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How to Tell a Realtor You Chose Someone Else

When purchasing or selling a house, selecting the ideal real estate agent is essential. You could discover that one agent stands out as the greatest fit for your requirements after communicating with numerous real estate agents.

However, this implies that you’ll have to let the other agents know that you’ve chosen to collaborate with someone else. In this post, we’ll offer advice on how to tell a realtor you chose someone else and handle this circumstance politely and professionally.

Evaluating Your Options

It’s crucial to carefully consider your alternatives and make sure you’re making the best choice before you tell a realtor that you’ve picked a different agent. When choosing, keep the following things in mind:

Experience and Expertise

Each real estate agent has comparable experience and knowledge. Examine their past performance, taking into account the volume of profitable deals they’ve handled as well as any special expertise they may have, such as familiarity with the region’s market or specific types of properties.

Communication Style

Any real estate deal requires effective communication. Choose the agent that ideally matches your preferences for communication, whether those are regular updates, in-depth justifications, or a less involved strategy, by taking into account the communication styles of each agent you’ve spoken with.


Choose a real estate agent you feel confident with and trust because you’ll be working directly with them throughout the process of purchasing or selling a property. Choose the agent that best knows what you want and need after assessing your relationship with each of them.

Gut Instinct

Additionally, you can usually trust what your gut is telling you. Often, you can tell right away whether working with someone is right for you. Making the appropriate choice when selecting a real estate agent is crucial since it’s a big transaction.

Preparing to Break the News

It’s time to let the other realtors know that you’ve decided to work with someone else once you’ve made your choice. To get ready for this talk, do the following:

Gather Your Thoughts

Spend some time gathering your thoughts and planning your response before chatting with the realtor. Be straightforward and sincere while remaining mindful of their emotions. Keep in mind that they probably spent time and effort attempting to gain your business.

Choose the Appropriate Medium

Pick a communication method, such as a phone call, email, or in-person meeting, in order to communicate your decision. If you’ve only had sporadic contact with the agent, an email could be fine even though a phone call or in-person chat is typically more personal and polite.

Delivering the Message

It’s time to tell the realtor of your choice now that you’ve arranged your ideas and decided on your preferred mode of contact. When delivering the news, keep the following in mind:

Be Direct and Polite

Be direct and concise when informing the realtor that you’ve selected a different agent. Thank them for their time and effort, but let them know that you’ve chosen to collaborate with another person. Avoid being overly strict or insensitive by not going into too much detail about why you choose the other agency.

Offer Constructive Feedback (Optional)

If the realtor asks for comments on the reasons they weren’t selected, think about providing suggestions that would assist them provide better services to future clients. Instead of concentrating on any flaws, be respectful and point up specific areas where the other agent succeeded.

Express Gratitude

It’s important to thank the realtor for their time and effort, regardless of the reasons you decided to work with another real estate agent. Appreciate their professionalism and any helpful suggestions or insights they shared with you throughout your sessions.

Email Template – How To Tell a Realtor You Chose Someone Else

Dear [Realtor’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time and work during our recent meetings to discuss my [home buying/selling] experience. Your knowledge, professionalism, and insightful advice were much valued.

I have decided to work with a different real estate agent after giving it some thought and weighing all of my options. It was difficult to make this choice, but in the end I thought the other agent’s strategy and background more closely matched my current requirements and objectives.

I want to express how appreciative I am for the chance to have met with you and benefit from your knowledge. You are clearly committed to serving your clients, and I have no doubt that you will continue to succeed greatly in the real estate industry.

I hope our paths will eventually cross again even if we won’t be working together on this particular transaction. I won’t think twice to suggest your services to anyone who asks me if they need a real estate agent.

Thank you once more for your time and wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.


[Your Name]

Moving Forward

It’s time to concentrate on the next measures in your real estate journey after notifying the agent of your decision:

Begin Working with Your Chosen Agent

Once you’ve made your choice, begin working with your selected agent to accomplish your real estate objectives. Set expectations for how you’d want to interact throughout the project and create clear lines of communication.

Maintain Professionalism

At upcoming open houses or business gatherings, it’s not unusual to run into the realtor you didn’t select. Always act professionally and with respect while dealing with them.

Keep in mind that the real estate community may be tightly connected and keeping good ties can be advantageous in the long run.

Stay Open to Future Collaboration

The fact that you didn’t select a certain realtor this time doesn’t always indicate you won’t want to do so in the future. By concluding on a constructive note, you’ll leave room for future collaboration on deals.

So, how to tell a realtor you chose someone else?

In the end, it might be sensitive and difficult to tell a realtor you chose to do business with someone else. You may effectively handle this kind of situation and have good ties with the real estate community, though, by carefully weighing your alternatives, putting together your message, and presenting the news with professionalism and kindness.

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