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How to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment – 4 Tips

How to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment

If you live in a non-smoking apartment, it can be relatively challenging to enjoy a smoke peacefully in the comfort of your home. Most landlords and housing associations restrict smoking in shared living spaces (these include private apartments). An obvious solution to this is finding an apartment with no smoking restrictions. But, considering there are a few available options, it can be a little tricky to find one that fits your needs. 

There are a few ways to smoke (undetected) in a non-smoking apartment. However, before you resort to these measures, it is essential to take time to carefully read your lease agreement to establish the specifics of the non-smoking clause. Does the clause forbid all smoking or refer to cigarettes only? What does it say about smoking marijuana? 

If the thorough research on the lease agreement doesn’t present any loopholes, then buck up and remember where there is a will, there is a way! Here is how to smoke in a non-smoking apartment.

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Can a Landlord Charge You For a Clogged Drain

Who is Responsible for a Clogged Toilet? Landlord or Tenant?

Clogged drains are an unfortunately common problem for landlords and tenants alike. They can be a costly and time-consuming hassle to deal with, but can a landlord charge you for a clogged drain? There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to who is responsible for the problem, and how much the landlord can charge for repairs.

Landlords need to understand the legal implications of clogged drains and what they can and can’t charge for to ensure that both parties remain in good standing. In this article, we’ll explore the legalities of clogged drains, from identifying who is responsible for the issue, to understanding what landlords can legally charge for. We will also discuss how to dispute charges that you feel are unfair. Knowing the legalities of clogged drains and other charges can help you to be a more informed tenant and protect your rights.

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Rental Application Approved But Changed Mind – What to do

Rental Application Approved But Changed Mind

Are you thinking of renting an apartment or a house? You’ve found the perfect place, but now you’ve changed your mind? Don’t worry; it happens more often than you think! All you need is a plan of action and the right people to help you sort out the details. The process of getting a rental application approved can be exciting and overwhelming, but if you’ve changed your mind, there are a few steps you can take to make sure everything’s taken care of. From notifying the landlord to finding a new place to live, there are a few things you should do. Read on!

Neighbor parking over property line

Neighbor Parking Over Property Line – Here’s What to do

What to Do When Your Neighbor is Parking Over Property Line

Everyone needs good neighbors; most of the time, good neighbors look out for one another. But what happens when someone’s neighbor isn’t so neighborly? While it can be difficult to address neighborly disputes, it’s important to do so respectfully and effectively. One common issue people may face having a neighbor who is parking over their property line. This can cause various issues, from preventing access to your property to damaging your driveway or lawn. Knowing how to handle this issue and what to do when your neighbor is parking over your property line is important. With the right approach, you can resolve the issue and get back to being good neighbors. Here is what to do.

Sedona Arizona

The Best Place to Live in Northern Arizona – Top 12

The Best Place to Live in Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona is a lot cooler than central and Southern Arizona. This is because the elevation in Northern Arizona is a lot higher. For example, Flagstaff, Arizona is 7,000 feet above sea level! This means that winters are typically below freezing level in Northern Arizona. This article will help you decide which city or town is the best place to live in Northern Arizona.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent with no Experience

How to get a Real Estate Job with no Experience – 7 Tips!

Are you wondering how to become a real estate agent with no experience? Real estate is a competitive market, and to become a real estate agent, you must stand out from the crowd in the application process. If you have no experience, this article will provide you with 7 insightful tips to help you land a job in the real estate industry.

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Why is my House so Dusty? 6 Reasons

6 Reasons why your House is so Dusty

Having a dust-free home is quite challenging, especially if you don’t know where it came from. The dust you come across on your furniture can be caused by various things, including tiny particles of dirt, pollen, human skin flakes and even pet dander. It is not easy to battle against dust, a home inhabited by this dirt is quite dangerous to you and your family. It can be even worse for individuals allergic to dust, as they may have itchy eyes, stuffy noses and sneeze every minute. That is why you need to find out all causes of dust in your home so that you can take the next step in cleaning and fixing the problem. So if you want to win the war against dust in your home, read this post to find out why your home is so dusty.

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How Much Should I Tip My House Cleaner?

Should I Tip My House Cleaner a Lot?

One of the best ways of spending your precious time while keeping your house clean is by hiring a professional cleaning company or service. By doing this, you will save lots of time and energy on DIY home cleaning. The whole process of hiring professional cleaning personnel looks easy until it is time to decide whether or not to tip them. You should know how often and how much you should tip them.

When deciding whether or not to tip your cleaning service provider, you should remember that tipping is not a mandatory exercise and there are factors to consider first. To make the whole thing easy and reduce the confusion, check out the below guide on how to tip house cleaners.

House with Brown Roof

What Paint Goes with a Brown Roof? 6 Best Options!

Brown Roof House Colors

The first component that creates the “wow factor” is the outside appearance of your house, which leads visitors to halt and take note of how gorgeous your house is. A brown roof has the potential to become an essential component of a modern contemporary design. You have to choose a paint color for your home that is complementary to the brown on the roof. So what paint goes with a brown roof?

Choosing the external features of your house in the correct sequence will help you achieve the desired style for your property. Each component of the home’s exterior adds a new color, which modifies the overall appearance of the structure. However, knowing which combinations of hues would look best may be challenging.

copper roof strip installation

Zinc Vs Copper Roof Strips

The Difference between Zinc and Copper Roof Strips

If there is one thing you should keep away from your roof at all costs, it’s moss. Moss is the bane in any roofing structure. It appears uninvited, steadily spreads under the shingles, shakes and tiles, and ruins your roof’s overall quality and aesthetic. One way to eliminate moss is by installing strips on your roof. In this case, you can choose between these two options; zinc or copper roof strips.

Both zinc and copper are excellent metals for a roof strip. They both protect your roof from moss and other plant materials such as algae, mildew, fungus and mold. They work using similar mechanisms but have some slight differences. This article will highlight the differences between zinc and copper roof strips to help you choose the ideal option for your roof.

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