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12 Best Places to Live in Texas for White Families

Best Places to Live in Texas for White Families

The massive state of Texas, often known as the Lone Star State, is known for its friendly hospitality, diverse landscapes, and extensive history. Texas offers a variety of possibilities for families wishing to settle down that take into account various tastes, lifestyles and income ranges.

In this article, we’ll examine the top 12 best places to live in Texas for white families, taking into account aspects like community, amenities, safety, and education. Let’s begin our trip with number 12, then go on to number 1.

12. Wichita Falls

The city of Wichita Falls, which lies in the north of Texas, has a strong feeling of community and a relaxed environment. Families in this area value the availability of inexpensive homes and the excellent quality of the nearby schools. The Wichita Falls Independent School District, which includes multiple schools with respectable ratings, is located in the city.

The city also offers an abundance of parks and recreational spaces, making it perfect for families who want to go outside and play. Opportunities exist in industries including education, healthcare and manufacturing, and the local economy is stable. The neighborhood gatherings, including the yearly Hotter’N Hell Hundred bicycle race, promote camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

11. Amarillo

The city of Amarillo, which lies in the Texas Panhandle, is renowned for its diverse cultural history and dedication to the arts and entertainment.

Families have many possibilities to engage in cultural activities thanks to the presence of the Amarillo Opera, Amarillo Symphony, and Lone Star Ballet in the city. The Amarillo Independent School District, which prioritizes academic performance and extracurricular activities, serves as the umbrella organization for schools in Amarillo.

Amarillo is an appealing choice for families seeking value for their money because of the city’s comparatively inexpensive cost of living. The city’s focus on community development also guarantees that locals have access to first-rate facilities and services.

10. Round Rock

The city of Round Rock, which is located just north of Austin, has experienced rapid expansion in recent years. The city is home to Dell Technologies’ corporate headquarters and is well-known for its tech-driven industry.

A strong local economy and employment opportunities are a result of this economic stability. The Round Rock Independent School District, which is famous for emphasizing holistic education, provides advantages to families in Round Rock.

Families may pick from a wide range of activities on the weekends because of the city’s abundance of parks, sports fields, and recreational places. There is a strong feeling of community in Round Rock, and activities like the yearly Christmas Family Night and Music on Main Street let locals get to know one another.

9. Corpus Christi

The “Sparkling City by the Sea,” Corpus Christi, is a coastal community that provides families with a tranquil setting and the charm of the beach. Residents of the city enjoy access to some of the state’s most beautiful beaches because of its location along the Gulf of Mexico.

Family-friendly activities include boating, fishing, and beachcombing. The Corpus Christi Independent School District, which focuses on academic success and character development, meets the educational requirements of the community.

The city also boasts a vibrant cultural environment, with attractions like the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History and the Art Museum of South Texas offering family-friendly educational and entertainment options. For many families, Corpus Christi is a top choice because of its outstanding natural beauty and vibrant feeling of community.

8. McKinney

The Dallas-Fort Worth’s McKinney is a city that skillfully blends contemporary conveniences with a dash of classic beauty. With its intact 19th-century structures, the city’s downtown center offers a window into its colorful history. Families are drawn to McKinney because of its top-notch educational facilities, which are prioritized by the McKinney Independent School District.

Families have several options for outdoor entertainment because of the city’s abundance of parks, wildlife preserves, and recreational facilities. McKinney is a city that offers prospects for professional progress as well as a good standard of living because of its economic potential in industries like technology, healthcare, and retail.

7. Sugar Land

Sugar Land, which lies southwest of Houston, is a community that stands out for its carefully built neighborhoods and focus on family-friendly services.

The Fort Bend Independent School District, which is renowned for its cutting-edge teaching strategies and emphasis on student well-being, serves as a prime example of the city’s dedication to education. With its variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, Sugar Land Town Square is a well-liked destination for families to spend quality time together.

With several parks and trails accessible to citizens, the city also lays a strong focus on green areas. The local economy, which is fueled by industries such as finance, healthcare and energy, makes sure that locals have access to a variety of employment options.

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6. Plano

In 6th place on the list of the best places to live in Texas for white families is Plano, which is frequently praised for its outstanding quality of life.

