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Is East Atlanta Safe in 2023?

No, East Atlanta cannot be labeled as entirely safe. This statement doesn’t imply that the entire region is hazardous, but there are areas where crime is more prevalent. Certain parts of East Atlanta are considered safer and have vibrant communities, while there are also areas where residents should exercise greater caution and awareness of their surroundings.

Is East Atlanta Safe?

Welcome to this informative guide designed to shed light on the safety aspects of East Atlanta.

East Atlanta’s captivating blend of culture and history renders it an intriguing place for residency. Yet, when it comes to selecting a home, safety is of utmost importance.

Within this article, we will thoroughly explore the pivotal query of whether East Atlanta can be deemed a secure locale. This exploration will encompass an analysis of crime rates and a detailed examination of specific neighborhoods, all with the ultimate objective of assisting you in making an informed decision regarding the suitability of East Atlanta as your new home.

Crime Rates in East Atlanta

As in many regions, crime levels exhibit variations in East Atlanta. Some neighborhoods may experience higher instances of theft, while others might be more prone to violent crimes or robberies. Notably, crime rates in East Atlanta tend to surpass national averages.

For instance, while assault rates are almost half the national average, there’s a concerning uptick in murder rates. The property-related crimes here, like burglary, are nearly twice the national average.

Safety in East Atlanta differs from one area to another. Some neighborhoods maintain lower crime rates, fostering a sense of security among their residents.

Moreover, it’s imperative to acknowledge that the types of crimes can vary by neighborhood. Being aware of these discrepancies in crime rates across East Atlanta is of utmost importance. This knowledge proves invaluable when determining where to reside or spend your time, aiding in managing expectations and prioritizing personal safety.

3 Safe Neighborhoods in East Atlanta

Safe neighborhoods are essential when choosing a home. In East Atlanta, several neighborhoods have garnered reputations for being secure and tranquil. Let’s delve into three of these neighborhoods that mainly shine for their safety attributes.

Candler Park is a family-friendly community with a strong sense of community. It’s an area characterized by its abundance of parks, quality educational institutions, and local stores. Inhabitants of this neighborhood are well-acquainted with their neighbors, and the frequent community gatherings contribute to an enhanced sense of safety as residents watch out for one another. Candler Park is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Atlanta.

North Buckhead is another safe East Atlanta neighborhood. It carries a slightly more upscale vibe, characterized by beautiful homes and meticulously maintained streets. The residents here prioritize safety and community, and this dedication is evident in the neighborhood’s overall upkeep. People feel safe walking around, and the community’s involvement helps keep the area safe.

Edgewood is renowned for its lively community and a diverse array of local enterprises. It’s a locale where community members are engaged and frequently seen participating in various activities, which enhances the overall safety of the area. Over the years, this neighborhood has undergone positive transformations, and the community collaborates to continually improve it as a desirable place to call home.

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3 Unsafe Neighborhoods in East Atlanta

Safety levels fluctuate between different neighborhoods in East Atlanta, and regrettably, there are areas where both residents and visitors should exercise heightened caution because of higher crime rates. We will now explore three neighborhoods where safety considerations can be more complex.

Thomasville Heights is among the neighborhoods where crime rates are relatively higher. Inhabitants in this locality more frequently encounter issues related to theft and burglary. Residents and visitors must be more vigilant due to a lack of neighborhood watch programs and community unity.

Bouldercrest is yet another neighborhood with existing safety concerns. Despite the strengths and potential of the community, reports of criminal activities like assaults and robberies are more common here. Personal security should be a priority for anyone considering living here.

Flat Shoals is an area where the crime statistics raise worrisome concerns. Despite having a closely-knit community and access to local amenities, this neighborhood contends with problems like car thefts and break-ins, presenting a challenge for its residents in terms of sustaining a secure living environment.

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Specifically Living in East Atlanta

Navigating East Atlanta, with its diverse and dynamic neighborhoods, demands specific strategies for a safe experience. Here are five tips to consider for enhanced security in this area:

  • Utilize Community Resources

Community resources and organizations in East Atlanta improve neighborhood safety. Getting involved with these groups can provide valuable local insights and support in navigating different areas.

  • Choose Transportation Wisely

East Atlanta neighborhoods vary in safety, so choose safe transportation, especially at night. Rideshare services or driving can be safer alternatives compared to walking in certain areas.

  • Frequent Well-known Areas

Stick to areas that are familiar and regularly visited by locals and tourists alike. Spots like shopping centers, popular restaurants, and main streets typically tend to be safer.

  • Engage with Local Businesses

Supporting and interacting with local businesses in East Atlanta fosters community connections and contributes to the vibrancy and safety of the neighborhood. Local business districts also tend to be more populated and monitored.

  • Be Cautious in Less-Known Neighborhoods

When venturing into lesser-known neighborhoods, exercise extra caution. Stay alert, and do not flaunt valuables. Behave according to the neighborhood’s atmosphere and safety.

5 Pros of Living in East Atlanta

Living in East Atlanta offers a distinctive set of benefits that resonate with its residents. Here are five reasons that make East Atlanta an appealing place to live:

  • Cultural Diversity

East Atlanta is a melting pot of cultures, which enriches the neighborhood with a wide array of influences. The restaurants, shops, and festivals reflect this cultural diversity, making life here vibrant.

  • Local Amenities

The neighborhoods in East Atlanta provide a diverse range of local amenities. Most residents’ needs are met within a reasonable distance, whether it is parks and recreation or grocery stores and restaurants.

  • Active Nightlife

East Atlanta has many bars, restaurants, and music venues for nightlife. The evening scene here is famous, giving residents many options to enjoy.

  • Community Engagement

East Atlanta is home to numerous community organizations and groups that actively promote a sense of community and belonging among residents. This engagement fosters a solid and supportive community network.

  • Accessibility

East Atlanta is well-situated for accessibility to other parts of the city. Its location allows for manageable commutes, and there are public transportation options available, making mobility more accessible for its residents.

5 Cons of Living in East Atlanta

Despite its appealing aspects, residing in East Atlanta does come with certain drawbacks. Here are five considerations that might give you pause:

  • Safety Concerns

As mentioned earlier, certain neighborhoods in East Atlanta have elevated crime rates, which understandably pose concerns for both residents and visitors.

  • Property Prices

The desirability of specific East Atlanta neighborhoods has driven property prices and rents higher. This upward trend can make finding affordable housing more of a challenge.

  • Traffic Congestion

Like many parts of Atlanta, residents in East Atlanta may encounter traffic congestion issues, especially during peak hours, which can impact daily commutes and travel.

  • School Options

There are schools in East Atlanta, but quality and resources vary. Family education decisions must be made carefully.

  • Gentrification

Certain sections of East Atlanta are undergoing gentrification. While this process can bring about improvements, it may also lead to the loss of the original community’s character and culture and potentially contribute to higher living costs.


East Atlanta’s vibrant culture and strong community create a unique living experience. This tapestry, though colorful, carries both alluring facets and obstacles. Choosing to call East Atlanta home requires a thoughtful examination of its multifaceted characteristics, encompassing safety, amenities, and compatibility with one’s lifestyle.

These insights serve as the compass for a choice that resonates with personal preferences and necessities. Whether cultural diversity or safety is more important to you, understanding East Atlanta’s diverse landscape will help you make a better decision.

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