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14 Most Conservative Counties in Oklahoma

Most Conservative Counties in Oklahoma

The Sooner State, Oklahoma, is known as a conservative stronghold in the heartland of America. A fusion of strong community bonds, deep-rooted traditions, and fundamental family principles has profoundly influenced its political and cultural landscape for generations. While many counties in Oklahoma tend towards conservatism, some stand out for their steadfast dedication to these ideals. 

In this article, we will delve deeply into the 14 most conservative counties in Oklahoma, illuminating their distinctive characteristics and shedding light on some of their most conservative cities. 

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14. Woodward County

Woodward County, situated in the northwestern region of Oklahoma, remains unwavering in its commitment to conservative values. As the largest city, Woodward exemplifies the county’s political leanings, and is one of the most conservative cities in Oklahoma. This county has always been on the conservative side, leaving its mark on Oklahoma’s politics.

Due to its strong base in farming and oil production, the county’s economy and political views have often moved in unison. The residents of Woodward, Mutual, and Mooreland, some of its primary cities, are renowned for their tight-knit communities and a collective vision that advocates for limited government intervention, reduced taxes, and individual liberties.

13. Jefferson County

As we venture southward, we encounter Jefferson County, where the conservative spirit thrives within its vast landscapes. Waurika  proudly represents Jefferson’s conservative ideals. Agriculture dominates the local economy, with ranching and farming playing key roles.

This reliance on hard work and self-sufficiency has fostered a community that highly values individualism and maintains caution against excessive regulation. Ringling and Terral, two other significant cities in Jefferson County, echo this sentiment. Their residents frequently advocate for policies that emphasize personal freedoms, family values, and a hands-off government approach.

12. Beckham County

Beckham County, located in western Oklahoma, contributes to the state’s well-established conservative reputation. Sayre, serving as the county seat and one of its most conservative cities, reflects the county’s strong emphasis on traditional values and self-reliance.

Similar to many counties on this list, Beckham’s economic foundation is deeply entrenched in agriculture and energy production. Elk City and Erick, two prominent cities within Beckham, serve as strongholds of conservative ideology.

The residents are vocal about limited government, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional rights. These values place Beckham County among Oklahoma’s most conservative counties.

11. Kingfisher County

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, Kingfisher County proudly stands as another bastion of conservative values. Kingfisher, the county’s central city and administrative core, perfectly encapsulates the prevailing conservative ethos in the region.

Since the Land Run of 1889, pioneers and settlers have worked hard for their land and livelihoods. This history has created a community that values independence, self-reliance, and avoiding government overreach. Cities like Cashion and Hennessey echo these principles, and are two of the most conservative cities in Okhlahoma.

10. Washita County

Situated in the western reaches of Oklahoma, Washita County stands as a stronghold of unwavering conservative values. The county seat, Cordell, acts as a central hub for political and communal affairs that resonate with a conservative ethos.

Rooted in the foundations of agriculture, notably wheat farming and cattle ranching, the county’s residents hold in high regard the principles of diligence, family unity, and individual accountability.

Conservative towns like Burns Flat and Sentinel support policies and leaders that share their values. Historical, economic, and political ties make the county deserving of this list.

9. Grant County

As we journey towards the northern border of Oklahoma, we arrive in Grant County, a region deeply rooted in conservative tradition. Medford, its county seat, stands as a focal point for these enduring conservative values.

The county’s strong focus on agriculture, particularly in the realms of wheat production and livestock farming, serves as a driving force behind its residents’ preference for policies that champion economic liberty and seek to curtail excessive regulation. In towns like Pond Creek and Wakita, this conservative ethos emphasizes community, self-sufficiency, and limited government.

8. Alfalfa County

Alfalfa County, in northern Oklahoma, embodies conservative practicality. Conservative values permeate local governance, community gatherings, and public conversations in Cherokee, the county seat.

The economic tapestry of the county, woven predominantly from the agricultural and energy sectors, creates an atmosphere that is cautious about government overreach. This sentiment finds a harmonious resonance in towns like Helena and Carmen, where residents consistently throw their support behind conservative candidates and initiatives.

Their resounding voice emphasizes financial responsibility, individual freedoms, and a profound commitment to the bedrock values of the United States.

7. Roger Mills County

As we venture deeper into the western expanse of Oklahoma, Roger Mills County emerges as a shining beacon of unwavering conservative sentiment.

