bay.

Safety Features in Snell Isle

  • Low crime rates
  • Well-lit streets and sidewalks
  • Security patrols
  • Active community association

Shore Acres

North of Snell Isle in St. Petersburg is another safe area called Shore Acres. There are waterfront houses, parks and a strong feeling of community in this welcoming neighborhood for families. Residents of Shore Acres actively participate in the neighborhood association, cooperating together to uphold a high standard of living and safety.

Safety Features in Shore Acres

  • Community watch programs
  • Strong neighborhood association
  • Proximity to schools and parks

Old Northeast

Old Northeast is a historic neighborhood located near downtown St. Petersburg. With tree-lined streets, well-maintained homes, and a variety of architectural styles, Old Northeast offers a charming environment. The neighborhood’s active association and community watch programs help maintain safety and promote community engagement.

Safety Features in Old Northeast

  • Historic district regulations to maintain the neighborhood’s character
  • Active neighborhood association
  • Community watch programs
  • Public parks and green spaces
  • Low crime rates

These safe areas in St. Petersburg offer inhabitants and visitors a sense of belonging and safety. Neighborhoods such as Shore Acres, Snell Isle and Old Northeast continue to maintain lower rates of violent and property crimes as they prioritize community involvement and safety, making them more appealing areas to live or visit.

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Unsafe Neighborhoods in St. Petersburg

These are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in St. Petersburg

Childs Park

A neighborhood in St. Petersburg, called Childs Park, has a higher crime rate compared to other parts of the city. Childs Park, which is located in the southern part of the city, struggles with difficulties including lack of access to resources, poverty and social issues that lead to greater crime rates.

Challenges in Childs Park

  • Higher incidences of property and violent crime 
  • Socio-economic problems
  • Lack of resources and amenities
  • Lower levels of community involvement

Melrose Mercy/Pine Acres

Another area of St. Petersburg with high crime rates is Melrose Mercy/Pine Acres. This centrally located neighborhood, has the same issues as Childs Park, including limited access to resources and poverty.

Challenges in Melrose Mercy/Pine Acres

  • High rates of property and violent 
  • Less options for educational and employment opportunities
  • Insufficient resources and community engagement 

South St. Petersburg

Childs Park is one of many areas in South St. Petersburg that are known to have higher crime rates. Residents and tourists should be cautious and aware of their surroundings even though there have been continuing efforts to increase safety and quality of life in these communities.

Challenges in South St. Petersburg

  • Socio-economic issues that fuel criminality
  • Need for increased community engagement and resources
  • Ongoing initiatives to improve and revitalize the area

In any urban area, It is important to be cautious but it is especially important when visiting or residing in areas with higher crime statistics, such as Melrose Mercy/Pine Acres, Childs Park and South St. Petersburg.

Residents and visitors may help these communities change for the better by being aware of the difficulties they face and supporting continuous efforts to increase safety and quality of life.

Pros of Living in St. Petersburg Florida

These are some aspects you would enjoy when living in St. Petersburg

Beautiful Weather

Many people are drawn to St. Petersburg because of its pleasant environment, which has 361 sunny days on average every year. Due to its lovely weather this place is a great place to visit whether you prefer to go golfing, beachgoing and boating.

Beautiful beaches surround St. Petersburg, which also has many parks, water sports available and nature preserves. This transforms the city into a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who value the diversity of recreational opportunities available.

Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

With attractions including the Chihuly Collection, Salvador Dali Museum and a variety of theaters, galleries and music venues, St. Petersburg has a bustling arts scene. Both locals and visitors are drawn to the city by its dynamic cultural landscape.

St. Petersburg’s Arts and Culture Highlights

  • Renowned museums like the the Museum of Fine Arts and the Salvador Dali Museum
  • Unique works of art, including the Warehouse Arts District and the Chihuly Collection
  • A variety of music venues and theater, including the Mahaffey Theater and the American Stage Theatre

Strong Sense of Community

In many of St. Petersburg areas there are neighborhood watch programs and active community associations, which promote safety and foster a strong sense of community. These programs foster a friendly liberal environment and give residents a feeling of community.

Employment Opportunities

The Tampa Bay Area which includes St. Petersburg, has a variety of job opportunities in sectors such as tourism, healthcare and technology. Its economic diversity gives residents a variety of career opportunities and aids in the development and growth of the region.

Cons of Living in St. Petersburg, Florida

Here are reasons why you might not want to live in St. Petersburg

 Higher Crime Rates

The crime rates in St. Petersburg are higher than the US average, especially for property crimes. residents and visitors may find this concerning as they could feel less safe in some areas. Although many parts of the city are considered as safe and have active communities, it is important to be watchful and take security measures to prevent being a victim of crime.

Cost of Living

St. Petersburg’s housing and transportation cost are the main factors contributing to the higher cost of living compared to the US average. For necessities like rent or mortgage payments, utilities and transportation costs, residents can discover that they need to set aside more money in their budgets.

Hurricane Risk

St. Petersburg, a coastal city in Florida, is vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes, which can lead to disruption and significant damage. During hurricane season, which lasts from June through November, residents must be ready for the possibility of power outages, evacuations and property damage.

Traffic Congestion

For people who live and work in the St. Petersburg area, traffic jams and commute times may be an issue. Residents may feel more frustrated, have longer commutes and pay more for transportation costs if there are more cars on the road. People that live in Long Beach California have the same problem.

Seasonal Crowds

Due to St. Petersburg’s prominence as a tourist attraction, it might get busy during the peak travel periods, which could result in longer lines at restaurants and attractions. Inhabitants may discover that their favorite locations are busier during certain times, and they may need to change their plans or schedules to account for the surge of tourists.

Tips for Staying Safe in St. Petersburg, Florida

Residents and tourists of St. Petersburg must be aware of their surroundings and take safety measures in light of the city’s particular dangers if they want to remain safe. Here are some safety recommendations for St. Petersburg in particular.

Choose Transportation Wisely

Although using public transportation in St. Petersburg is safe in general, it’s important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while utilizing the trolley system or buses. It’s advised to use ride-sharing services, such as Lyft or Uber, particularly if you have a night trip to make. If you drive, make sure your car is always locked and try not to leave any valuables on display.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

From June through November, St. Petersburg experiences hurricane season. It is advised to have an emergency plan and become familiar with evacuation routes in case of a hurricane or tropical storm. Stock an emergency supply kit with items like water, food, flashlights and batteries. Be abreast of weather conditions and listen to any local authorities’ evacuation orders.

Use Caution at the Beach

The beaches in St. Petersburg are famed for their beauty, but it’s important to be mindful of potential dangers, including marine life, rip currents and sun exposure. Always swim with a companion and be aware of any warning signs that may be present. Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly to protect yourself from heat-related illnesses.

So is St Petersburg Florida Safe

While St. Petersburg, Florida, is a charming and energetic city with a lot to offer, it is sadly not one of the safest places to live. Although there are many safe areas to reside and steps that may be followed to reduce risk, crime rates are higher than the US average.

In the end, it’s important to balance the advantages and disadvantages of relocating in St. Petersburg and make a thoughtful choice based on your personal objectives and requirements.

If you need to move to St. Petersburg due to work commitments, make sure to look for properties in the safest neighborhoods.

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