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How Much Should I Tip My House Cleaner?

Should I Tip My House Cleaner a Lot?

One of the best ways of spending your precious time while keeping your house clean is by hiring a professional cleaning company or service. By doing this, you will save lots of time and energy on DIY home cleaning. The whole process of hiring professional cleaning personnel looks easy until it is time to decide whether or not to tip them. You should know how often and how much you should tip them.

When deciding whether or not to tip your cleaning service provider, you should remember that tipping is not a mandatory exercise and there are factors to consider first. To make the whole thing easy and reduce the confusion, check out the below guide on how to tip house cleaners.

How Much is Enough when Tipping a House Cleaner?

How your home is taken care of and its state after cleaning proves that professional house cleaners enjoy what they do. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to tip your cleaning service provider based on the quality of work done.

If you are dealing with an infrequent or one-time cleaner, it is appropriate to tip them at least 15% of the agreed price. However, if you have a home cleaning service all year round, it doesn’t make sense to tip every time cleaning is done. Instead, you can give the cleaner a bonus or a big tip at the end of the year. The housemaid will feel appreciated for the services. Remember, it all depends on you – whether you should tip your house cleaner or not.

Factors to Consider when Tipping your House Cleaner

It is important to learn tipping etiquette before deciding how much and how often you should tip your house cleaner. So, should you tip your house cleaner or how much should you tip a house cleaning service? The answer depends on multiple factors.

Quality of Work Done

Homeowners need to check the quality of work they receive from a house cleaner before deciding whether to tip or not. Also, the quality of service offered will determine the amount of tip you should give the house cleaner.

For example, if your house cleaner has performed an outstanding job to ensure your home is spotlessly clean, a reward for their effort is in order. However, a tip is unnecessary if the work is substandard, especially if they’ve left your house dusty, and you’ve spent most of your time following up with the cleaning company.

The Type of Cleaning Service you Hire

Is it self-employed or agency cleaners? You should consider the size of the cleaning company first. Agencies cleaners work in a big company while self-employed cleaners manage their business. This means that they set their own cleaning prices and, most of the time, have included tips in the entire cleaning price.

On the contrary, employees working in big cleaning agencies only get paid the amount agreed upon in their employment contract. Therefore, a tip can help them go about their work with a better attitude. This information doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip a self-employed cleaner, but it will help you know who to tip and how much to tip.

Tipping Policy

If your house cleaner has done a great job, it is only sensible to give them extra cash. Some cleaning companies offer incentives to homeowners who give employees tips. To cater for tips, some cleaning companies may include tips in their standard rates. However, some companies have banned taking tips.

Therefore, you should clearly understand the tipping policy of a certain company to be on the right side with cleaners. You can ask the cleaning company or people who have used similar services directly. This way, you will know whether you should give out tips and how much you should tip the house cleaner.

The Scale of the Job

Another important factor you should consider other than the quality of work done, the cleaning company tipping policy, and the size of the company is your home state. For instance, if your house or part of your home is too messy or dirty, you may want to tip the cleaners.

In a Nutshell

It is not a must to tip your house cleaner. Therefore, you should not feel obligated to do so. However, house cleaners like it when their work is recognized and appreciated with extra cash. This way, they will be motivated to continue to do a good job so they receive a tip again. Above all, you should consider some factors when deciding whether to tip your cleaner or not and the amount to tip. A professional cleaner will never ask for a tip, but if you feel the work deserves extra cash, you can leave a tip.

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