This area exudes a strong belief in the principles of individual liberty, self-determination, and limited government. Given its predominantly agricultural and ranching-based economy, the people of Roger Mills hold a steadfast reverence for the principles of diligent labor and individual initiative.

Towns such as Hammon and Strong City closely echo Cheyenne’s conservative values. Residents of these communities consistently advocate for policies that place a premium on personal freedoms and support the notion of a smaller government that enables its citizens to flourish unencumbered.

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6. Major County

Located in the northwest corner of Oklahoma, Major County proudly adheres to its conservative values. Fairview, as the county seat, serves as a living example of the region’s predominant political leanings.

With a historical foundation deeply rooted in agriculture and energy, the county has maintained a consistent affinity for policies and politicians that align with its conservative values. Communities such as Ringwood and Cleo Springs further emphasize the county’s disposition.

The people who live there, like people in the rest of the county, value fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and an effective but not overbearing government.

5. Harper County

Harper County is proud of its strong conservative beliefs and is located right next to the western border of the state. Buffalo often takes the lead in championing and preserving conservative values within the county’s jurisdiction.

The region’s economic foundation, primarily revolving around farming and ranching, has fostered a culture of self-reliance and a preference for minimal government intervention. Prominent locales like Laverne and Rosston vividly embody these tendencies.

Freedom of business, personal freedom, and a clear separation of powers between the government and its citizens are all things that their communities consistently support.

4. Dewey County

As we journey deeper into the heart of western Oklahoma, Dewey County claims a prominent position in the state’s conservative narrative.

Dewey County’s strong right-leaning tendencies can be heard clearly in Taloga. Residents of Dewey County hold the values of individual initiative, self-sufficiency, and an efficient, limited government in high regard due to their county’s long history of agriculture and ranching.

Other notable towns like Seiling and Leedey seamlessly intertwine with this conservative narrative. Their citizens, in harmony with the broader county, accentuate the need to safeguard constitutional rights, promote economic freedom, and ensure that governmental policies remain true to the principles that have long guided their communities.

3. Ellis County

Ellis County, located in western Oklahoma, proudly resounds with the state’s conservative chorus. Arnett, bearing the mantle of the county seat, is a hub where this region’s strong political orientation to the right is unmistakably felt.

The county’s residents proudly uphold the fundamental principles of conservatism because their economy is based primarily on agriculture, ranching, and energy exploration. Towns such as Shattuck and Gage exemplify this ethos, with communities that hold the principles of personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and a measured approach to the government’s role close to their hearts.

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2. Beaver County

Being close to the state’s panhandle, Beaver County stands out as a stronghold of conservative ideas. Beaver, which serves as the county seat, is the source of the region’s deeply ingrained right-leaning beliefs.

Rooted in the agriculture and energy sectors, the county’s community possesses an inherent affinity for self-sufficiency, individual enterprise, and a minimalist approach to government.

Forgan and Turpin, two prominent towns within Beaver County, echo this sentiment. Their residents, united in their conservatism, frequently advocate for policies and politicians that place a premium on traditional values, economic liberty, and limited government intervention. 

1. Cimarron County – Most Conservative County in Oklahoma

At the pinnacle of our list lies Cimarron County, the westernmost county in Oklahoma, exemplifying the epitome of conservative thought in the state. Boise City is a shining example of Cimarron’s strong conservative convictions.

This county, uniquely positioned as the only one in the U.S. to border four states, has cultivated a community deeply committed to independence, sovereignty, and a rich conservative heritage. Prominent towns like Keyes and Felt within the county resonate with this conservative ethos.

Along with the county, their residents support individual freedoms, minimal government intervention, and core American values.


Oklahoma’s diverse array of counties paints a vivid picture of a commitment to conservative values that have been nurtured across the ages. Spanning from the northernmost regions to the southern boundaries, these counties reverberate with the core values of conservatism, whether it’s the primacy of individual liberty, prudent fiscal management, or a judicious governmental role. 

Our journey through the most conservative counties, from Woodward to the unparalleled conservatism of Cimarron, underscores that Oklahoma stands as an enduring bastion of these cherished principles. While each county bears its own unique traits and histories, together, they collectively embody the enduring spirit of conservatism that continues to shape the political and cultural landscape of Oklahoma.

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