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Is Fishtown Safe? Crime Rates and Safety Tips

Is Fishtown Safe?

Fishtown is a lively and modern area in Philadelphia, the perfect place for young professionals, families and artists. This article will examine the level of safety in this busy region, considering the crime rates and types of crimes as well as the locations that are safe or dangerous.

We will also share tips for remaining safe in Fishtown, along with discussing the advantages and disadvantages of life there. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know the answer to the question “is Fishtown safe?”


The Fishtown area in northeast Philadelphia is renowned for its distinctive, artsy vibe and its rich history. Fishtown, which has a population of around 16,000 people, has developed into a hub for young professionals, foodies, and creative types.

Row houses, converted industrial buildings, and a large number of restaurants, bars and local shops define the neighborhood. It is crucial to comprehend how safety contributes to Fishtown’s overall appeal as the neighborhood continues to expand and evolve. Like most of Philidelphia, Fishtown tends to vote liberal.

Crime Rates

Here are some crime rate facts to consider if you’re looking to visit or relocate to Fishtown.

Overall Crime Rates 

The overall crime rate in Fishtown has dropped in recent years. Despite ongoing issues, the neighborhood’s crime rate is below the US average (unlike the nearby Elizabeth, NJ) and continues to decline. The neighborhood’s safety has increased as a result of a number of reasons, which are responsible for this positive trend.

Increased Police Presence 

The enhanced police presence in the neighborhood is one important reason why crime rates have decreased in Fishtown. The area’s police force has increased patrols, especially in neighborhoods where crime has historically been more prevalent. In addition to deterring prospective thieves, this greater presence enables quicker reaction times to incidents, significantly enhancing the neighborhood’s safety.

Community Engagement 

Fishtown’s crime rates have significantly decreased as a result of community involvement. Block captains, neighborhood associations, and other groups collaborate to improve safety and handle possible problems before they become serious. These groups have helped to make Fishtown a safer place by developing a feeling of community and encouraging locals to look out for one another.

This shows there’s a lot of good people in Fishtown that are looking to make it a better place.

Neighborhood Revitalization 

Crime rates have decreased as a result of Fishtown’s revitalization. Increased foot traffic and investment in the neighborhood as a result of the arrival of new shops, eateries, and art spaces have assisted in preventing criminal activities. Moreover, abandoned or dilapidated houses that were renovated no longer serve as possible havens for criminal activity.

Safe Areas 

Although generally speaking, the sections around the Delaware River and Frankford Avenue are seen to be safer. However, Fishtown’s safety might vary from block to block. These places often have more police officers and lower crime rates. The redeveloped business corridors along Girard Avenue  and Frankford Avenue are additionally well-lit and busy, which may add to a sense of security.

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Unsafe Areas 

As with any urban neighborhood, there are areas within Fishtown where crime is more prevalent. These areas are typically found further away from the main thoroughfares and closer to the neighborhood’s borders with Port Richmond and Kensington. While crime rates in these areas are not extremely high, they are elevated compared to the rest of Fishtown.

Tips for Staying Safe in Fishtown

Consider these Fishtown-specific safety tips to keep yourself safe whether you reside or visit Fishtown:

  1. Learn the layout of the area by being familiar with its streets and landmarks, particularly those around the Frankford Avenue, Girard Avenue and Delaware River. Knowing your surroundings will enable you to move confidently and avoid potentially dangerous locations.
  2. Attend neighborhood meetings and events: Fishtown has a vibrant community that frequently conducts meetings and events to discuss local problems and promote safety. You may remain up-to-date on neighborhood issues and develop relationships with neighbors who have a stake in keeping the community secure by going to these events.
  3. Support neighborhood businesses and nightlife centers: By shopping at neighborhood stores and going out on the town, you help Fishtown maintain its strong feeling of neighborhood and safety. Having densely populated areas and flourishing businesses can help reduce crime.
  4. Be cautious around hubs for public transit: Fishtown offers a variety of options for public transportation, including the Market-Frankford Line of SEPTA and several bus lines. Even though these hubs are often safe, you should always be on the lookout for danger. This is especially important at off-peak times when there could be less visitors.
  5. Use Fishtown-specific resources: The Fishtown Neighbors Association and the Fishtown Town Watch are two neighborhood safety-focused groups and programs in the area. Become involved with these organizations, follow them on social media, and attend their events to learn about safety advice for Fishtown.
  6. Know the parking restrictions in the neighborhood; parking in Fishtown may be difficult, and inexperienced tourists may unintentionally park in dangerous spots. Learn about the parking rules in your region, and attempt to park in well-lit, active locations to lessen the chance of theft or damage to your car.