The Plano Independent School District, which oversees the city’s educational institutions, is known for its emphasis on academic rigor and the development of well-rounded children. Families may find stability in Plano’s economy, which is supported by businesses like Toyota North America and Liberty Mutual.

The city also places a lot of emphasis on community involvement, and occasions like the Plano International Festival and the Plano Balloon Festival help citizens build relationships with one another. Families enjoy a wide range of opportunities for leisure and relaxation thanks to Plano’s assortment of parks, recreation centers, and entertainment venues.

5. Georgetown

Georgetown, a community north of Austin, is captivating because of its natural beauty and dedication to sustainability. The city’s well-preserved Victorian-era buildings may be seen in the historic downtown district, which is a tribute to its rich history. The Georgetown Independent School District, which prioritizes both academic success and moral education, is advantageous to Georgetown families.

The picturesque Blue Hole, a well-liked swimming and picnic area, is also located inside the city. Families that place a high priority on sustainability may find Georgetown to be a desirable option due to its emphasis on conservation and renewable energy. With festivals like the Red Poppy Festival and other community-focused initiatives, the city makes sure its citizens have a strong feeling of connection and belonging.

4. Frisco

Within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex lies the rapidly expanding city of Frisco, which is renowned for its dedication to family-friendly services and neighborhood development.

The Frisco Independent School District, which has cutting-edge facilities and a curriculum that fosters both academic and personal growth, is proof of the city’s commitment to education. The economic climate of Frisco, which is supported by industries like retail, sports, and technology, offers families a solid setting for development.

Families have many recreational alternatives because of the city’s variety of parks, sports facilities, and entertainment venues, including the famed Ford Center at The Star. Frisco stands out as a top option for families with its forward-thinking strategy and emphasis on involvement in the community. These reasons make Frisco one of the best places to live in Texas for white families.

3. The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a master-planned community located just to the north of Houston that places a strong emphasis on welfare of the community, sustainability, and environment.

Family-friendly amenities are available at The Woodlands, which is known for its verdant greenery, meandering trails, and tranquil lakes. The Woodlands’ Conroe Independent School District is renowned for emphasizing comprehensive education and student accomplishment.

A focus of activity for locals is The Woodlands Town Center, which offers a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. Families that respect both quality of life and ecological responsibility will find the community’s emphasis on environmental preservation and sustainable living appealing.

2. Allen

In Allen, a community just north of Dallas, residents have easy access to metropolitan facilities while yet enjoying the greatest aspects of suburban living.

The Allen Independent School District is well known for its strong academic requirements and dedication to the achievement of every student. A wealthy environment for families is guaranteed by the city’s enduring economy, which is supported by industries like technology, healthcare, and retail.

Allen has a strong focus on community development, as seen by the variety of parks, recreational areas, and neighborhood celebrations like the Allen USA Celebration. Allen stands out as a top choice for families because of its blend of cutting-edge amenities, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community.

1. Flower Mound – Best Place to Live in Texas for White Families

Flower Mound, a city between Dallas and Fort Worth, is at the top of our list. Flower Mound, which is known for its picturesque beauty, is distinguished by its namesake, a conspicuous hill that is covered with wildflowers in the spring.

The Flower Mound-serving Lewisville Independent School District is renowned for its quality in education and dedication to raising well-rounded individuals.

The town’s economy is steady and offers chances in industries including technology, finance, and healthcare. Families seeking a peaceful mix between nature and contemporary conveniences will find Flower Mound to be the ideal option because of its emphasis on maintaining its natural beauty and dedication to community development.


Texas provides a wide range of possibilities for families looking for a location to call home because of its expansive landscapes and diverse cultural heritage. The Lone Star State caters to a wide range of interests and lifestyles, from vibrant urban hubs to tranquil suburban villages.

The aforementioned towns and cities stand out for their dedication to quality of life, community development, and education. Texas offers a place that will feel exactly like home, regardless of whether your priorities are academic achievement, outdoor recreation, or cultural experiences.

Texas continues to be a top choice for many families looking for places that provide opportunities and a strong sense of community.

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