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Is Bushwick Safe 2023?

Is Bushwick Safe?

Bushwick, a district in Brooklyn, New York City, has been the subject of considerable discussion in terms of safety. Many individuals are unsure about the area’s safety as a location to reside, work or visit due to the area’s substantial gentrification. So is Bushwick safe?

This article will examine the different factors of safety in Bushwick, including crime statistics, types of crimes, and safety advice. The article will also explore how gentrification affects safety, compare Bushwick’s safety to other Brooklyn areas, and investigate local residents’ opinions of safety.

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Bushwick background

Known for its diverse, thriving neighborhood, Bushwick is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and blend of residential and industrial buildings. Bushwick is situated east of Bedford-Stuyvesant, south of Williamsburg and north of East New York, and has seen considerable gentrification recently. New residents have moved in the area, and new residential and commercial areas have been created as a result of this gentrification.

Gentrification’s impact on safety

Both positive and negative effects of gentrification may be seen on Bushwick’s levels of safety. On the one hand, gentrification has boosted local economic growth, drawing in new residents and businesses. As a result of this growth, the rate of crime has decreased and general safety has improved.

Yet, as long-time inhabitants may feel alienated and marginalized, gentrification can also worsen existing socioeconomic inequities and tensions, increasing crime in some neighborhoods. Gentrification has also had a huge impact on Washington Heights in New York.

Comparing Bushwick’s safety to other Brooklyn neighborhoods

Areas like Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope are regarded as safer, with wealthier inhabitants and fewer crime rates. Nevertheless, compared to places like East New York and Brownsville, Bushwick has lower overall crime rates.

Even if the crime rate in Bushwick has decreased throughout the years, locals and visitors should remain cautious and take appropriate safety measures.

Is Bushwick Safe?

Bushwick’s level of safety fluctuates from block to block, like to many other areas in big cities. Generally, the region has seen a decline in crime rates over the previous few decades as a result of the efforts of local community groups and the New York Police Department (NYPD). Nonetheless, crime is still a problem in some areas of Bushwick, and there are still safety issues.

Crime Rates in Bushwick

Statistics from the NYPD show that crime has largely dropped in Bushwick during the past 20 years. Since the 1990s, severe crimes such as robbery, assault and murder have drastically decreased overall, following a trend across the city.

It’s important to remember that the neighborhood’s crime rates might still be greater than those of the rest of New York City and Brooklyn.

Types of crimes committed in Bushwick

Property crimes, such as theft, car theft and burglary are the most common types of crimes in Bushwick. These crimes are more frequent in regions where poverty rates are higher and the job opportunities are fewer.

Yet, violent crimes like assaults and robberies still occur but are less frequent. Although there have been less violent crimes throughout the years, it is always necessary to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

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Public perceptions of safety in Bushwick

Some locals, especially those who have lived in Bushwick for a long time, believe that the enhanced police presence and gentrification have made the area safer in recent years. On the contrary, the new inhabitants regard Bushwick as being less safe than other Brooklyn areas.

Safe areas in Bushwick

Several neighborhoods of Bushwick can have vastly varied levels of safety. Generally speaking, the parts of the area that have undergone more gentrification and are closer to Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg are perceived as safer.

There is a stronger sense of safety in these regions since they have seen more economically robust and have a higher amount of shops, bars and restaurants.

Unsafe areas in Bushwick

Even though there are no particularly safe areas in Bushwick, some parts of the area have greater crime rates than others. It can seem less safe in the southern and eastern parts of Bushwick, which are closer to East York, especially after nightfall.

In these locations, it’s crucial to be cautious and you should be constantly mindful of your surroundings.

Tips for staying safe in Bushwick

Get to know your neighbors: Fostering a safe atmosphere requires creating a strong feeling of community. Participate in neighborhood gatherings, sign up for clubs, and get to know your neighbors to establish a network of allies.

Utilize the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenue area: Public transit and a major NYPD precinct are located in this area of Bushwick. Remaining close to this region can increase safety and make it simpler to get assistance if necessary.

Be cautious around industrial spaces: The industrial areas of Bushwick’s can be empty, especially at night. Whether you’re riding a bike or strolling around, stay in a well-populated area.

Utilize local resources: Learn about local resources in your area, such as the Bushwick Community Plan, which outlines tactics for improving the community, including safety programs.

Support local businesses: Engage with and support neighborhood businesses to help create a lively, busy community that will assist in preventing crime and improving safety.

Use trusted car services: Rather of walking or using public transit while traveling around Bushwick at night or in less well-known locations, use reputable car services or rideshare apps.

Participate in neighborhood watch programs: By taking part or initiating a community watch program, you may contribute to the improvement of the neighborhood’s safety and sense of community.


Upon investigating Bushwicks’ various aspects of safety, such as the effect of gentrification, the comparison to other neighborhoods of Brooklyn and people’s perceptions, it is evident that while there have been substantial improvements in the past years, there are still areas where safety concerns persist. Nonetheless, the area has improved as a result of the ongoing efforts of the NYPD, local community organizations and locals.

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