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What to Wear to a House Closing

What should I wear to a house closing?


If you’re a buyer, a seller, or a new realtor, you won’t have attended many house closings in your life. It can be hard to figure out what you think might be appropriate to wear to this event. There’s a lot of work and stress involved during the purchase/sale of a property so the last thing you should be worrying about is what to wear to the house closing! In this article we save you the worry, and show you exactly what each party should wear to a house closing.

If you’re the buyer

Typically, the buyer will turn up in casual clothes, such as shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers. Some people even show up in pajama pants, just whatever makes you feel comfortable! It may take a while to go through some finer details, so you don’t want to be wearing uncomfortable clothes.

However, once all of the final details have been sorted out, you may want to get a picture outside of your new house in front of the “sold” sign, so you may want to be wearing something nice for that.

We’ve saved you the trouble by providing you with the perfect outfits for your house closing! Having a fresh, new outfit, will set the right impression.

We spoke to 5 local realtors and here’s what they recommend you wear for your house closing. They specifically mentioned to buy brand new shoes as a mark of respect, so you don’t bring any dirt into the house you’re purchasing.

Home Buyer Outfit 1: Casual Male

This Columbia men’s t-shirt is a great example of a casual t-shirt to wear to a house closing. The comfortable fabric and advanced technology used by Columbia will keep you dry and cool throughout the process.

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Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Cargo Stretch Short (Acacia)The Columbia shirt goes well with some classic cargo shorts with a relaxed fit, which will keep you comfy during the house closing process. These shorts come with 6 pockets, allowing you to store everything you need to bring to the house closing, in your shorts!

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New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

These New Balance white sneakers made with 100% leather and a rubber sole are ideal for a house closing. This is because the sole absorbs impact, which means your shoes will not do any damage to the home you’re buying. Remember, new shoes are a must, and these shoes are a #1 best seller on Amazon!

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Home Buyer Outfit 2: Smart-Casual Male


Kingsted Polo Shirts for Men - Royally Comfortable - Classic Pique Fabric - Soft Cotton BlendThis Kingsted navy polo shirt has a premium pique fabric and cotton blend, giving you a soft feel. The classic fit is perfectly sized every time. Buy this to make sure your outfit doesn’t look tired on the day.

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Levi’s men’s 505 fit jeans are made of 99% cotton, and 1% polyester. This ensures the jeans are comfortable, and fit nicely. The cotton is organic, making these jeans more sustainable.

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Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka BootThese chukka boots round off your outfit with a smart finish, and are #1 best sellers on Amazon! The beeswax color goes with any pair of pants, and the boot has a cushioned insole.

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Home Buyer Outfit 3: Casual Female

Paitluc Jacquard Layered Ruffled Long Sleeve Blouse Women's Work Blouses Polka DotFor females, long sleeved-blouse is recommended by realtors. This polka dot green blouse is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, giving you a flexible feel. The round neck, loose hem design, and floral lace, will make you look graceful and intellectual. This blouse is also Amazon’s choice!

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Lee Women's Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

The blouse will go nicely with some regular fit Lee jeans. Made from 20% polyester, 78% cotton, and 2% spandex, these jeans are made to comfortably fit any size.

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Tommy Hilfiger Women's Lelita SneakerTommy Hilfiger white sneakers are 100% synthetic with a rubber sole. These are a perfect, clean looking pair of trainers, that are commonly worn by buyers for a house closing.

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Home Buyer Outfit 4: Smart-Casual Female

Amazon Essentials Women's Long-Sleeve Classic-Fit Oxford ShirtThis Amazon Essentials, long-sleeved white shirt is perfect to wear for a house closing if you’re wanting to look smart on a budget. Made with 100% cotton, this shirt will be comfortable in what could be a long day.

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EXLURA Womens High Waist Polka Dot Pleated Skirt Midi Swing Skirt with PocketsGet a long, polka dot skirt to go with your shirt. These two items complement each other beautifully. However, the skirt goes with anything! This skirt has 2 pockets, which is ideal for you to store the items needed for the house closing process.

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Amazon Essentials Women's Two Strap Heeled SandalThese two strapped heel sandals in a beige color round off the outfit perfectly. The sandal is made from 100% polyurethane, with a leather sole. The heel measures about 2.25” inches.

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If you’re the realtor

The realtor should wear formal business clothing, and not business casual. Formal business clothing could be a suit, slacks and a shirt, or a sport coat and tie.

If you’re the seller

The seller should wear clothing they feel comfortable in, but maybe not as casual as the buyer turning up in their pajama pants! For a male some smart pants and a shirt is a good option, or a nice skirt and blouse for females. A good rule of thumb is to wear an outfit you would put on to go to work.