By adhering to these safety advice for the area, you can take advantage of the special ambiance and attractions of Fishtown while taking precautions to safeguard yourself and your property.

Pros of Living in Fishtown

Here are some positive aspects of Fishtown!

Vibrant Arts Scene and Diverse Food Options

With a large number of galleries, studios and performance venues that appeal to a variety of creative preferences, Fishtown is widely recognized for its bustling arts scene. The area is also home to a diverse array of bars, restaurants, and cafés serving anything from classic American fare to cuisine from across the world. This vibrant cultural environment makes Fishtown a desirable destination for foodies and creative individuals.

Access to Public Transportation and Proximity to Center City

One of Fishtown’s key advantages is its excellent access to public transportation, with the SEPTA Market-Frankford Line running through the neighborhood and multiple bus routes servicing the area. This makes commuting to Center City and other parts of Philadelphia convenient and straightforward.

Additionally, Fishtown’s proximity to Center City allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds: a vibrant, tight-knit community with easy access to the amenities and job opportunities of downtown Philadelphia.

Strong Sense of Community and Neighborhood Pride

Residents of Fishtown are renowned for having a strong feeling of neighborhood pride and community. Several vibrant neighborhood associations, including the Fishtown Neighbors Association, which frequently conducts events and activities focused at building a good and connected community, are located in the region. Residents are encouraged to care for one another and contribute to the neighborhood’s general safety and well-being because of this strong feeling of community.

Continued Growth and Revitalization Efforts

Over the past ten years, Fishtown has seen substantial expansion and redevelopment. The region has been given new life by the surge of new companies, eateries, and arts venues, drawing both locals and visitors.

By lowering the number of abandoned properties and boosting foot traffic in commercial areas, this continuous development not only adds to Fishtown’s distinctive identity but also serves to increase neighborhood safety.

Lower Crime Rates Compared to Other Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Compared to many other Philadelphia neighborhoods, Fishtown has lower crime rates, making it a fairly safe location to live or visit. This may be linked to a number of variables. These include the enhanced police presence, community involvement, and the neighborhood’s continuous revitalization.

The reduced crime rates in Fishtown are a major selling feature for potential inhabitants, even if it is still important to exercise caution and be aware of one’s surroundings. This shows that Fishtown can be a safe place to live.

Cons of Living in Fishtown

These are some of the downsides of living in Fishtown.

Pockets of Crime and Safety Concerns in Some Areas 

Compared to many other Philadelphia neighborhoods, Fishtown has lower crime rates, making it a fairly safe location to live or visit. This may be linked to a number of variables, such as an enhanced police presence, community involvement, and the neighborhood’s continuous revitalization.

The reduced crime rates in Fishtown are a major selling feature for potential inhabitants. However, it is still important to exercise caution and be aware of one’s surroundings.

Gentrification and Rising Cost of Living

Fishtown’s development and revitalization have resulted in an increased cost of living and gentrification. As a result, some locals may find it difficult to obtain reasonably priced homes, and longtime community members can be relocated when property values rise. Although gentrification might improve a community, it can also exacerbate conflict and income disparity.

Limited Parking and Increased Traffic 

Since Fishtown has become more well-known, parking spaces have become more in demand, and traffic congestion has risen as well. Finding appropriate parking spaces may be difficult for locals, especially during busy times or during popular events. In addition, traffic congestion may result in longer commutes and poorer air quality In the area.

Possible Noise and Disturbances 

As a result, Fishtown’s thriving nightlife and well-known establishments may have both a positive and a negative side. While these establishments add to the distinctive character of the area, they may also cause noise and problems, especially for locals who live near to restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. This characteristic of Fishtown may be difficult for people who are sensitive to noise or prefer a calmer living environment.

Issues with Trash or Litter in Some Areas 

Fishtown’s general cleanliness and aesthetic may be affected by problems with trash or litter in some areas.  Inadequate waste management or increasing foot traffic in particular locations may be responsible for this situation. To keep Fishtown attractive and encourage a sense of pride among inhabitants, cleanliness must be upheld.


So is Fishtown safe? With a thriving cultural scene and increasing appeal, has seen substantial safety improvements in recent years. Therefore, it is a safe location to live. The neighborhood’s overall crime rate is lower than both the US average and many other Philadelphia areas, despite the fact that some parts still have safety and crime issues.

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