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Phoenix vs Las Vegas – Relocation Guide

Phoenix vs Las Vegas

Phoenix and Las Vegas, both situated in the American Southwest, are prominent urban centers, each with its distinct way of life, customs, and diverse possibilities. Several components, such as weather conditions, housing costs, crime statistics, quality of education, living expenses, healthcare, employment options, utilities, and political beliefs, must be considered to determine the ideal city to reside in or move to. In this extensive evaluation of Phoenix vs Las Vegas, we will analyze each of these components in-depth to assist you in choosing the city best suited to your preferences.

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Phoenix vs Las Vegas Weather

Phoenix, Arizona, is renowned for its dry, hot weather, characterized by extended, blazing summers and brief, moderate winters. The summer heat can reach over 100°F, posing difficulties for workouts and outdoor pursuits. Nevertheless, the absence of high humidity makes the heat more bearable compared to other regions in the nation.

Las Vegas, Nevada, shares comparable weather patterns to Phoenix, with scorching summers and moderate winters. Nonetheless, Las Vegas encounters relatively lower temperatures and milder sultry days than Phoenix. Furthermore, Las Vegas’ altitude causes brisk night times and a more diverse range of temperatures.

Las Vegas vs Phoenix Property Prices

In terms of housing rates, Phoenix is typically cheaper than Las Vegas. Based on Zillow’s data as of September 2021, the average cost of a house in Phoenix stood at $349,000, while in Las Vegas, it was $380,000. Similarly, rental rates in Phoenix are mostly less expensive, which makes it a more affordable alternative for those interested in purchasing or renting a house.

Crime Rates

Although both cities have crime rates exceeding the national average, Phoenix’s crime rate is lower than that of Las Vegas. As per NeighborhoodScout, Phoenix’s crime rate is 37.4 per 1,000 people, while Las Vegas’s crime rate is 40.9 per 1,000. In either city, it’s crucial to investigate individual areas or neighborhoods and make safety a priority when selecting a residence.


Phoenix boasts a broad range of schools which include Arizona State University, one of the biggest public universities nationwide. Furthermore, the Phoenix metropolitan region is home to the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. In addition, Phoenix’s community college system is highly respected, and the city has plenty of distinguished public and private K-12 schools.

The College of Southern Nevada and The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) are the two primary institutions of higher learning situated in Las Vegas. Although the selection of colleges is more restricted in Las Vegas, UNLV is distinguished for its robust curriculum in law, hospitality, and business.

Phoenix vs Las Vegas Cost of Living

Living expenses in Phoenix and Las Vegas are comparable, with Phoenix being cheaper overall. As previously noted, property prices are the primary distinction between the two cities. However, both cities’ expenses, like public transport, food, and amenities, are relatively equivalent. It’s essential to remember that living costs can fluctuate notably based on the area or neighborhood, so considering your finances is necessary when determining where to reside.


Phoenix boasts a great healthcare system with multiple excellent hospitals and medical centers, including Dignity Health, The Mayo Clinic, and Banner Health. The city also provides an array of specialized institutions, such as children’s hospitals, cancer centers, and heart institutes.

Las Vegas also has a reputable healthcare system, which includes institutions such as the Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican network, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, and University Medical Center. Nonetheless, compared to Las Vegas, Phoenix’s medical care system is more comprehensive and provides a broader spectrum of specialized care services.

Las Vegas vs Phoenix Job Opportunities

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Phoenix with a wide range of sectors, such as aerospace, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Intel, Honeywell, Banner Health, and Wells Fargo are among the significant employers in Phoenix. The city’s employment opportunity is continually advancing, and its wide-ranging economy presents many opportunities for those seeking employment across different areas.

In contrast, Las Vegas has an economy more centered on tourism, particularly in the hospitality, gaming, and entertainment industries. MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment, and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation are among the major employers. Although the employment market thrives in the hospitality and tourism industries, job seekers in other sectors may encounter fewer opportunities in Las Vegas.

Phoenix vs. Las Vegas Amenities

Phoenix provides an abundance of opportunities for recreation and cultural exploration, boasting several golf courses, parks, and hiking trails. The city is enveloped by breathtaking sceneries, allowing easy access to the Grand Canyon, the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, and the Sonoran Desert. Additionally, Phoenix is also booming in the art world, featuring various galleries, museums, and centers for performing arts.

Las Vegas on the other hand is famous worldwide for its high-end restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and other entertainment options. You can also find The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum, and a plethora of cultural attractions in Las Vegas. The city is also home to scenic spots such as Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and Mount Charleston for those who prefer the great outdoors.

Political Views

In terms of politics, Phoenix vs Las Vegas is an interesting point of discussion. Phoenix and Las Vegas exhibit a certain level of diversity, with a mix of liberal and conservative residents in both cities. However, Phoenix tends to lean a little bit more toward conservatism, while Las Vegas tends to lean more toward liberalism.

There are still some liberal neighborhoods in Phoenix though. Historically, Arizona has been predominantly red, but elections recently indicated a move towards a more battleground or purple state. On the other hand, Nevada has shown a trend toward becoming progressively blue over the last few years.

Las Vegas vs Phoenix – Which is the Best Place to Live?

Ultimately, choosing between Phoenix and Las Vegas will depend on your particular preference, priorities, and personal necessities. Phoenix might be the ideal option if you value low-cost home options, a wide range of career opportunities, and exceptional education and medical care system. However, if you prefer a more liberal political climate, a variety of entertainment options, and a vibrant nightlife, then Las Vegas could be a more fitting choice.

Regardless of which city you choose, both provide a distinct and vibrant living experience in the center of the Southwestern United States. To make an informed decision, think about the aspects of the utmost importance to you, and try to stop by each city to gain a firsthand experience of their way of life.

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