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The 12 Most Liberal Cities in Georgia in 2024

Most Liberal Cities in Georgia

Georgia is a state that shows an impressive combination of conservative and liberal viewpoints. The state has been embraced by a rich history and cultural tapestry. The combination of rural and urban settings, each reflecting its own political views and societal norms, gives it a distinctive personality.

But let me take you on a journey through the most liberal cities in Georgia, places where forward-thinking attitudes, progressive laws, and vibrant lifestyles converge. As an experienced realtor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the allure of these cities. From assisting clients in navigating interstate moves to witnessing the pulse of each community, I’ve gained insights that I’m eager to share.

Join me as we explore these 12 cities, each a beacon of inclusivity, diversity, and cultural vitality. Whether you’re seeking a thriving cultural hub or an innovative haven, these cities embody the spirit of progressivism and offer a warm welcome to all who call them home.

12. Athens

Our journey begins with Athens, a city close to my heart with its vibrant blend of liberal ideals and cultural richness. Having spent a memorable summer assisting a client in finding their dream home nestled in the heart of Athens, I was immediately captivated by its allure.

Home to the esteemed University of Georgia, Athens pulsates with youthful energy and progressive fervor. As I meandered around the city’s streets, I could not help but get lost in the city’s diverse music scene and unique assortment of local businesses. It is indeed a melting pot of progressive principles known for its thriving music scene, unique collection of local businesses, and extensive array of cultural festivals[1].

Students here have significantly changed the city’s demographics, pushing it in a more liberal direction. The adoption of measures like regional anti-discrimination statutes and environmental sustainability efforts by the Athens City Council indicates the city’s progressive views.

The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement is a testament to the city’s commitment to progressive values, making Athens an appealing destination for those seeking a culturally rich and forward-thinking community[2].

This city is the ideal place to live for those seeking a progressive culture in the midst of a vibrant cultural and artistic background.

Athens is also one of the best places to live in North Georgia!

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 26.3 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 38.3% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.4% (on par with the national average rate)[7]

11. Savannah

Savannah is another liberal haven in the South of Georgia and Peach State, rich in history yet progressive in many ways. The city’s ancient buildings, thriving artistic community, and dedication to LGBTQ+ rights are what gives it its unique charm.

As I strolled through Savannah’s cobblestone streets and admired the stunning architecture, I was astounded by the city’s dedication to LGBTQ+ rights. One memorable experience was attending Savannah’s annual Pride Festival, a jubilant celebration of love and acceptance orchestrated in collaboration with organizations like the First City Pride Center[3]. The palpable sense of unity and solidarity among attendees underscored Savannah’s reputation as a beacon of inclusivity in the South.

The Savannah College of Art and Design also contributes to the city’s progressive demography and thriving culture[4]. When I was here, I had the chance to help a young couple, who were both great artists, locate their dream studio space in the center of Savannah’s creative district. And I believe their passion as artists for Savannah’s booming cultural scene reflected the city’s liberal ethos and unwavering support for the arts.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 33.5 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 62.1% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.5% (higher than the national average rate)[8]

10. Decatur

Decatur, at number 10 on our list, has a clear left-leaning and is well known for its outstanding public services, well-regarded public schools, and committed residents. It embraces innovative green initiatives, such as its significant investment in solar energy, reflecting its dedication to clean, renewable sources[5]. It is no surprise that I have spotted some solar-powered facilities during my visit here. 

Despite its small size, Decatur’s influence reverberates far beyond its borders, thanks to its steadfast support for democratic candidates and initiatives promoting social equality and affordable housing. The government is also promoting citizen participation in initiatives like the Clean Energy Decatur, which aims to shift the city towards clean energy use in a fair and efficient manner by moving away from fossil fuels[6].

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 39.5 (older than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 31.4% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.11% (higher than the national average rate)[9]

9. East Point

East Point, located in the center of the metro Atlanta area, is renowned for its diversity, affordability, and kind neighborhood. It’s an ideal place for families and young professionals. The neighborhood’s diversity, which includes a sizable LGBTQ+ population and a vibrant African American community, reflects the city’s liberal leanings[19].

The East Point City Council has demonstrated its commitment to education, social services, and affordable housing. In fact, “The Commons,” a recently approved revitalization project, is expected to emerge in downtown East Point[20]. I believe that this project promises to benefit its neighborhood, with hundreds of new jobs, increased housing options, and vibrant commercial activity that will nurture the place and its people.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 35.0 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 89.7% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.10% (higher than the national average rate)[10]

8. Hapeville

Hapeville is a neighborhood that is similarly progressive to East Point within the Atlanta metropolitan region. It serves as a gathering place for artists and other creatives and is renowned for its work to protect the environment and promote affordable housing. The presence of non-profit organizations such as the Hapeville Arts Alliance works in partnership with the city to foster the public arts and host arts events that engage the community[21]

The city thrives on its embrace of a diverse and inclusive culture, providing a welcoming atmosphere for anyone seeking a progressive and liberal community. It’s a place where entrepreneurs from various cultural backgrounds and origins are encouraged to establish and grow their businesses, reflecting the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion[22].

