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10 Best Shoes for Roofing

Best Shoes for Roofing

The best shoes for roofing can be tough to find, but it’s important to make the right choice to ensure your safety when walking over roofs. From anti-slip grip to shock absorbing soles, there’s many essential features your shoes for roofing must have.

These are the 10 best shoes for roofing, with different boots to suit all budgets.

1. Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots – Best Shoes for Roofing

Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots are definitely the best shoes for roofing. They’re perfect for any type of roof, but especially high pitched roofs. The strap on the outside helps you further tighten your shoe inside the boot, and the heavy duty laces are exceptionally strong, allowing your shoes to ensure all weather conditions.

These roofing shoes are different to others because they have pads on their soles which can be taken on and off depending on the situation. The pads are designed to stick onto the roof shingles so you don’t slip, whilst also not damaging the roof shingles.

These are the best shoes for roofing if you’re climbing on anything over a 7/12 pitch.

2. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass Mid Cm Boot

When looking at the best shoes for roofing, it would be a mistake to not mention Wolverine Men’s Overpass Mid Cm Boot. These shoes use advanced technologies and durable construction to offer excellent performance and support that roofers and contractors need to do their work safely.

The uppers of this shoe are a combination of leather and premium textile materials. This makes the shoes breathable and sturdy for longer lasting wear. The construction is also super durable and firm.

Wolverine Men’s Overpass Boots Contour Welt technologies which allow them to bend and flex at vital points to adapt to your movements. 

3. Georgia Boot Lace-to-Toe Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Next on the list of the best shoes for roofing is the Georgia Boot Lace-to-Toe Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot. If you want some high-top boots for roofing works, these shoes are perfect for the job. 

They’re heavy duty roofing boots that are suitable for working in harsh conditions. They make moving across your roof so much easier. At a first glance, the soles of these steel toe boots may feel a bit rigid, but they’re well cushioned and comfy to wear due to their waterproof premium leather, padded collar, and fully cushioned insoles.

If you’re a roofing contractor, you must seriously consider these shoes. Customers have worn them for 12 hours straight without their feet getting sore. This shows how comfortable and durable these shoes are.

4. CAT Footwear Men’s Second Shift Soft Toe Work Boot – Budget Choice

There are three things that make these shoes for roofing a must have. 

  1. They’re tough – this 6” work boot comes with proper, Goodyear welt construction. This gives the shoes extreme durability. The premium nubuck leather is long lasting.
  2.  Traction – The CAT shoes for roofing are designed with a full rubber outsole. This gives these shoes even better performance and stability, which is essential when you’re walking on roofs.
  3.  All day comfort – These work boots flex with your feet. They have a padded collar which prevents any discomfort throughout your long working days. 

Whether you’re working on the job, or on your own roof, Second Shift shoes for roofing are the best budget option to suit your needs.

5. ARIAT Men’s Rebar Flex 6″ H2o Composite Toe Work Boot

This boot has been manufactured for people in dynamic roles, which is why it’s ideal for roofers! This is because roofers do many different types of movements and activities throughout the day. The shape of the Aitat Rebar Flex has been molded from a basketball shoe last, making the shoe perfectly fit. 

The shoe has an injected lateral chassis that cradles your feet really well when laced. The upper is built with ballistic breathable meshes, premium leathers, and cut outs in the right places. This means you get flex and stability where needed.

The tractor inspired Duratread sole and patented debris release tread design means mud, dirt, and snow can be easily kicked off, and stay outside your home.

The final major benefit of this shoe is that it has an angled heel, which attaches well to ladder rungs. It’s essential for shoes for roofing to have this feature, as roofers need to climb ladders to get onto roofs!

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge-m Work Boot

These boots are really sturdy, and they’re designed with a full grain leather upper. The mesh lined interior helps keep your feet cool and able to breathe. The inside is also lined with an  antimicrobial treatment, to fight away foot odor. 

The Timberland Pro shoes for roofing have the strong Goodyear Welt Construction, which gives your shoes long lasting use and plenty of flexibility.  The thick midsole on this shoe means you’ll get plenty of energy return, and they’re also shock absorbing. This helps prevent injuries to your feet and joints.

These shoes have no break in period, so if you’re urgently looking for a pair of the best shoes for roofing, check these out.

7. Rhino 62M28 6 inch Moc Toe Leather Work Boot – Cheapest Option

Next on the list of the best shoes for roofing are these Rhino 62M28 6 inch Moc Toe Leather Work Boots. Like other boots previously mentioned, these also have Welt construction, and are made from 100% leather.

The cushioned insole means you won’t feel any discomfort wearing these shoes for long periods of time. Customers of these shoes have said they’re ideal for roofing work, and fit true to size.

They have brilliant grip, and provide amazing traction. They’re also a lot cheaper than other roofing boots, but are just as good.

8. Carhartt Men’s CMX4023 Lightweight Casual Wedge, 4″ Soft Moc Toe

Most of the best shoes for roofing have a boot height of 6 inches, which might not be liked by everyone. That’s one reason why these work boots that are 4 inches in height have been featured on this list. The Carhartt shoes don’t have a break in period, and are extremely durable, with one customer saying they still look brand new after 8 months of regular wear.

Customers have stated they like the flat sole as it’s easier to climb up ladders, and also keeps dirt off.

If you have wide feet, these shoes for roofing have you covered. There’s a wide size available from size 8 up to 15!

9. HANDPOINT Men’s SureTrack 6″ Leather Soft Toe Brown Work Boot 84994

Made from 100% leather, these durable work boots for roofing have soles designed specifically to prevent you from slipping. They’re also water and dirt resistant, which comes in handy when you’re walking over roofs all day.

The arch support helps keep these shoes comfy for long periods of time. They’re soft toe boots with Goodyear welt construction.

These are one of the best shoes for roofing, and can be purchased in sizes 6 to 13, with wide fits also available.

The Handpoint boots have lots of amazing features, and are one of the cheaper options out there.

10. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Another Timberland boot that makes the list of the best shoes for roofing are these waterproof ankle boots, which are the #1 best seller on Amazon!

Made from 100% premium leather, these versatile boots are ideal for roofing, but are also great for hiking. The fabric lining and EVA foam midsole make these boots extremely comfortable to wear.

These shoes have over 60 thousand ratings on Amazon, averaging a score of 4.5/5. This shows how popular and reliable these boots are.

So What’s the Best Shoes for Roofing for me?

Every boot on this list of the best shoes for roofing is top quality, but other might be better than others depending on your needs. If you work long days and want shoes that won’t feel uncomfortable during long wear, then the Timberland brand boots would make sense. However, if you have the budget, the Cougar Paws roofing boots are definitely the best. is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Programme. We may receive a commission from a link you click on our website.

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