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14 Best Places to Live in North Texas

Best Places to Live in North Texas

North Texas is a vibrant gem, prominently showcasing an eclectic blend of cultural richness, rapid economic growth, and pervasive historical resonances. Whether you seek a bustling, high-energy urban scene or desire the serenity of tranquil suburban areas, North Texas generously offers an abundance of options to those seeking their own unique corner to settle in.

In this article, our journey will traverse across the top 14 best places to live in North Texas. Beginning from the 14th spot, we’ll unravel this list until we reach the premier locale, considered as the absolute best place to live in North Texas.

Here’s to exploring the defining attributes, distinct elements, and unique factors you should consider for each location. Take a deep breath and prepare for a journey into the heart of North Texas.

14. Denton

Denton is the city most often referred to as North Texas’s “Little Austin,” with its music scene bustling and being home to the University of North Texas. This town shapes its rich history seen in its well-kept architecture and resident storytelling, with modern comforts that offer a nice small-town ambiance full of the conveniences of a bigger city.

Take Denton Square, for example; it’s filled with vintage stores and local food joints, representing the city’s dedication to safeguarding its heritage while also looking forward to the future.

Denton also has a number of festivals that bring visitors with jazz music, arts and crafts that attract residents statewide. Denton offers different parks, sports facilities, and schools for families, making it a perfect place to call home.

13. Grapevine

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, the city of Grapevine is a beautiful place to live or visit. It’s named for the wild grapes found in the area and home to vineyards, the lovely Grapevine Lake, and has a history rich enough to write books about.

Families often move here due to highly-rated schools and community events including the very popular Grapevine Vintage Railroad.

Imagine spending your weekends tasting wine at a local vineyard, taking a peaceful boat ride on the lake, or walking down the city’s historic Main Street. This street is filled with boutiques, galleries, and restaurants for you to explore.

Grapevine also hosts many festivals, like the GrapeFest, that honor the city’s wine history. These reasons make Grapevine one of the best places to live in North Texas.

12. McKinney

Once a tiny farming village, McKinney has evolved into a bustling city over the years, yet it still retains its historical allure. This harmonious blend of past and present is seen clearly in its downtown area, where Victorian-style houses sit next to modern businesses.

McKinney’s devotion to preserving nature is showcased in areas like the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, providing a break from the city hustle and bustle.

The presence of community-oriented events, farmers’ markets, and a focus on local businesses demonstrate the city’s community-centered spirit. Thus, McKinney is an excellent option for white families and those seeking a balanced mix of traditional and modern living.

11. Plano

Often referred to as the “City of Excellence,” Plano lives up to its name. Consistently ranked among the top places to live in the U.S., it’s a tech hub and boasts a multicultural population. The city offers a variety of attractions like The Shops at Legacy and Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

Plano is a great place for young professionals, families, and empty nesters, thanks to its mix of business opportunities and leisure activities. The city’s renowned school district makes it a great choice for families prioritizing education. With an abundance of parks, shopping centers, and cultural events, life in Plano is always exciting and engaging.

10. Richardson

Richardson is a city that promotes innovation and education, and it’s more than just a university town. With the University of Texas at Dallas in its midst, Richardson emphasizes knowledge and advancement. Its Telecom Corridor houses numerous tech companies, providing plenty of job prospects.

Yet, it is not all about work in Richardson. Places like Galatyn Woodland Preserve allow residents to enjoy nature. The city’s diverse culture is displayed in its restaurants, festivals, and residential areas. Offering everything from tech conferences to art festivals, Richardson delivers a varied and enriched living experience.

9. Allen

Allen is a city that effortlessly incorporates urban conveniences with suburban allure. Excellent schools and family-friendly amenities like the Allen Premium Outlets make it easy for families to choose to call this place home. With many parks, trails, and the Allen Event Center, there is always something happening in Allen. 

Community events like summer concerts to holiday parades keep the city alive and exciting throughout any given year. Residents love how much emphasis community leaders put emphasis on education, safety, and community engagement. That makes Allen one of the cities that stand out in North Texas.

