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When Does a Guest Become a Tenant in Pennsylvania

A guest becomes a tenant in Pennsylvania if they stay in the property for 30 consecutive days, or contribute payment to rent and bills anytime during their stay. If either of these scenarios occur, the guest becomes entitled to the same rights and responsibilities as the tenants of the property.

A payment or partial-payment of rent indicates an intention to permanently live in the property. Therefore, a guest contributing monetarily is no longer a guest.

If the landlord finds out about the guest living in the property and one of the two scenarios have occurred, they must treat the guest like a tenant if they want them to leave, and issue and official eviction notice.

If somebody is living with you without being on the lease, it’s best just to be open and honest with your landlord, and get them added to the lease.

If you have any questions about this issue, please contact us and request for a landlord/tenant mediation consultation.

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