I can say that this openness enriches the local economy and fosters a vibrant, supportive environment for all residents and business owners alike.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 36.4 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 72.3% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.11% (higher than the national average rate)[11]

7. Pine Lake

Pine Lake, referred to as Georgia’s “Arts Colony,” supports a diverse and artistic neighborhood. When I visited this artistic enclave, its attractiveness and commitment to creating a lively, inclusive community captivated me. I had the privilege of engaging in spirited conversations with residents who proudly championed Pine Lake’s commitment to inclusivity and social justice. 

With its lake-centered architecture, neighborhood activities, and dedication to supporting local artists, this city exudes a certain charm. This small city, known for its commitment to the arts and environment, hosts events like the Pine LakeFest, which showcases local artists and musicians, emphasizing the community’s artistic vibrancy[23].

Pine Lake is renowned for its progressive principles and its strong Democratic voting preferences. Democrats currently represent Pine Lake in the U.S. Senate, indicating a tendency towards Democratic voting preferences at the federal level[24].

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 46.3 (older than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 35% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 3.4% (higher than the national average rate)[12]

6. Avondale Estates

Another liberal city in the Atlanta metropolitan region is Avondale Estates. This City offers a friendly atmosphere for people from all backgrounds and is well known for its varied population, inclusive culture, and dedication to the arts.

Avondale Estates passionately supports sustainability, affordable housing, and LGBTQ+ rights, making it Georgia’s premier spot for LGBT families. Its welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a rich arts culture, family events, and a vibrant food scene, surpasses even Atlanta and Decatur in LGBT inclusivity[25]. This commitment to progressive values cements Avondale Estates’ reputation as one of Georgia’s most liberal cities.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 47.1 (older than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 21.1% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 2.5% (higher than the national average rate)[13]
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5. Clarkston

One of the most diverse communities in the nation and frequently referred to as the “Ellis Island of the South,” is Clarkston. It is home to a sizable refugee community[26]. The friendly immigration policy, the thriving multicultural society, and the city’s steadfast dedication to social justice problems all reflect its liberal culture.

In Clarkston, you can feel a sense of progressiveness all around. This shows not just how welcoming their immigration policies are but also how diverse and thriving their community is. I got to attend a community event where everyone celebrated their different backgrounds. It was a strong reminder of how powerful it is to embrace diversity and support those who need refuge and help.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 28.6 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 91.7% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.5% (higher than the national average rate)[14]

4. Candler-McAfee

East of Atlanta is the community of Candler-McAfee. Although not a city, this neighborhood has recently demonstrated liberal tendencies, particularly in regards to social equality, community development initiatives and affordable housing[27].

Candler-McAfee’s commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable society shines through in its unwavering support for diverse community projects and policies aimed at leveling the playing field for all residents.

During my time here, I had the privilege of witnessing the impact of these initiatives firsthand, from grassroots efforts to empower underrepresented communities to innovative programs aimed at providing affordable housing solutions for those in need.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 39.9 (older than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 86.9% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.8% (higher than the national average rate)[15]

3. North Druid Hills

North Druid Hills is another area in the Atlanta metropolitan region. It houses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University. Its support for healthcare, education, and social equality measures is indicative of its liberal leanings. 

DeKalb County is actively exploring upgrades for North Druid Hills Road to improve safety and access. The government-led initiative includes a comprehensive study to review the current road conditions and pinpoint areas for infrastructural improvements, focusing on alleviating traffic, enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety, and boosting road use efficiency[28].

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 33.1 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 37.5% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 2% (higher than the national average rate)[16]

2. Druid Hills

Druid Hills is a historic and progressive neighborhood, close to North Druid Hills. I was impressed by its old homes and a strong focus on protecting the environment, promoting fairness, and providing a top-notch education. This region regularly supports the Democratic Party and is committed to environmental protection, social fairness, and educational reform. 

Druid Hills High School is at the forefront of fostering progressive ideals through initiatives both on and off the field. From the football team’s innovative strategies to the student-led global initiative addressing sun damage prevention, the school embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility[29][30].

These endeavors not only showcase the community’s forward-thinking approach but also inspire positive change on a local and global scale.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 36.6 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 23.1% (lower than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 1% (higher than the national average rate)[17]

1. Atlanta

The most liberal city in Georgia, the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, is at the top of the list. Atlanta is a stronghold of progressive principles because of its lively culture, diversified population, and history linked with the Civil Rights Movement[31].

The local administration has regularly carried out initiatives to advance environmental sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights, social justice, and affordable housing. Atlanta, which is home to several Fortune 500 company headquarters and a number of internationally famous institutions, represents the fusion of liberal values with financial success[32].

I noticed that most people here are young, and the community is very diverse, which explains why the city is full of life, creativity, and determination. Whether it’s exploring its vibrant arts scene, sampling culinary delights from around the world, or advocating for positive change, Atlanta offers endless opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 33.1 (younger than the national average)
  • Ethnic Minorities – 60.2% (higher than the national average rate)
  • Same sex relationship status – 1.1% (higher than the national average rate)[18]

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these communities and cities are outstanding examples of Georgia’s liberal spirit. They are the center of Georgia’s progressive tendencies and provide a warm atmosphere for individuals from various backgrounds. Keep in mind that home is more than simply a physical location. So, picking a community that shares your beliefs might really help you feel at home.

As someone deeply involved in real estate, I’ve seen how communities can change lives. Each of these liberal areas is more than just a place; it is a rich tapestry of history, culture, and shared values. As you embark on your journey to find your ideal home, may you find solace in the knowledge that there’s a community out there waiting to welcome you with open arms and shared values.

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