8. Frisco

Frisco stands out as one of the rapidly emerging cities in the USA. It acts as a vivid example of North Texas’ bustling economy and is largely harmonized by its captivating landmarks such as the Ford Center and the National Videogame Museum.

Despite its impressive growth, Frisco maintains a strong sense of community that remains untouched. The residential areas within Frisco are thoughtfully planned to cater to families, ensuring that parks, schools, and recreational spaces are conveniently accessible.

The city’s deep-rooted dedication to sports is unmistakable, showcased through its cutting-edge stadiums and arenas, solidifying its position as a premier haven for sports aficionados.

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7. Southlake

Southlake is synonymous with luxury living in North Texas. Its upscale homes, elite Southlake Town Square, and strong community vibe make it one of the most highly desirable destinations in the region.

Events held here reflect a commitment to community and culture within Southlake. City residents benefit from ample opportunities for outdoor activities in its parks, lakes, and trails. This top-of-the-line balanced lifestyle will keep stress at bay.

6. Coppell

Coppell is characterized by community and tradition, making it the right location for families. Its tight-knit community, emphasis on education, as well as its intent on sustainability make it stand out among North Texas areas.

A few of the examples set by this city are its farmers’ market, community gardens and the Old Town Coppell. Live performances at venues like the Coppell Arts & Crafts Fair or Music in the Plaza series bring forth several cultural scene waiting to be explored.

Continue reading for the 5 best places to live in North Texas.

5. Flower Mound

Flower Mound is named for the prominent mound in the town center. The community has a beautiful mix of natural surroundings and urban conveniences that can be found along streets, parks, and lakes. The Mound wildflower preserve illustrates where Flower Mound’s residents are investing in trying to preserve its natural beauty. 

City trails, parks, and lakes offer residents a way to connect with nature while shopping centers, restaurants, and schools ensure urban conveniences. Community events such as outdoor concerts and nature walks ensure that residents of Flower Mound are always engaged and connected.

4. Trophy Club

Trophy Club is more than a golfer’s paradise. It has safe neighborhoods, top schools and community-led events that make it the preferred place of choice for families.

The city parks and trails as well as leisure facilities ensure the resident population gets loads of chances to enjoy their outdoor activities. Community events like movie nights to holiday festivities create a strong sense of belonging among its residents.

3. Highland Park

Highland Park is one of Dallas’s luxury neighborhoods. Its tree-lined streets with upscale boutiques and historic homes create a bit of excess in North Texas—the city parks – Lakeside Park and Prather Park – foster relaxation in nature. 

The exceptional quality of education offered by the city’s schools elevates it as a prime selection for families who place education at the forefront. Highland Park’s distinctive allure lies in its dedication to upholding its historical legacy while simultaneously providing contemporary conveniences, crafting an unparalleled living experience.

2. Colleyville

The quiet neighborhood and upscale amenities are the mark of Colleyville. Its Colleyville Nature Center has ponds and trails, which embody the City’s dedication to nature.

The events in Colleyville reflect the vibrancy of its cultural scene – from wine tastings to art fairs. With top schools and parks as well as community centers, it offers a balanced and enriching living experience, and for sure one of the best places to live in North Texas.

1. Westlake – Best Place to Live in North Texas

Finally, Westlake, the jewel in North Texas. Accommodating to luxury estates, premier schools, and some of the exclusive golf courses around. Westlake is the epitome of a great place to live, as it focuses on excellence in everything it’s a part of.

Its focus on excellence makes it the best living expanse one can have in North Texas. The events that take place in this city ensure that residents are never bored as they get engaged with activities like golf tournaments or cultural festivals.

Westlake stands out as the ultimate embodiment of North Texas living, showcasing an unwavering emphasis on community safety alongside a lavish sense of luxury. Westlake is the wealthiest city in Texas.

Final Thoughts

In summary, North Texas paints a landscape of juxtapositions, weaving together urban elegance and the calm of suburbia. Whether your heart yearns for the excitement of city living or the serenity of a tranquil escape, North Texas graciously welcomes you.

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