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15 Best Neighborhoods in Arlington VA

Best Neighborhoods in Arlington VA

Arlington, Virginia, a lively and diverse community situated right next to the nation’s capital, has various neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and offerings. From historic pockets of charm, to contemporary centers of activity, this dynamic region has something to suit every individual. Arlington is a great place to live for everyone, including young adults.

This guide will delve into the 15 best neighborhoods in Arlington VA, assisting you in discovering the ideal place to make your home.

15. Douglas Park

Kicking off our list is Douglas Park, a neighborhood known for its welcoming, family-oriented ambiance and generous homes. In this tight-knit community, residents share a genuine sense of neighborly camaraderie, often addressing each other by name. Abundant parks grace the area, serving as lush sanctuaries for families to enjoy. The local schools have exceptional ratings, fostering a nurturing environment for the growth of young minds. Within the real estate market, diversity reigns, offering a multitude of choices ranging from historical residences to contemporary apartments.

14. Fairlington

Fairlington welcomes its residents with charming tree-lined streets and colonial-style homes steeped in rich historical narratives. In this neighborhood, a vibrant sense of community thrives, nurtured by meticulously tended landscapes that encourage people to venture outdoors. The bustling local farmers’ market is a favorite destination for farm-fresh produce and artisanal goods. Meanwhile, recreational amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools contribute to the leisurely way of life that Fairlington has to offer.

13. Glencarlyn

Glencarlyn epitomizes an outdoor-focused neighborhood, graced with trails and parks around every corner. This community stands as one of Arlington’s most well-established areas, seamlessly blending Victorian homes with contemporary structures, creating a picturesque setting for work, leisure, and living. Situated conveniently, numerous downtown Arlington attractions are just a stone’s throw away from the neighborhood’s doorstep. Additionally, nearby schools and community centers provide a wide array of amenities suitable for all age groups.

12. Arlington Ridge

Next on the list of the best neighborhoods in Arlington VA is Arlington Ridge. This neighborhood is the epitome of luxury and tranquility. Within this admired neighborhood lie upscale residences, affording breathtaking vistas of national monuments and the majestic Potomac River. The area has a wealth of high-end dining establishments, boutiques, and cultural hubs, promising an opulent lifestyle for its residents. The educational institutions here maintain an exceptional standard, making it a coveted destination for families.

11. Columbia Forest

Columbia Forest extends a warm welcome to a diverse community by providing a selection of affordable housing choices. This neighborhood thrives as a hub of conveniences, boasting shopping centers, dining establishments, and recreational destinations. Abundant green spaces offer a refreshing break from the urban environment. Thanks to a well-integrated transit system, residents enjoy convenient access to various corners of Arlington, preserving a serene residential ambiance while remaining within reach of the city’s vibrant energy.

10. Barcroft

Barcroft thrives on its vibrant community, where a multitude of events foster strong connections among its residents. This neighborhood provides an ideal setting for families thanks to its top-notch schools and family-friendly recreational facilities. Housing choices are diverse, ensuring a fit for various preferences and budgets. The parks in Barcroft are a sight to behold, providing serene retreats perfect for unwinding and leisurely strolls through nature.

9. Alcova Heights

Alcova Heights beautifully blends a rich history with contemporary conveniences. Its historic homes echo with stories of the past, while the modern facilities guarantee a comfortable and up-to-date living experience. This neighborhood has meticulously maintained parks and recreational spaces, ensuring an exceptional quality of life. Its strategic positioning delivers the best of two realms: easy access to downtown Arlington’s vibrant culture and a serene residential vibe.

8. Penrose

Penrose is a neighborhood renowned for its vibrant community life, brimming with amenities that ensure residents stay actively involved. Community events are its hallmark, forging deep connections among its people. Families will discover a supportive environment with outstanding schools and child-centric recreational opportunities. Furthermore, Penrose presents diverse housing options, from historic residences to contemporary apartments, accommodating a wide spectrum of tastes and budgets. Also, the neighborhood features enchanting parks, providing residents with a serene haven to unwind and commune with nature.

7. Lyon Village

Lyon Village elevates the concept of luxury living, featuring homes that showcase awe-inspiring vistas of national landmarks and the picturesque Potomac River. This neighborhood stands as a haven for upscale dining, boutique shopping, and cultural immersion, ensuring a lavish lifestyle for its residents Families will find comfort in the top-notch educational institutions close by, as well as the immaculately maintained parks and recreational areas that offer plenty of opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation.

6. Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills stands out as a hospitable neighborhood, celebrated for its reasonably priced housing selections and a community characterized by diversity. The region hosts an array of amenities, from shopping centers to dining establishments and recreational venues. Amidst the urban landscape, green spaces offer a rejuvenating retreat, while a well-established transit system connects residents to various parts of Arlington, improving accessibility and convenience.

5. Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights thrives as a community-oriented neighborhood, abundant with amenities that ensure residents remain actively involved. Diverse events bring the community together, cultivating a profound sense of belonging among its residents. Families will discover a supportive environment enriched with top-tier schools and dedicated recreational spaces for children. The housing options are varied, thoughtfully catering to a wide spectrum of preferences and budgets, ensuring inclusivity in the neighborhood’s tapestry.

4. Cherrydale

Cherrydale embodies a harmonious blend of history and modern living, crafting a comfortable residential experience amidst meticulously maintained parks and recreational amenities. Exceptional schools enrich the area, fostering a nurturing atmosphere for families. Furthermore, its strategic positioning ensures convenient proximity to the vibrant culture of downtown Arlington while preserving the tranquil essence of the residential vibe.

3. Ballston-Virginia Square

Moving up the list of the best neighborhoods in Arlington VA is Ballston-Virginia Square. This shines as a dynamic neighborhood, and is celebrated for its community-focused events, nurturing a profound sense of unity among its residents. Exceptional schools and top-notch recreational amenities enhance the area, creating an ideal environment for families. Diverse housing choices, from historic homes to contemporary apartments, harmoniously coexist amid the picturesque parks, providing residents with serene havens for relaxation and communion with nature.

2. Clarendon-Courthouse

Clarendon-Courthouse stands as a prestigious enclave, renowned for its tranquil ambiance and opulent lifestyle. The neighborhood stands out for its posh homes, which offer residents breathtaking views of national monuments and the majestic Potomac River. A life of exceptional quality unfolds here, with seamless access to high-end dining, boutique shopping, and cultural immersion. Families are drawn to the area for its excellent educational institutions, and well-kept parks and recreational spaces offer ample opportunities for relaxation and revitalization.

1. Lyon Park

Lyon Park is the clear winner on our list, embodying the best of Arlington. This neighborhood boasts a stunning array of residences, spanning from historic architectural gems to contemporary marvels. It’s inclusive and vibrant community fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere, extending a welcoming embrace to all its residents. The neighborhood offers a wealth of amenities, from top-tier schools to verdant green spaces, and a wide range of dining and shopping options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Its strategic location ensures effortless access to Arlington’s core and the broader D.C. metropolitan area, which is a bonus for commuters. Throughout the year, the neighborhood hosts a myriad of community events, fostering a deep sense of unity and delivering an unparalleled quality of life for its cherished residents.

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