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12 Best Neighborhoods in St Paul

Best Neighborhoods in St Paul

As the heartbeat of Minnesota, St. Paul exudes a unique blend of history, community vibrancy, and natural splendor. This city, cradled alongside the Mississippi River, showcases a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own character and allure.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey through the best neighborhoods in St Paul, thoughtfully curated for families seeking the perfect place to call home.

Along the way, we’ll uncover the essence of each area, from the cozy corners of Merriam Park to the cultural richness of Summit-University, offering families a range of options to create their own story in this thriving city.

12. Dayton’s Bluff

Dayton’s Bluff presents families with a fascinating history and accessible housing options. Within this neighborhood lies Indian Mounds Park, where families can enjoy picnics while looking at the downtown skyline.

The community here is tightly woven, with frequent gatherings nurturing a sense of belonging among its residents.

The area’s respected schools make it a wise pick for families with school-aged children. Dayton’s Bluff’s housing market showcases diversity, catering to a wide spectrum of budgets, making it a practical choice for many families.

11. Payne-Phalen

Payne-Phalen stands as a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of St. Paul’s diverse cultural heritage. This neighborhood serves as a welcoming melting pot, offering families a unique and diverse environment in which to raise their children.

Notably, it’s known for its affordable housing options, accompanied by numerous parks and recreational venues. Among them, the Bruce Vento Regional Trail offers families the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors by biking and taking leisurely walks in nature.

The schools in this neighborhood have a well-deserved reputation for nurturing young minds in a caring and supportive environment.

10. West Seventh

West Seventh, also known as Fort Road, is a neighborhood that bridges the gap between the past and present. It has historic sites like Fort Snelling combined with the convenience of modern amenities, including shopping centers and dining establishments.

Families will find solace in the meticulously cared-for parks and the Mississippi River trails, which offer many chances for outdoor adventures. Housing in this area strikes a moderate balance, offering a diverse range of options for families to explore.

9. Summit-University

Summit-University is a neighborhood rich in history and with vibrant community life. It proudly houses the historic Rondo community, a cornerstone of African-American history in the region. Families choosing to make this neighborhood their home will discover a diverse array of housing options, ranging from charming historic residences to contemporary apartments.

Summit-University also boasts top-tier educational institutions, with several esteemed schools serving the community. The community here thrives with activity and engagement as a multitude of events unfold throughout the year, nurturing a deep sense of unity among its residents.

8. Highland Park

With a wide range of amenities, Highland Park offers families a tranquil haven. The neighborhood takes pride in its enchanting parks, none more captivating than Hidden Falls Regional Park.

Families are met with a wide spectrum of housing options, ranging from luxurious residences to more budget-friendly choices. Highland Park also shines with its outstanding schools and commendably low crime rate, providing a secure and nurturing haven for youngsters.

The community here buzzes with vitality, with family-friendly events held annually, cultivating a sense of togetherness among its residents. These reasons cement Highland Park as one of the best neighborhoods in St Paul.

7. St. Anthony Park

St. Anthony Park offers a blend of urban and suburban living. Families here have easy access to many educational and cultural opportunities thanks to the prestigious University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus.

The neighborhood’s charm radiates through its tree-lined streets and meticulously kept homes, creating a picturesque backdrop for families.

Renowned schools located here provide stellar educational prospects for children. The community spirit here is also tightly woven, with a regular schedule of events that nurture a profound sense of belonging among residents.

6. Como

Como is a neighborhood that invites families into a lively and vibrant community life. Its crown jewel, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, delights families as a favorite destination.

Housing options within this neighborhood reflect diversity, accommodating a wide range of budgets. The community pulses with engagement and vitality, boasting a schedule of family-friendly events throughout the year.

Esteemed schools in the area also nurture young minds in a supportive environment. Furthermore, Como shines in the realm of recreation, offering an abundance of parks and trails that open doors to countless outdoor adventures.

5. Macalester-Groveland

Macalester-Groveland is a neighborhood that offers families a wealth of educational opportunities. It radiates a lively and intellectually stimulating environment, thanks to the prestigious Macalester College located here. Most of the homes in this area are on the more expensive side, which shows how popular it is.

The community thrives with vitality, as a profusion of events fosters a deep sense of togetherness among residents. The highly respected schools in the area also provide children with outstanding educational prospects.

4. Summit Hill

Summit Hill presents families with a neighborhood steeped in historical charm and timeless elegance. Its most treasured building, the historic James J. Hill House, is a stunning reminder of how rich people used to live.

Housing options here are quite luxurious, with many homes showcasing architectural brilliance that takes one’s breath away. Summit Hill also has excellent educational facilities, with a roster of respected schools serving the area.

The community is a bustling hub of activity and engagement, with a calendar of events that fortify a profound sense of unity among its people.

3. Merriam Park

Merriam Park is next on the list of the best neighborhoods in St Paul. This neighborhood offers families an idyllic and peaceful ambiance. It’s famous for its stunning parks and tree-lined streets, creating a serene backdrop for families.

Housing options within this neighborhood showcase diversity, appealing to various budgets. Merriam Park also has top-notch educational facilities, with a variety of respected schools catering to the area.

The community spirit here is close-knit, with a calendar filled with events that nurture a deep sense of togetherness among its residents.

2. Crocus Hill

Crocus Hill offers families a neighborhood that seamlessly blends vibrancy with serenity. It’s famed for its exquisite homes and meticulously tended gardens, creating a captivating setting for families. Housing within this enclave leans toward the luxurious side, a reflection of the neighborhood’s appeal.

The community thrives with vitality, offering many family-friendly events throughout the year. Highly esteemed schools in the area also provide children with exceptional educational opportunities.

1. Lowertown – Best Neighborhood in St Pal

At the top of our list stands Lowertown, a neighborhood that effortlessly combines history, culture, and modern amenities for families. Its crown jewel is the Mears Park, a lush oasis in the city center.

This neighborhood has everything from charming historic lofts to modern apartments for all tastes and budgets. Lowertown proudly boasts top-notch educational institutions, with a slate of well-regarded schools serving the area.

The community is a thriving hub of vibrancy and engagement, with numerous events that solidify a profound sense of unity among its cherished residents. Lowertown embodies St. Paul’s rich history and bright future, providing families with a nurturing and dynamic home.

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