Again, you want to set a good example, so don’t show up in tired clothes. Here’s some great examples of what you should wear!

Home Seller Outfit 1: Smart Male

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirts Regular Fit Lux Sateen Stretch SolidA Van Heusen regular fit white shirt is ideal to wear to a house closing. The fabric stretches which gives you extra comfort, and is made from 45% polyester and 55% cotton. The spread collar allows for tie knots of any size, but can also be worn without neck-wear.

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Dockers Men's Straight Fit Easy Khaki PantsA pair of smart Dockers khaki pants are perfect smart wear for the day. The all-motion comfort waistband will keep you looking handsome but also comfortable. The pants are made from 34% polyester, 64% cotton, and 2% elastane.

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Johnston & Murphy Men’s XC4 Tanner Plain Toe | Waterproof Construction | Memory-Foam CushioningThese Johnston & Murphy brown shoes are recommended by realtors. This is because of their business-appropriate styling, and cream-colored soles. The soles are made using XC foam, which means they’re light on surfaces, making this the perfect smart shoes for men to wear to a house closing.

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Home Seller Outfit 2: Smart Female

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Sleeveless T-ShirtThis colorful Tommy Hilfiger sleeveless t-shirt will brighten up your outfit. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is ideal for any season. Wearing this shirt will show you’re sophisticated, but also bring out your bubbly personality.
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Rekucci Women's Smart Desk to Dinner Stretch Bootcut Pant w/Tummy ControlThese Rekucci bootcut jeans are made from 4% spandex, 28% rayon, and 68% polyester. The all-season fabric means these jeans are perfect for a house closing during any time of the year. The jeans come with a tummy control panel, allowing you to look elegant, while also being comfortable.

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Clarks Women's Linvale Jerica PumpBlack leather shoes are recommended by realtors for sellers. This pair of Clarks pumps have a synthetic sole, and the heal measures about 2.2” inches. The pointed toe gives these shoes a smart aesthetic.

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What to bring to a house closing?

These are all the important things you must remember to bring with you for your closing day to go smoothly.

All Signers

All parties involved must bring their spouse along to the house closing. It’s common for sellers or buyers to not bring along their spouse to the house closing. This is because they didn’t think their spouse needed to be there for various reasons, such as their name isn’t on the loan, or they bought the house when they were single. So remember, if you’re married you need to take your spouse to the house closing too!

Valid Photo ID

All signers must bring a valid photo ID, and if you’re getting a loan, your lender may also ask for a second form of identification. If you’re unsure, ask these questions before the house closing date.

Proceeds Instructions

If you’re the seller, you need to bring your instructions explaining how you want to receive your proceeds. You could either ask to receive your money via wire transfer, which requires you to bring your account and routing number to the closing. You can do this by bringing your check book and voiding a check and providing this to the closing attorney at the table.


Seems pretty obvious, but the seller should bring all copies of the keys to the house to the closing. There also may be other keys needed for house amenities such as garage door openers and pool fobs.

A list of questions

Before going to the closing, buyers should write down a list of questions they would like to ask the seller or the closing attorney. This could include things about the house you want to make sure you know how to operate. Writing them down beforehand means you won’t forget to ask any!

What happens at a house closing?

The people present at the house closing will be the buyer, their spouse (if they have one, or co-signer), and the sellers, as bringing everyone together is usually the quickest way to finalize all the details. Your realtor or attorney will also be present, alongside the sellers’ realtor. There will finally be a settlement agent whose role is to facilitate the closing and handling all of the checks.

The settlement agent will have lots of different documents for you to sign, so get practising your signature! It is likely you’ll have already read all of these documents days beforehand, provided by your mortgage advisor. These documents include your loan application, with your promise of repaying back the loan. The documents will explain the details of your mortgage and the late fee penalties if you fail to pay your mortgage on time.

Once all of those details are out the way, you’ll be looking at the final deed, which is the finalized document showing you have ownership of the property. Once signed, this confirms the transfer of ownership of the property.

Then the closing agent opens their book of checks and disperses funds to different parties. The seller receives a check for their portion. The agent asks the buyer for a check, or a receipt of a wire transfer. The loan officer may also receive their commission check at the closing table.

Finally, the buyer will then be presented with the keys to their new home!


Don’t stress about your closing day! Most of it is just going to involve reviewing documents you’ve already seen, and signing a promise you’re going to pay the money you’ve already agreed to do so. If you haven’t got an outfit ready for your house closing, make sure to check out the clothes in this article.

It’s a super exciting time, you’ve already done the hard work! All you have to do is show up and bring what is asked of you. is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Programme. We may receive a commission from a link you click on our website.

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